Halloween Hangouts on Google+

#Halloween fun for #preschoolers


Need a few fresh ideas for Halloween?


Join these moms, teachers and other parenting experts in a Google+ Hangout!


I’m joining author and educator Susan Case on Thursday at 3:30pm CST…I hope you’ll hop over and say hello!


A full line up of HOAs celebrating
#parenting , #kids , and all things #Halloween
+ Join +Angelique Felix at 2:15 PM CST for a Witches story and cupcakes
+ Join +Angelique Felix at 2:15 PM CST for a Monster song and craft
+ Join +Susan Case and guest +Rachelle Doorley at 5:30 PM CST for Spooky Simple Science Recipes
+ Join +Holly Homer at 9:30 AM CST and guests as they discusses Candy Control
+ Join Kimberley Blaine and guests at 1:00 PM CST as they discuss children’s age differences and participation in Halloween
+ Join +Green Kid Crafts at 2:00 PM CST for Greening Your Halloween
+ Join +Angelique Felix at 2:15 PM CST for a Ghosts! story, song, and craft
+ Join +Angelique Felix at 2:15 PM CST for a Black Cat! story and song
+ Join +Holly Homer at 9:00 PM CST for a discussion on Homemade Costumes
+ Join +Susan Case and +Vivian Kirkfield at 3:30 CST for Halloween book reading, craft and discussion on how picture books help children deal with their problems
+ Join +Angelique Felix at 2:15 PM CST for a Pumpkins! rhyme and song
Please come and connect with me and Susan Case on Thursday at 3:30CST…Halloween story reading by Susan…and a great Halloween craft with me…and how picture books can help your kids with their challenges!

Our show will be streamed to YouTube where you’ll be able to view it later on.

11 thoughts on “Halloween Hangouts on Google+

    • Have you ever done anything like that, Susanna?  I’ve been wanting to do short book readings or craft/cooking activities…you can start a ‘hangout’ and it streams live to YouTube…pretty cool…I’m giving it a try…I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂   


  1. I just dug up some old glass paint to make window decals and the kids have been making their own Halloween window decorations. I’ve had that paint for about 15 years and most of it isn’t even dried up! We’ve be doing the same for Christmas now that the kids understand how it works. I’m missing some crucial colors, like red, so I hope I can find this paint somewhere still. It’s a lot of fun!


    • WAY out of my comfort zone…but it sounds intriguing.  I joined +Susan Case at a hangout she did with her co-author, Katie Norris about a month ago…and now she is involved in this ‘parents make Halloween happen’ on google+ hangouts and she invited me to do one with her.  I think it is a great opportunity and it will be streaming live to YouTube…an I’ll be able to embed it on my blog (hopefully) and tweet it and put it on my FB page.  I’d love to do it monthly or even more often…picture book reading and craft or cooking…parenting tips on self-esteem, reading, bullying, etc…and have a bunch of these on my YouTube channel.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂   


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