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Thank you for stopping by. I so appreciate your interest.

Hurray! You’ve written a picture book manuscript. What started as a spark of an idea has developed into a full-fledged story.

Now what?

Maybe you have critique partners and they’ve given you feedback, but you’d like a fresh pair of eyes.

Or maybe you work on your own and you wonder if something is missing or if you need to change direction.

I’d love to help!

For $97, I’ll read your story (fiction or nonfiction picture book manuscripts up to 1000 words – please email me first if you have a longer story), and provide a page of feedback that will address
*your opening lines
*main character
*use of picture book techniques such as alliteration and the element of three
*your ending
*plus, I’ll be happy to do a quick follow-up read-through of the manuscript after you have revised it.

For $197 (this is a bit like a mini-mentorship), I’ll do the above (for picture book manuscripts up to 1000 words – please email me first if you have a longer story)
* line edits
*alternate phrasing
*mentor text suggestions
*a follow-up read-through of the manuscript after you have revised it
* a 30-minute Zoom chat to discuss the manuscript, the edits, or anything else concerning your writing journey.

For $45, I’ll read your picture book query/cover letter and use the track change feature to help you create a winning one! If you are also purchasing a basic critique at the same time, the query/cover letter is only $35. If you opt for the mini-mentorship, the query/cover letter edit is only $25.

Sometimes, after a revision, you may want further feedback. I am always happy to give feedback for a revision of a manuscript I’ve previously critiqued. I would do a quick read through at no cost, to let you know how much it would be before I began.

I can also give you feedback on early to middle grade Chapter Books – please contact me for prices.

Here’s what other writers are saying about my critiques:

Vivian’s editorial eye is incredible. She found “lumps” that neither I (in 16 revisions) nor 3 other critiquers found –and made the perfect suggestion. Head slap! SO HELPFUL! After another revision, I finally feel that fizzy feeling when I know it’s ready! Thanks, Vivian! – Pat Miller, author of THE HOLE STORY OF THE DOUGHNUT, SUBSTITUTE GROUNDHOG, and many more.

Great comments—and helpful suggestions. Good stuff! Above and beyond! – Francis McCall, author of  A HUGE HOG IS A BIG PIG and UNRAVELING FIBERS

SPOT ON! Your suggestions helped simplify the sentences, cut word count. and punch up the plot.  This is exactly the type of critique I was looking for! – Melissa Stoller, author of THE ENCHANTED SNOWGLOBE SERIES

I really appreciate your dedication to providing kind yet constructive feedback on my work. You have given me a lot to think about — and it’s clicking! – Lisa Katzenberger, author and editor

Okay so you do have a superpower.  Writing Wonder Woman.  I am in awe of the
wonderful suggestions, critique, feedback and comments. Marcia Nass

I highly recommend Vivian. She has an editorial eye to help flesh out your manuscript. – Sherri Jones Rivers

Impressed by the breadth and depth of Vivian’s feedback — she even suggested mentor texts!  – Allison Alley

 Extremely thoughtful and helpful critiques. – Keila Dawson, author of KING CAKE BABY

I can’t say enough about Vivian’s ability to see the core of your story. She’s a treasure! – Beth Gallagher

I’m glad I sent my story and cover letter. I finally feel I have a clear direction to move forward on. – Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Vivian pointed out what wasn’t clear, and where I could chop/chop words!! I will definitely be using her services again. – Polly Renner

“Vivian Kirkfield helped with the plot arc, suggested some vivid descriptions and made every word of the story count -THE BEST CRITIQUE EVER.” – Jeanette Koscheski

“I’m so happy I chose you to critique my ms. You understood my story and your suggestions align perfectly with my vision for it.” – Joana Pastro

Please email me at:

You can attach your manuscript as a Word doc. In the subject line of the email:


  1. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal when I receive your manuscript or we can make arrangements for you to Venmo me or pay by check.

And I can’t wait to read your story!

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