Happy Book Birthday: GOODNIGHT BUBBALA

Put on your party hat! And join the fun! It’s time to celebrate and sing Happy Birthday to a brand new book!

Goodnight bubbala coverGOODNIGHT BUBBALA

Written by Sheryl Haft

Illustrated by Jill Weber

Published by Dial Books for Young Readers (October 15, 2019)

If you love Goodnight Moon, I think you will love this book. It. Is. FUNNY.

goodnight bubbala inside 1

Here’s the little synopsis from Amazon:

This festive parody reimagines a classic bedtime book as a lively Jewish family gathering complete with bubbies and zeydes, a dreidel, and a shmear on a bagel. Includes an exclusive latke recipe by Ina Garten, TV’s Barefoot Contessa!
In the small blue room there was a bubbala, and a little shmatta,
and then—oy vey!—came the whole mishpacha!
This zesty parody of one of America’s favorite picture books offers a very different bedtime routine: one that is full of family exuberance and love. Instead of whispers of “hush,” this bedtime includes dancing and kvelling, and of course, noshing—because this little bunny is a Jewish bunny, and this joyous book celebrates the Jewish values of cherishing your loved ones, expressing gratitude, and being generous.
Filled with Yiddish words, the book includes a phonetic glossary and even an easy latke recipe by beloved cookbook author Ina Garten, who calls the book “brilliant, beautiful, important, and so much fun!”

goodnight bubbala inside 3The book is illustrated by my dear friend and the illustrator of Pippa’s Passover Plate, Jill Weber. I love the joy she brings to each page. Jill has illustrated and designed many other children’s books, including The Story of Hanukkah, and The Story of Passover (a Sidney Taylor Notable Book for Children). You can connect with her at: frajilfarms.com

goodnight bubbala inside 2

Sheryl Haft is the author of many other books including Baby-Boo, I Love You and I Love You, Blankie. She is the founder of Kids Engineer! and she teaches design and invention building to elementary school children in New York City and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You can find out more about her books and her work at SherylHaft.com.

Supporting our favorite authors, illustrators and their books is a way we can make sure that beautiful books for children will continue to be published. If you can buy books, please do so. If you can’t, please tell a friend about the books. Ask you library to purchase them for the collection. And of course, write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and B&N.

If you are reading this on Tuesday, I am probably winging my way to Chicago…or perhaps, I am already there. My flight left at 6am!!!! I’ll be doing an author visit at my granddaughter’s school on Friday – what fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you for spending your precious time with me.



Perfect Picture Book Friday: I SEE SEAFOOD Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, my friends! I really can’t believe it is Friday already…the days are FLYING by, just like the leaves from the trees!

But no worries! We’ve got a super cool book today to review and a generous giveaway from author Jenna Grodzicki.

But before we dive in, we have a giveaway winner to announce. A couple of weeks ago, my fabulous illustrator for Making Their Voices Heard: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe, Alleanna Harris, offered an original sketch.  And the winner is:

Pamela Harrison!

Congratulations, Pamela…I will be in touch with you shortly!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Are you hungry????


Written by Jenna Grodzicki

Published by Millbrook Press (October 1, 2019)

Ages: 4-9

Themes: Sea creatures,

Synopsis: From Amazon:

Meet some of the wackiest creatures under the sea―creatures that look like food―through eye-catching photos and engaging text. This funny, informative book introduces readers to the egg yolk jellyfish, the lettuce sea slug, the chocolate chip sea star, and many more! Accessible text and engaging photos make this a very fun read.

