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Hurray! You’ve written a picture book manuscript. What started as a spark of an idea has developed into a full-fledged story.

Now what?

Maybe you have critique partners and they’ve given you feedback, but you’d like a fresh pair of eyes.

Or maybe you work on your own and you wonder if something is missing or if you need to change direction.

I’d love to help!

For $99, I’ll read your story (fiction or nonfiction picture book manuscripts up to 1000 words – please email me first if you have a longer story), and provide a letter of feedback that will address your opening lines, main character, story arc, pacing, use of picture book techniques such as alliteration and the element of three, and your ending. Plus, I’ll be happy to do a quick follow-up read-through of the manuscript after you have revised it.

For $189, I’ll do all of the above (for picture book manuscripts up to 1000 words – please email me first if you have a longer story), plus include line edits, alternate phrasing, mentor text suggestions and a follow-up read-through of the manuscript after you have revised it. In addition, this also includes a 30-minute Zoom chat to discuss the manuscript, the edits, or anything else concerning your writing journey.

For $45, I’ll read your picture book query/cover letter and use the track change feature to help you create a winning one! If you are also purchasing a critique at the same time, the query/cover letter is only $35.

Sometimes, after a revision, you may want further feedback. I am always happy to give feedback for a revision of a manuscript I’ve previously critiqued. I would do a quick read through at no cost, to let you know how much it would be before I began.

I can also give you feedback on early to middle grade Chapter Books – please contact me for prices.

Here’s what other writers are saying about my critiques:

Vivian’s editorial eye is incredible. She found “lumps” that neither I (in 16 revisions) nor 3 other critiquers found –and made the perfect suggestion. Head slap! SO HELPFUL! After another revision, I finally feel that fizzy feeling when I know it’s ready! Thanks, Vivian! – Pat Miller, author of THE HOLE STORY OF THE DOUGHNUT, SUBSTITUTE GROUNDHOG, and many more.

Great comments—and helpful suggestions. Good stuff! Above and beyond! – Francis McCall, author of  A HUGE HOG IS A BIG PIG and UNRAVELING FIBERS

SPOT ON! Your suggestions helped simplify the sentences, cut word count. and punch up the plot.  This is exactly the type of critique I was looking for! – Melissa Stoller, author of THE ENCHANTED SNOWGLOBE SERIES

I really appreciate your dedication to providing kind yet constructive feedback on my work. You have given me a lot to think about — and it’s clicking! – Lisa Katzenberger, author and editor

Okay so you do have a superpower.  Writing Wonder Woman.  I am in awe of the
wonderful suggestions, critique, feedback and comments. Marcia Nass

I highly recommend Vivian. She has an editorial eye to help flesh out your manuscript. – Sherri Jones Rivers

Impressed by the breadth and depth of Vivian’s feedback — she even suggested mentor texts!  – Allison Alley

 Extremely thoughtful and helpful critiques. – Keila Dawson, author of KING CAKE BABY

I can’t say enough about Vivian’s ability to see the core of your story. She’s a treasure! – Beth Gallagher

I’m glad I sent my story and cover letter. I finally feel I have a clear direction to move forward on. – Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Vivian pointed out what wasn’t clear, and where I could chop/chop words!! I will definitely be using her services again. – Polly Renner

“Vivian Kirkfield helped with the plot arc, suggested some vivid descriptions and made every word of the story count -THE BEST CRITIQUE EVER.” – Jeanette Koscheski

“I’m so happy I chose you to critique my ms. You understood my story and your suggestions align perfectly with my vision for it.” – Joana Pastro

Please email me at:

You can attach your manuscript as a Word doc. In the subject line of the email:


  1. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal when I receive your manuscript or we can make arrangements for you to Venmo me or pay by check.

And I can’t wait to read your story!

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