Happy Book Birthday to THE DIAMOND AND THE BOY plus PB Manuscript Critique Giveaway


I’m definitely singing at the top of my lungs because THE DIAMOND AND THE BOY: The Creation of Diamonds & the Life of H. Tracy Hall launches today! And this is the debut picture book of one of my critique buddies from the VERY FIRST CRITIQUE GROUP I EVER JOINED! (and we are all still going strong!) I saw this story as a rough draft and watched as it grew more and more polished…until it became a shining gem of a book.

CONGRATULATIONS, dear Hannah Holt!

book cover

Make sure you come back on Friday for a Perfect Picture Book Friday review and craft ideas for kids. PLUS, on Saturday, Hannah will be stopping by to chat and share some of her writing journey with us. And don’t forget to leave a comment here and on the other THE DIAMOND AND THE BOY posts…BECAUSE…Hannah has graciously and generously agreed to give away a PICTURE BOOK MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE…and I can tell you from many years experience, this talented author knows how to give unbelievable feedback!

Meanwhile, what can you do? Well, you can head over to pick up a copy of her book on Amazon or at your local indie bookstore. You can write a review on Amazon or Goodreads or some other book review sites. You can go to your library and ask them to purchase a copy or two for their collection, if it isn’t already available there. And you can share this post on your social media channels so the whole world will find out about this fabulous book. It’s going to be such a great #STEM addition to every elementary school and library. And if your kiddos are curious, inventive, lovers of anything science, or have ever been bullied, you definitely want to read this with them.

CONGRATULATIONS, Hannah! This is the first of many more book birthdays to come for you!!!!



55 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday to THE DIAMOND AND THE BOY plus PB Manuscript Critique Giveaway

  1. Vivian and Hannah, clearly you run in some amazing critique circles 🙂 I’m headed to the library this week and I’ll def ask them to order this if they haven’t already and the same goes for the elementary school I work in. I’m looking forward to reading more about Hannah’s process on Saturday 🙂


  2. Oh Hannah I am so excited for you. Happy Book Birthday! Thank you for this generous offer of giving a ms crit. WOW! From Lady Vivian’s description of the structure of this book, I’ll be using this book to study of its text structure as well as enjoying it as the great read I know it is. Congratulations!


  3. Congrats, Hannah! I can’t wait to read this book. I just mentioned it to a classmate who’s working on a PB text that weaves together two character’s stories.


  4. Congratulations to Hannah! I can’t wait to read THE DIAMOND and the BOY. You’ve piqued my curiosity on the connection to the creation of diamonds and a bullying story. I’ve got some hunches on that and am looking forward to seeing what you created. Good luck with your sales! Happy Birthday Book!


  5. Congratulations, Hannah, on this wonderful book, and thanks as ever to Vivian for all your contributions to the world of Children’s Literature.


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