Why I love this book:

  • Sea creatures that look like food? Kids are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!
  • The photos are amazing…those starfish REALLY look like chocolate chip cookies!
  • Educational and entertaining…what could be better than that?


ocean-headerPhoto courtesy: https://buggyandbuddy.com/20-sea-animal-craftskids/

Oh my gosh…can you believe all of these amazing sea creature crafts for kids? Just like potato chips, you won’t want to stop at making one! For detailed instructions, please go to: tellhttps://buggyandbuddy.com/20-sea-animal-crafts-activities-kids/

Just a week from today, I will be in Chicago, doing a couple of programs for my granddaughter’s school. Author visits visits inspire kids…and spark interest in the topic of the book. Can you imagine how much fun the kids at schools will have with Jenna’s new book? Please remember that the greatest gift for a favorite author is to buy the book, review the book, tell friends about the book, and ask your local library to purchase it for their collection.

And if you’d like to be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment and share the post on social media – the more shares…the more chances to win!

Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE NIGHT BAAFORE CHRISTMAS Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, my friends! For more wonderful book reviews, don’t forget to hop over to Susanna Hill’s blog.

Before we get to our super book, I need to announced some winners of a past giveaway. Earlier this month, we had a double decker prize: a copy of I AM A THIEF by author Abigail Rayner and a pb manuscript critique by the illustrator, Molly Ruttan.

And the winners are:

A copy of I AM A THIEF – Hedy Frazier

A pb ms critique – Lynn Rogalsky

Congratulations! I will be contacting you both shortly!

And the kidlit awesomeness keeps on coming. I’m SOOO excited about our book today…I’ve known the author, Dawn Young, for almost as long as I’ve been in this incredible kidlit world. She and her publisher are providing a copy of the book as a giveaway…so make sure you leave a comment. She was the genius behind Continue reading

Happy Book Birthday: RANDALL AND RANDALL Plus Giveaway

I love birthdays! Especially book birthdays! Especially book birthdays of author friends! Especially book birthdays of author friends for books that I saw in the early draft stages!

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO YOU, RANDALL AND RANDALL. And Happy Book Birthday to friend and author Nadine Poper, illustrator Polina Gortman, and Continue reading

DAWN PROCHOVNIC: Will Write for Cookies PLUS PB Manuscript Critique Giveaway



Plate of Cookies







One of the things that always impresses me is how multi-talented my kidlit friends are. Many have had (or still have) careers as engineers, educators, and doctors. Others are, as Paul Simon wrote:

I’m sitting in the railway station.
Got a ticket to my destination.
On a tour of one-night stands my suitcase and guitar in hand.
And every stop is neatly planned for a poet and a one-man band.

I think, after you finish reading this post, you’ll agree that my guest today fits the bill of that last line.

Dawn Babb Prochovnic is the author of Where Does a Cowgirl Go Potty?; Where Does a Pirate Go Potty?; First Day Jitters, featured in the award-winning book, Oregon Reads Aloud; and 16 books in the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes Series, including one title that was selected as an Oregon Book Awards finalist. Dawn is a vocal advocate for school and public libraries and was honored Continue reading

ALLEANNA HARRIS: Will Write/Illustrate for Cookies PLUS Original Art Giveaway



Plate of Cookies







What an honor this is for me! Today I’m hosting the illustrator for one of my upcoming picture books…and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how she has brought the characters of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe to life. Every page turn sings…Alleanna has definitely made their voices be heard!

Alleanna Harris is a illustrator who has been drawing for as long as she can remember. As a little kid, she would Continue reading

Perfect Picture Book Friday: SOLDIER FOR EQUALITY

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. Today’s selection is from one of my very favorite author/illustrators, Duncan Tonatiuh. And today is also the day that Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book link up is back in business – so please make sure to hop over to her blog later to discover more wonderful picture book reviews.

But first, we have a book to give away. A couple of weeks ago, we turned the spotlight on Barry Wittenstein and his newest picture book: A PLACE TO LAND: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Speech That Inspired a Nation. And the winner is:


Congratulations, Laura…I will connect you and Barry so he can get a copy of this amazing book out to you.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Perfect Picture Book Friday is a celebration of the picture book genre. About eight years ago, there was a NYTimes article that claimed that picture books were dying out…that most parents of young children wanted to Continue reading