Sibling Rivalry Got You Down?

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It’s hard to share!

That goes for toys, treats and parent’s attention!

Here’s a wonderful picture book story that focuses on sibling rivalry.


Written and illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan

            Poor Minerva!  Her older brother and her baby sister seem to get all the attention, so Minerva decides to do some naughty things like poke her brother with a fork and pick all the leaves off her mother’s plant.  Her father speaks very kindly to her and explains that she is very special to him, but that perhaps she would like to be noticed for other behaviors.  Minerva helps her brother set the table and reads a story to her baby sister and, enjoying the wonderful praise she gets from her parents, Minerva resolves to be noticed for good behavior instead.

            When young children exhibit negative behavior, they are usually sending out a cry for attention and help.  We need to let our children know, on a daily basis, that they are loved and valued.  Try not to wait until your child is misbehaving to notice what he or she is doing.  Why not notice when your children have picked up toys without being asked to do so or have amused themselves for a short period of time while you were busy on the phone?

     It’s not easy to be the one in the middle.  It’s difficult to be the older child who has been “replaced” by a baby brother or sister.  And sometimes it’s hard to be the only child.   Growing up is a challenge, no matter what!  And being a parent is a challenge as well. 🙂  A positive can-do, matter-of-fact attitude on your part helps create balance and harmony for the entire family.

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6 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry Got You Down?

    • Yup! But sometimes we are so overwhelmed/busy/in the middle of things that we don’t see that clearly. 🙂 It helps to make a habit of positive parenting…it really gets easier the more you do it. 🙂


  1. I agree that parents must remember to give love to all of their children and be fair… However, some kids never outgrow the sibling rivalry trait and after a while, the parents must trust that they did the best they could and move forward… 🙂


    • And sometimes even if the parent does try to intervene. 😦 Did you ever read the picture book, “Sorry”, about two brothers who quarrel about something insignificant and then do not speak to each other for the rest of their lives…sad, but sometimes true. Hopefully, bunny borthers and sisters are not like that. 🙂


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