Happy Mother’s Day 2021: #50PreciousWordsforKids Stories

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to every person who fills a mother’s role for a child!

Flowers are lovely!

And sweets are yummy!

But the precious words of children are the best gift of all! I hope you enjoy these stories written by children all over the world as entries into the #50PreciousWords 2021 International Writing Challenge.

Here are the numbers:
54 Stories
13 States
4 Countries

I am SO every proud of each child. Some wrote in rhyme. Some relayed a true incident in their lives. Some provided illustrations. Some wrote them in school. Some wrote them at home. But all of them poured their hearts on the page – CONGRATULATIONS, YOUNG WRITERS…WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME JOURNEY!

Here are the guidelines:

And here are the stories:

THE CUPCAKE THAT RAN AWAY by Zoe, age 6, Kindergarten, Boulder, CO

Once I made a cupcake, I couldn’t wait to taste it. When I tried, it ran away. I cried and cried but then I tried to catch it. Afterwards I ran, ran, ran, it was just like the gingerbread man. When I finally caught the cupcake, it ate me instead.

WINTER NIGHT by Eleanor, age 9, 3rd Grade, Maryland

Black leafless trees
Black as ink.
The clouds seem to stretch all around the world. 
The blue sky fading into orange…
As black as ink. 
The faint rumble of cars. 
The “hoot” of an owl. 
Cherish these moments…
For they don’t last long. 

CAMPING by Erica A, age 15, grade 9, Erie, Pennsylvania

Each morning stepping out of the tent to see a beautiful sunrise,
Trees are muffled. Birds chirp with pride.
A huge vast forest for enjoying,
Nice little chair for thoughts deploying.
I go on a walk or two. Dare I say,
there’s nothing like camping on a nice summer day.

Illustration for CAMPING by Erica A

ONE SOCK, NO SOCK by Ava A, Age 7, 1st grade, Lake Forest, CA

There was a boy named Zo and he lost his sock.
One sock, no sock.
Zo asked his mom.
“Have you saw my sock?”
“No,” his mom said.
Zo asked his dad.
“Have you saw my sock?”
His dad said no.
One morning…
“My sock!”
“One sock, two socks!”

THE BAD DAY by Tess L, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day a man wanted to go on a vacation. So he packed his bags and stuffed clothes in the car. But he forgot to close the trunk! So when he was on the road things fell out of the car! When he saw what happened he was mad! 

ROAST BEEF SANDWICH by Nathan S, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

You know of Roast Beef, but do you know the tale of Roast Beef Sandwich? This is a tale of determination, anger, and repetition. Roast Beef in the early stages was just some lunch meat. Then he changed. He used two pieces of bread and he became Roast Beef Sandwich!

THE GIANT MASK by Conroy C, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day the giant mask came to attack town and destroy big sky scrapers.  He first destroyed the twin towers.  Then he got attacked by the covid virus and ran away.  The army tracked him down to his secret layer with covid potions.  We have overcome with a victory!

by Nikita P, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

It was a sunny day in Costa Rica. We planned to go to the beach. Then I saw a huge wave. I was scared. The ocean wave flew me off. I thought I would never see my parents again. But a man was right next to me and saved me.

THE BUG by Isaac M, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

Once upon a time there was a bug. The bug liked to eat food. One day the bug ate too much food that he “exploded”. The next day Dr Petrick found the “dead” (alive) bug and it became her pet bug. But the bug was awake at night, not day .

ONE LIFE CHANGING DAY by Lily B, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

It started as a normal day. 
Then I heard the news,
my cousins were
moving in two months.

I had lived a quarter
of a mile away from
them my whole life
I was sad
but happy for them. 

They left. 
We will see 
them soon. 
I love them.   

         THE HOBBIT by Violet M, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One time there was a hobbit named Frodo Baggins. He did not know that he was about to go on a journey to change his life with his friend Sam, Gandalf, Legolas, Airborne, Boromir, Merry, Pippin and Gimley. An elf,a dwarf, a hobbit and a wizard, nobody else.

THE FIRE PLANET by Lillian S, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day the fire planet was filled with people. Another day the population dropped! From earth they complained that it was too hot! So the last people on  the fire planet allowed ice cream and air. So a lot of people came back to the fire planet. Not for long…

CHEESE IN A HOUSE by Elias K, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

There once was a piece of cheese, specifically cheddar cheese. The cheese went on a journey to his home. When he got to his home he went inside. It smelled like sandwich, he didn’t know why it just smelled like sandwich so he continued. And then he got eaten. DEAD.

