A Reel Cool Summer is a Really Cool Book for Kids

Several weeks ago, I connected online with another author, Martha Rodriguez. 

We realized we were on the same page about many things…have 3 children (2 boys and a girl), love our families, have a passion for picture books, recently had our first books published…the list could go on and on.  Martha and I exchanged books and she’s already written a review of my book: http://bit.ly/peQ3mt

So now it my turn to tell you all about her book, A Reel Cool Summer.


As parents, we all know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained and busy…especially during the long hot summer.  The story opens with three siblings, Joey, Jacqui and Danny, complaining about how there is NOTHING to do.  After bantering back and forth, the three kids decide that what they need is a pool for their backyard so that they can cool off.  While the two younger children go to ask their mother if they can buy a pool, Joey, the oldest, goes to get the mail. 

After pleading with their mother to no avail, Joey takes his brother and sister aside and tells them about a contest that the library is holding.  All they have to do is make a movie…and the winner will receive $100…enough to buy the pool that they all want.   The entire family works together to build the props and make the costumes and Danny, Jacqui and Joey finish the movie and hand it in to the library with just moments to spare.  Will they win the first place prize of $100 and be able to buy the pool that they want?  Will they win the third place prize of the mystery box that contains who knows what?  You’ll have to buy a copy of this lovely book to find out.  You can visit the author’s website and purchase a copy at: http://www.readtomepublishingllc.com/Book.html

She also has a blog: http://areelcoolsummer.blogspot.com/

And you can contact her: info@readtomepublishingllc.com

One of the coolest things about this book is that kids love it.  I brought it along with me on my recent trip to Chicago and read it to my 8-year old great-niece and 6-year old great-nephew.  They absolutely LOVED it and listened intently to the story.  They took turns reading some of the pages and were engaged with the colorful illustrations…which were done by the author’s now-adult son, Joey.


Ms. Rodriguez is to be commended on her first book for children. ..kids obviously love it.  As soon as we turned the last page, my niece and nephew jumped up and ran into the house clamoring, “Can we go in the pool?”  They were also anxious to hear it another time, so later we sat under the shade of a big tree and read the book again.

I’m sure that the author has more stories about Joey and Jacqui and Danny that she will share with us in future books…I know my niece and nephew and all kids ages 5 to 9 will be ready to listen.

23 thoughts on “A Reel Cool Summer is a Really Cool Book for Kids

    • My thought exactly! I loved that the parents were there to support and lend a hand…but the idea and energy came from the kids. The children in the story are the author’s three kids…just like the children on the cover of my book are my own. 🙂 Happy Labor Day, Nancy!


  1. Excellent review… made me want to read it too… I love that you have connected with other children book writers and that you are staying busy with your projects Viv!
    Keep it and Happy Labor day! 🙂


    • It would be PERFECT for them (and you)…Summaries of 100 of the best picture books ever written with a matching simple craft project and easy healthful recipe for each title. Thanks so much for coming by!


      • I just reread your question…and realized that I misinterpreted it. 🙂
        A Reel Cool Summer is recommended for ages 6-9, but 4 and 5 year olds would love it also…great pictures, wonderful vibrant color and a story about a family working together!


  2. That’s pretty impressive that the kids liked it so much. I’m sure that’s not easy to do. It’s so nice to meet you from vB members to remember, and I saw that you grabbed our Mompreneur button! Thanks so much, and be sure to come link up, and meet all of the other Mompreneurs:)


    • Last September, the only buttons I knew were the ones you sewed on clothing and the ones you pressed to make something work. 🙂
      It’s amazing how much you can learn in a year…but I still have a long way to go…I’ll hop over this weekend and visit your site.
      Thanks so much for stopping by…reading picture books was always one of my most favorite activities when I was a kindergarten teacher and when my kids were small. I’m lucky…I still get to do that…at book events and at our local schools where I volunteer, reading and crafting with kindergartens and Pre-K’s.


    • Hi Courtney,
      Not sure if I responded yet…thanks for stopping by. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to “test drive” Martha’s book…the genuine enjoyment of children is a great indication of a book’s value…if they like it, they will read it. 🙂


  3. It sounds like a good book. Teenagers are even more bored in the summer, especially if they are still too young to work. That’s all I heard this summer. I love children’s books too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I know summer is over now and kids are back in school with lots of responsibilities…but maybe next summer, if they are still too young to “work” they could volunteer at a local library or other facility and read picture books to young children. 🙂


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