On Music: The Shorthand of Emotion…

Even when Elizabeth of Mirth and Motivation says she is writing a short post, her efforts far surpass most of mine.  I’ve been following her blog for a year…when I can only read one post…hers is the one I pick.  Her photography is beautiful…her words are meaningful…her research is top-notch!

Do you like music…Elizabeth provides us with some of the best. 


On Music: The Shorthand of Emotion….

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.  I’ll be catching up on your comments for the reading challenge and for Perfect Picture Book Fridays. 

Have you joined the 2012 Positive Parental Participation Challenge?  Please take a few minutes and read with your child…it’s a small investment of time…with big rewards.

4 thoughts on “On Music: The Shorthand of Emotion…

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  2. TY Vivian! I love your blog too and I’m grateful we connected last year… Time sure does fly but great folk like you stay the same…. Blessings and thank you for this mention. 🙂


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