   THE HAIRY LACK OF FOOD by Oscar R, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day there was a lack of food. Then a family found food and ate it. A couple days later there was a scream. The Family went missing. then there were reports on the news of werewolves. We knew the food was cursed. We ate the food we’re werewolves too.

A BUG’S ADVENTER by Beckett I, age 9, grade 3

Wounc apon atime.  bug fell 
off a flower in a rainstorm.  Bug woke up on the bottom of a shoe.  Bug got up and started to explore. Bug went on a hike.  Bug went to a camping store and even stayed at a 5 star motel. The end.

WHAT ARE MYTHICAL CREATURES? by Emma, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

Mythical creatures are unicorns or fairies and giants. People often make folktales about them. Scotland even has the unicorn as their mascot! Other folktales include mermaids and sirens. Sirens sing beautiful songs and when ships get closer the sirens sink their ship. Was I supposed to put death in here?


This is the story of Pea-Shooter. So it all started when I got a seed packet. When I got home I planted the seed in the rich soil. It took 30 days for it to germinate. It was a Pea-Shooter! That’s the story of Pea-Shooter. Hope you enjoyed it, bye!

CHEESE by Brantley L, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day cheese was tired of being cheese. So he was on a mission to get made to milk. He tried and tried again till one day he got took out of the fridge.

THE LOST SPIDER by Alina A, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One time a spider fell through a window. Then, the spider got lost in a city.  The spider saw a building. On the  top it said H-O-T-E-L.  The spider did not know what that meant. He went into the building. He drank a lot of juice. He lived there forever!

THE MATH TEST by Alya L, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One day Dr. Petrick said ‘‘Math test time.  Offices out, pencils at the ready.’’  I was scared.  I had barely studied.  Dr. Petrick went over the test with us.  Then it was time, we had 50 minutes to complete the test.  I panicked for 12 minutes.  I finally made it. 

THE GREATEST 26 WORDS by Calvin J, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

One time a sheep could not tie his shoes so a friend helped him. Now he knows how to tie his shoe.

BREAD by Jameson Wilson, age 9, grade 3, Ohio

There was once cold bread. Bread wanted to adventure. One day Bread took a hike to the counter. He was hiking all day. Bread then saw a huge machine. Bread climbed it and fell inside. It got hot. After 2 minutes he became warm toast!

TWO PANDAS ARE BETTER THAN ONE by Alex S, age 8, grade 2, Henderson, Nevada

A panda named Sniffy (because SNIFFLE SNUFFLE SNORT is the sound pandas make) lost his bamboo. Oh no!

He SNIFFLE SNUFFLE SNORTED and called a panda detective friend to help.

Together, they searched and SNIFFLE SNUFFLE SNORTED.  Two panda bears are better than one and they found the bamboo. YUM

THE WINTER BLOOMS by Tilly G, age 5, Pre-K, Orinda, California

Princess Cecelia walks around in the snow and goes, “waa waaa waa!”
She’s crying because she doesn’t like the feeling of snow. 
She needs cool cocoa because she doesn’t like the feeling of hot cocoa. 
Mommy makes her cool cocoa. 
She’s happy now, and going “uggy buggy ga ga ga.”

YUMMY, NOT YUMMY by Caleb R, age 6, grade 1, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Is it yummy?
It is not yummy.
Is it yummy?
The meat is not yummy.
Hum. They are arguing.

Illustration for YUMMY, NOT YUMMY by Caleb R

CARS FLYING by Elijah R, age 5, pre-kindergarten, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

2 cars.
8 cars.
10 cars.
0 cars.
All the cars are in the parking lot.

Illustration for CARS FLYING by Elijah R

REBEKAH WAS HAPPY by Rebekah R, age 3 , preschool, jn

The plane went so high.
In the sky.

Illustration for REBEKAH WAS HAPPY by Rebekah R

THE GOLD FLOWER by Sydney L., age 6, 1st grade, Kalamazoo/Michigan/USA

Rose loves flowers. Her sister loves flowers too. Rose and Violet don’t like each other. Somebody grew a gold flower, and there are only two more seeds. They both want two golden flowers. They fight for the seeds. Then they realize sharing is caring, so they share the seeds.

Illustration for THE GOLD FLOWERS by Sydney L.

PLAYING IN THE PARK by Safwan K, age 5, Kindergarten, Queens, NY

I love to play in the park. One day, I went to the park and play with a ball. My mom and dad were with me.

