Random Acts of Publicity: Annie’s Special Day

Darcy Pattison is hosting an amazing blog event: Random Acts of Publicity

The main idea is to spread the word about a book that you think is worth talking about….as long as it is not your own book!!!!

In addition, I just realized that Perfect Picture Book Friday starts up again this week…Hurray!  So, since I am in New Hampshire and don’t have my own computer or the time availability to post another story review (my four-year old grandson feels it is more important for me to be reading the stories to him, as opposed to reviewing them), I’m going to have this wonderful picture book do double duty.

I’m thrilled to share a debut picture book by fellow 12x12er and Perfect Picture Book Friday participant…Clara Bowman-Jahn.

Annie’s Special Day

Written by Clara Bowman-Jahn

Illustrated by Claudia Wolfe

Age: 4-8

Themes: Time/Clocks, Birthdays

Synopsis:  A little girl celebrates her birthday with an adventure every hour. It is a basic concept book about time and clocks.  We learn what Annie does throughout the 24 hours of her birthday.

Why I like this book: The main character is an enthusiastic little girl with a positive attitude towards life.   The wonderful illustrations help bring her character to life.  Young children are fascinated with clocks…and learning about time (and time-management) is a skill kids need to master.


Make a construction paper clock and use a metal paper fastener to attach the hands so that the child can change the time.

Annie’s Special Day is published through eTreasures Publishing.   I hope you will check it out.

I’ll be flying to New Hampshire tomorrow morning…and spending the next couple of days reading, crafting and cooking with my four-year old grandson…my daughter says he has been marking off the days on the calendar and can hardly wait till I get there…neither can I!!  I think I will download a copy of Annie’s Special Dayso that I can read it to him…maybe we will make one of those clocks out of construction paper.