Are You Like An Ant?

Photo by Roy Toft

 I’m taking part in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Summer Short and Sweets, a creative writing exercise that would be fun for elementary students as well.  Click on her link and get all of the details.

Today’s challenge was to pick an adjective and then an animal that adjective might be associated with…here’s my entry:

Is a steadfast ant
Tirelessly laboring with strong jaws excavating
In the subterranean tunnels under my feet
Creating a new home for his queen.

 I’ve always been fascinated with ants…such tireless goal-setting creatures!

Tireless and goal-setting can also define the firefighters who battled the Waldo Canyon Fire last month here in Colorado Springs.

Fortunately, many of the homes were insured.

What about the forests?

The trees had no insurance policies.

Fortunately, there are some individuals who are trying to help.


One of these is a neighbor of mine who has put together a photo-journal.

The pictures show the impact of the fire on the forest.

Visit to find out how you can purchase it.

Proceeds will go to the Waldo Canyon Burn Scar Rehabilitation Project.

I’ve also been liked to an ant and have been called tenacious by those who know me.

If I believe in something, I am tireless and never give up.

One thing I believe in is the importance of building self-esteem in children.

That’s why I started the Show Me How! School Initiative.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment, nominating a deserving school.

A dozen copies of Show Me How! will be awarded at the end of September.

Would you like your favorite school to get a copy?  Just leave a comment!

21 thoughts on “Are You Like An Ant?

  1. Wonderful “tenacious” poem. I think ants are wonderful and I’m tenacious too…most days.
    Glad to see you’re “paying it foward” concerning the Waldo Canyon Fire Fund.
    You’ve definitely defined your target market with “Show Me How!”
    Since I’ve left a comment and IF I’m one of the lucky winners, why don’t you donate the book to a school of your choice or I could give it to a “home” school mom.


    • Homeschool families would definitely be wonderful recipients of Show Me How!  Of course I would be happy to award a copy of the book to the homeschool family of your choice, Tracy, if your comment is one of the winners. 🙂  Thanks for the kind words about the poem…and me!  


  2. I’m back. Miss me. Well…let me see. I won a $500 gift certificate for entering my email address at Danier Leather (I collect leather jackets). And a jar of over 500 jelly beans and I ate them in two sittings (see my archived post dated August 1, 2011 – They (I haven’t a clue who “they” are) say things happen in three’s. So I’ll just have to wait and see. And your welcome, again.


  3. Love your ant, Vivian! 🙂 I had a bad run-in with ants in a hummingbird feeder debacle – too long a story for here! 🙂 – but you make them sound wonderful and suddenly I’m inspired to learn more about them. The people who fight forest fires are truly amazing… I think there’s a story there too!


    • Thanks, Susanna! I’m actually writing a pb about a little girl who wonders if anything will ever be the same again…in response to the Waldo Canyon Fire…if/when I get it done and out there, I’ll earmark a portion of the profits to fire victims in some way. 🙂


    • Hi Erik, Thanks for nominating your new school, the L.R. Appleman Elementary School. It is sad about the trees…and also the wildlife that no longer have the same habitat…I’m sure many had to flee to other places.   


      • Thank you for visiting my blog. I glimpsed at your wonderful book. Here is my email address: I’d love it if you would link my Kinder Readiness post sometime. I’ll tweet and share this blog. So great to meet you through the Sippy Cup linky. Looks like we have a lot in common. I’m following you through your email link now. Thanks so much and great to connect with like-minded people!


        • Oh my goodness, Susan…that would be wonderful!  I’m so glad you like the book!  Yes, I will definitely link to your Kinder Readiness article…this week I plan to do a post or two on School Readiness Tips…and your link will really help parents so much!  I’m thrilled to “meet” you and look forward to reading more of your posts…I’m following your blog also. 🙂  


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