MY PET DOG by Ruoxi, age 5, Kindergarten, New York City

I have a dog. My dog is very cute. One night, I dreamed my dog can do everything! It can fly. It flys to the supermarket. We buy candys. And then we fly to the library, we read some books. Then we fly to the park, we play games together.

MOM by Grace H, age 5, Kindergarten, New York City

Once there was a poor mom with her cottage.
That mom has a hen and a goose to give her fresh eggs.
One day, the cottage is on fire.
The mom ran outside and call 911.
The firefighters came to help.
Now, the mom is happy and safe.

SMARTBOARD by Keira L, age 9, grade 4, Mount Sinai, NY, United States

I’m a smartboard.
Yeah, I’m cool, but sometimes it hurts. A LOT!
You don’t get what I’m saying? Well, picture getting smacked with a pen all day. 
Why don’t you try it, and let me know how it feels?
Or, when the teacher shuts me down, it hurrrrrrr….

            POWER OFF.

MOLLY THE MONSTER MAKES A FRIEND by Marina, age 7, Grade 2, Leoben, Austria

Molly the Monster stomped through the woods looking for friends. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Sadly, all of the animals were scared of her and ran away. At last she met a different monster, called Molon. They married and had a baby. They called her Shilly. They really loved her.

Illustration for MOLLY THE MONSTER MAKES A FRIEND by Marina

CHRISTMAS TREE by Adrian M, age 6, Bogota, Columbia

There was once a tree.
She was very happy.
But humans cut down all her friends
to make houses and toys.
She became very sad.
Then Santa decorated her and
everyone came to see her.
They felt bad and took care of her.

Illustration for THE CHRISTMAS TREE by Adrian M

SCAVENGER HUNT DAY by Mia P, age 9, Grade 4, Melrose, Massachusetts

The challenge: Find the Greatest Treasure.
Sal searched her neighborhood.
“Money? Jewels? Candy!”
“No, no, and no,” said the judge.
Sal ran home crying.
“What’s wrong?” Sal’s mother hugged her.
“I can’t find–”
Suddenly, Sal knew the answer.
“Gotta go!”
She ran to the judge.
Sal was finally right.

THE PRINCESS AND THE UNICORN by Ada P, age 7, 1st grade, Melrose, Massachusetts

Once there was a princess. She put on her finest outfit and rushed down the stairs. She had to find a unicorn for the race. She went to the stables and found the perfect one. They jumped, glided, and won the race. They became friends and lived happily ever after.

THE DINOSAUR WHO ATE VOLCANOS by Calvin F, Age 4, Pre-K, Burbank, CA

Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur. ROAR!
The dinosaur ate the volcanoes.
And they erupted inside his tummy. 

BOOKS IN THE POOL by: Jillian C, age 8, grade 2, Parsippany, NY

I was walking to school. Oh no! I dropped my books in the pool! I picked them up. Oh no! All soggy and wet, all drippy and broken. I walked into school. Instead of my backpack, I hung up my books! Oh, I have to hurry up. Time for announcements!

 FRUIT by Noelle C, age 10, grade 5, Parsippany, NY

Fruit is so sweet,
you could call it a treat!
I was eating the fruit
in my bathing suit!
Watermelon is so juicy
“Oh Boy!” it fell in the jacuzzi!
The juice melted and the seeds looked liked little bugs!
Better clean this up or no more watermelon for me! 

SHELL AND MEL: A Story of Two Seashells by Katelyn Swemba, age 8, grade 2, Columbus

Shell and Mel are friends. One day, Mel moves.
Shell’s parents say it will be nice to have a new friend.
When the day comes, Mel and his family catch the wave and go.
Two years pass. Then Shell moves to the SAME place and said…
“Long tide no sea!” 

PRETENDING by Lauren, age 11, grade 5, Fairfax, Virginia

I am Daffodil the dog.

I am Clarisse the cat.

I am Zara the Zebra.

I am Periwinkle the pig.

I am Hanna the horse.

I am Flora the fish.

I am a girl named Nellie, in my world of imagination!

NINJA DOG by Ralphie, age 7, 2nd grade, Lake Placid, New York 

     Ninja Dog was the greatest ninja ever. A villain, Bionic Badger Boy made an army of Bionic Buildings in the Evil Robot Factory. They attacked the city! Then Ninja Dog! Ninja Dog attacked back. Ninja Dog told Bionic Badger Boy he can be good. Bionic Boy said, “Really? Then ok.” 

