After the Royal Wedding: What Do William and Kate Really Need?

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The Royal Wedding has been dominating the news in the last few weeks.

The media has featured photos and stories about William and Kate and the wedding preparations on TV, magazines, newspapers and all across the Web.

Did you know that Papa John’s in Great Britain has a special pizza with toppings that look like the royal couple?

Or that Baskin Robbins has a Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake?

And, not to be outdone, that Dunkin Donuts produced the Royal Wedding donut…available only from April 24th to April 29th?

William and Kate will be receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of gifts from all over the world.  I understand they have asked that if anyone wants to give them a gift, the money should be donated to charity instead.  If you are interested in finding out more about this and which are the 26 charities earmarked by William and Kate to receive these donations, you can go to:

But honestly, I know exactly what William and Kate will need when their wedding is over.

It’s definitely been a stressful time for them.  So many decisions had to be made and they are so much in the spotlight.

What William and Kate will need is a massage.   Massage is very therapeutic.  It relaxes you.  It releases toxins in your system.  It eases tense muscles.  Perhaps they can have a couples’ massage together, in a room awash with candlelight and with soft soothing music in the background. 

Massage was on my mind because yesterday I had one with the most fantastic massage therapist in Colorado.  Kristie has been giving me and my husband massages for several years now.  She can do hot stone massages, sports’ massages and just plain old feel good relaxing stress-relieving massages…all with expert knowledge about what is connected to what and why it hurts and how to help you make it feel better.  She is also a teacher of massage therapy, so she really knows what she is doing!

I had a week off from my kindergarten story and craft presentations.  But next week, stop in on Friday for Follow-Me-Fridays: Where’s Miss Vivian?  I’ll be telling you how my final program of this school year went at Queen Palmer School.

Please come back and visit tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “After the Royal Wedding: What Do William and Kate Really Need?

  1. Yes, I just finished watching the nuptials and in addition to the massage, they will need some good old sage advice on maintaining their love and the sanctity of their marriage… Life in the public eye is never easy. We send them prayers and blessings. A wonderful offering from you Ms. Vivian.
    Happy weekend!


    • Eliz,
      You are so right…I told my daughter yesterday that I hope both William and Kate, but especially Kate, are receiving coounseling and have someone they can call on at a moment’s notice if the stress of being in the spotlight gets overwhelming.
      We live in a world now where our every move can be tracked…especially if we have celebrity status. Those of us who live “normal” lives really have no idea how invasive the media can be.


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