Kissed By An Angel Anthology – Cover Reveal

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving in less than a week. It’s a time to give thanks for all that we have. I’m thankful for so many things…good health, a loving family, faithful friends.

I want to share with you a project I’ve been working on this year. I’m thankful I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a team of incredible writers to create an anthology that will benefit the Sturge-Weber Foundation.

And because I can’t wait another minute…here is the COVER REVEAL for the anthology!!!!


What is Sturge-Weber Syndrome?

It’s a brain disorder some babies are born with. Each case is individual, but it causes seizures, glaucoma, migraines, bloodclots, and paralysis, plus horrific emotional pain for the child and the family.

The son of one of my dear kid lit friends has suffered from Sturge-Weber since birth…and although doctors told the parents that the baby would soon die, Christopher is now twenty-nine years old, a black belt in karate, and a joy to his friends and family.

The tentative publication date for this heartfelt anthology is December 13…with plenty of time for everyone to order copies as holiday gifts. As soon as I have the information about purchasing the book, I will post it on my blog side bar. All proceeds will go to the Sturge-Weber Foundation.


It’s going to be a busy weekend…on Friday, I’ve got a perfect Perfect Picture Book Friday selection…Thanksgiving At The Tappletons – written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler.

And then more goodies in store for you…on Saturday, Maryann will be our featured Will Write for Cookies author/illustrator. You won’t want to miss that post!

I’ll be taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off from blogging…we’re having lots of family over…but on December 4th, we’ll announce the winner of the copy of Crow Makes a Friend by Margaret Peot.

And then on December 7th, I’ll be posting my entry into Susanna Hill’s 5th Annual Holiday Contest. Her Halloweensie Contest garnered 145 entries…I’m thinking she’ll have close to 200 for this one.

Plus, one day very soon I’ll have another VERY BIG announcement.

See you back here in two days for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

9 thoughts on “Kissed By An Angel Anthology – Cover Reveal

  1. This is a wonderful post, Vivian. I’m thankful for all the amazing authors that contributed to the anthology. I love all the stories, each one unique and special!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve been a trooper, Lynn…I know you’ve put in hours and hours and hours of your time, getting the formatting right…and editing…and more! It’s been an honor to work with you.;) And so true about the stories…each one is fabulous…and so unique!


  2. I heart you, man! *GIGANTIC HUG* Thank you, Vivian. This is a perfect post. You are a true friend. I know the time it took the writers to be a part of this anthology. You guys are so special. I will never forget this. I ordered a proof today. SO EXCITED. XOXOXOXOXO


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