Illustration for NINJA DOG by Ralphie

 SHOOTING STAR by Bennett E, age 9, grade 3, Dunlap, Illinois United States

Down it falls blazing speed everybody says it’s a shooting star. Down it goes it hits earth in the middle of nowhere… all alone.

He’s sad no one to play with. Nothing to do… then another one falls and he has a friend now. He is now happy.


THE SUN by Charlie M, age 9, grade 3, Dunlap, Illinois United States

My name is Sun and I can only stay  still. My favorite thing to do is to talk to Mercury. He isn’t nice, sometimes but still my favorite.  Earth just brags that more people go to his planet than everyone else… 1 million years later: I’m a black hole. NOOOOOO

Picture for THE SUN

WORM AND WASP by Anabel, age 7, grade 1, Schaumburg, IL

Worm and Wasp were besties. But Wasp’s pokey stinger kept getting in the way. “Ow!” said Worm. “Sorry,” said Wasp. “Here. Let’s put Play-doh on your stinger.” PLOP!”Hey, it fell on my head!” “Oops!” “Let’s try cotton balls…that’s better. You look like a cottontail bunny!” “Oh, boy…great.” 

LIAM’S WILD RIDE by Galeela, age 10, grade 4, Silver Spring, Maryland                  

Liam went to the zoo.
Once there, he saw his favorite animal, a giraffe. Then he jumped on the giraffe and started  to ride the giraffe around the habitat. Once he realized he was daydreaming, it was time to go.
Liam went home thinking of other adventures with the giraffe.

SADIE’S LEAP by Mary Kimbrough, age 12, grade 6, Tigard, Oregon

Why did I cross the water before the tide came in?
I sure am regretting it now.
My mom shouts, “Sadie! Come!”
Persistent waves lap at my paws. Brrr!
I tremble.
Now the whole beach calls my name.
“Sadie! Sadie!”
I gather my courage and…


Splish, splash, shake


Illustration for SADIE’S LEAP by Mary K

THE DRAGON WHO COULDN’T FLY by Alex B, age 7, grade 2, Dubai, UAE

‘I want to fly’ said Preston the dragon. He was sad. Preston asked his granddad to help. He said ‘Go to the mysterious forest to the magic dragon.’ Preston went to the forest. The dragon sprinkled dust on him. Preston said ‘that tickles’ Suddenly he could fly. 

THE HORSE WHO WANTED TO BE A UNICORN by Emme B, age 7, grade 2, Dubai, UAE

A horse wanted to be a unicorn. She put on a plastic horn. It didn’t stick. She coloured her mane with pens. It was bath time. She felt sad. She went to the library. She found out horses are better because if you’re a unicorn everyone takes pictures of you.

WEBSTER MAKES THE GRADE by Levi, age 10, grade 5, Sacramento, California

There was a kid named Webster. He loved school, but hated schoolwork. He almost never did any. His first report card was bad. His mom was mad. His next was worse. His mom’s anger burst. His last one was great. His mom was proud and gave him ice cream.

ZEUS AND THE HUMANS by Viliame, age 11, grade 6, Sacramento, California

Zeus hated humans. He decided to destroy them. He tried to zap them, squash them and scare them. But the other gods blocked him, scolded him and stripped him of his powers. They taught him that without humans the gods would not exist. Now Zeus loves humans and rewards them.

KIARA AND HER SEVEN SISTERS by Kaitlyn, age 11. grade 6, Sacramento, California

Kiara had seven sisters who were playful and loving. One day they all turned on her. She didn’t know why. Kiara decided to investigate. She discovered they were under a spell. She knew goblins were responsible. Kiara used her best spell to banish the goblins and free her sisters.

A GIRL WHO CARED FOR HER DAD by Sophia, age 11, grade 6, Sacramento, California

Eleven year old Kayce saw her father in pain. She convinced him to go to the hospital. The doctor told him he needed surgery. Kayce was scared her dad wouldn’t make it. 9 of 10 don’t make it through the surgery. After the surgery he got better and she was happy.

THE MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: Based on a True Event by Elise, age 11, grade 6. Sacramento, California

One day, as the wind blew gently and the sun shinned brightly, something felt off. Later that day, my mother was on the phone. She looked stressed. She ran towards me, my heart skipping a beat. My father crashed his motorcycle. “Had I lost my father?” Thank God he survived!

