Perfect Picture Book Review: Madeline

Book illustration, pen drawing

Book illustration, pen drawing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have great news!

My son and his wife just had a baby!

So there is a new grand-baby in the family…Sophie Eva!

I’ll be flying back to Chicago on Saturday to spend a week with them.

What will I be doing when I’m there?  Continue reading

Anti-Bullying Interview: Have You Had ENUF?

English: the picture consist of articles on bu...

English: the picture consist of articles on bullying, I obtained it from public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bullying is unacceptable…anytime and anywhere!

We all know that…but what can we do?

Yvonne Pierre, founder of ENUF (Ending Negativity to Unify Families), is doing quite a bit.

I was honored to be asked by her to be part of her Have Ya Heard Innerviews…I hope you will click on the link to read it.


Earth Day Perfect Picture Book Review: The Little House


Falling_Apple_Blossoms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday, April 22, is International Mother Earth Day! Events will be taking place all around the globe to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and educate people to preserve our natural resources and help children learn to be good stewards of this planet.  I agree with Roni Baras, author of 55 Ways to Save the Environment and Make a Difference, when she says: “As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our kids to care for the world.” Continue reading

Picture Book Review: The Little Fire Engine

ImageToday is Perfect Picture Book Friday. If you would like to find more reviews of awesome picture books, please head over to Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog for over 1000 categorized book reviews plus activities.

When I read Susanna’s entry for this week, it reminded of one of the classic picture book writer/illustrators, Lois Lenski. She wrote dozens of books over 60 years ago and many of them – like The Little Fire Engine – are back in print in brand-new editions. Continue reading

Parenting Tip – How To Teach Problem Solving

What do you get when you give two seven-year olds some construction paper, markers, scissors and tape?

Parenting Tip - How To Teach Problme Solving

You get the most amazing creations! And you get happy kids!

I encourage parents to keep simple arts and crafts supplies on hand. Paper, scissors, markers and glue are imagination enablers. Kids can spend hours, happily engaged in expressing their creativity, exercising their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Last week, my son and his family stopped by.

Knowing that my grandchildren LOVE making things, I had put a few arts and crafts supplies on the dining room table. After we visited for a while, I asked the kids if they wanted to sit down and use the materials.

Before I had even finished the sentence Continue reading

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Pirate Girl

An envelope arrived in my mailbox yesterday…and it sparked today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday story…and the craft activity that follows.

Picture Book Reivew: Pirate Girl

My 4-year old grandson sent me a TREASURE MAP! How exciting!

So I knew that today’s Perfect Picture Book Friday choice would have to be about…PIRATES! Continue reading