A NEW BEGINNING #101 by Liam B, age 9, grade 3, Homer, Arkansas, USA

Illustration for BLOBS VS ZOMBIES: A NEW BEGINNING #101 by Liam B

OH MY GOSH! Can you believe what amazing stories we have here? And what I love most is that each story is so unique…each child chose a topic they wanted to write about and they wrote it in their own way. I am so proud of everyone who participated!!

And a huge thank you to the parents and teachers who are such wonderful role models for their children! Each child received a Certificate of Participation – I hope that parents hang these up – and save them. They are important milestones for a child – because when a child’s work has been recognized and praised, this helps build self-esteem and confidence which are important building blocks for success in life!

Perfect Picture Book Friday: LITTLE MEDUSA’S HAIR DO-LEMMA Plus PB CRITIQUE Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! Today’s featured book is special for me for several reasons…I can really identify with the main character whose hair is often a do-lemma, especially when her mom insists she wear her python in it. Of course, I didn’t have a python, but I did have unruly hair – ultra-curly and frizzy – and I lived in New York City where it’s humid EVERY season of the year. Also, I’m a huge fan of talented author Jenny Buchet. And guess what? Jenny is offering a PB CRITIQUE to the lucky winner of the giveaway. Make sure you leave a comment below – maybe you can tell us how you felt about your hair when you were a kid.


Written by Jennifer Buchet

Illustrated by Cassie Chancy

Published by Clear Fork – May 11, 2021

Ages: 5-8

Themes: Family traditions, mythology, stay true to yourself

Synopsis: From Amazon:

Little Medusa comes from a long line of snake-loving, serpentine-wearing Gorgons. When she receives her very first snake, Little Medusa discovers that having a snake slither and slide through her hair isn’t so great after all. And to make matters more difficult, she begins questioning if she really wants to scare her friends to stone with her new forever friend. Using her imagination and heart, Little Medusa tries her best to please her family, her best-pet snake, and herself.

Based on Greek Mythology, Little Medusa features Common Core Connections and explores the universal themes of following family tradition and staying true to oneself.

Why I love this book:

  1. Such a great message – finding a way to respect family traditions while staying true to oneself – and I love that there is a bit of mythology that young kids will be exposed to.
  2. Excellent text helps us connect with the main character and cheer her on.
  3. Vibrant illustrations will keep young readers engaged.


Make a Medusa Head Covering

Photo courtesy: https://www.littlepassports.com/craft-diy/how-to-make-a-greek-mythology-medusa-mask/

WOW…this is amazing! Check out the link for details on how to make this and other amazing crafts: https://www.littlepassports.com/craft-diy/how-to-make-a-greek-mythology-medusa-mask/

For more information about purchasing and/or reviewing MEDUSA’S HAIR DO-LEMMA:
Publisher :https://www.clearforkpublishing.com/product-page/little-medusa-s-hair-do-lemma
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Medusas-Do-lemma-Jennifer-Buchet/dp/1950169472/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=little+medusa&qid=1617917190&sr=8-1

Please remember that the best way to tell an author that you love her book is to buy it if you can, review it, tell friends about it, and ask your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

And for more wonderful picture book reviews and activities, please hop over to Susanna Hill’s Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Don’t forget that today is the last day for kids to send in their #50PreciousWordsforKids stories via email to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com And don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us if you had any issues with your hair-do when you were growing up…maybe attach a photo, if you have one, of what you looked like when you were a kid. And please SHARE this post on social media to spread the word about this wonderful new book!

Come back tomorrow for a fantastic Will Write for Cookies with Brian Gehrlein – and of course, on Sunday, I’ll be posting all of the kids’ stories in a special Mother’s Day blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – and a Happy Mother’s Day to all who fill the role of mother in a child’s life.

#50PreciousWordsforKids is OPEN!

Please email all stories to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com

WELCOME EVERYONE! This is Children’s Book Week and it’s time for the #50PreciousWordsforKids International Writing Challenge.

We all have a story to tell and all children are welcome to participate! A parent or teacher can write them down as long as the words come from the child. Entries need to be emailed to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com. Please make sure the child’s first name, first initial of the last name, age, grade, and city/state/country are on the submission along with the title.

There are many ways to tell a story. If your child loves to illustrate, please take a picture of the illustration and email it to me as a jpeg and I will try to include any and all of the illustrations that come in.

Every child will receive a Certificate of Participation that can be downloaded, printed out, and personalized. And all of the stories will be included in my Mother’s Day blog post on May 9th.

I can’t wait to read all of those precious words!