Sunday Post: Wonderful…Show Me How Picture Books and Crafts for Kids on YouTube

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is WONDERFUL.

Sharing a WONDERFUL picture book with a WONDERFUL group of children is a WONDERFULLY magical experience.

Cuddling with a WONDERFUL child and reading a WONDERFUL picture book provides a never-to-be-forgotten WONDERFUL experience for both reader and listener.

November is children’s author Dianne de Las Casas Picture Book Month…a time to celebrate the importance and WONDER of picture books in the lives of young children.

So this past Sunday was a WONDERFUL time to kick off my new Google+/YouTube series: Show Me How: Picture Books and Crafts for Kids.

I’d love to know what you think of it…and welcome suggestions that will help it be better!

I plan to present a different story and craft each week.  I had a lot of fun and I am hoping to provide a quick and easy fun-filled educational self-esteem building activity for parents to do with their kids.  Most of the stories and crafts I will use come from my award-winning book, Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking

I just checked the Amazon site for the book and there are three sellers who are offering the book USED for $60+…we are selling the brand-new copy, signed (and inscribed for the holidays if you wish) for just $19.95 on Amazon.  I think that is pretty WONDERFUL!

Parenting is a difficult job…and many parents these days are overwhelmed and tired.

But just 15 minutes a day is enough time to read a picture book story.

And just 15 minutes a day is enough time to do a quick and easy craft project.

In fact, the entire video with both story AND craft is just 12 minutes.

Do you have 12 minutes to give to your child?  Do you read to your child every day?

Now THAT would be WONDERFUL!

Want more information about Jake’s Sunday Post?

By the way, I had to reinstall the flag counter on my right sidebar and start from zero…something strange happened a couple of weeks ago and the flag counter (with over 110 flags and over 14,000 page views) disappeared, along with my blogroll and a bunch of ‘buttons’ I had from blogs I follow.  You’ve gotta love computers, right?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Wonderful…Show Me How Picture Books and Crafts for Kids on YouTube

      • So glad you found the time to watch it, Susanna…I really appreciate that…I know how busy you are. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words…I’m excited about it…and happy it worked out to be starting in Picture Book Month and PiBoIdMo as well. 🙂


  1. You are SO right, Vivian. Nothing is more wonderful than being with wonderful kids, reading wonderful books to them, and having their wonderful voices add details and exclamations.
    This is, indeed, WONDERFUL!


  2. I love your video! Right away I ordered this book from the library. Seems like a perfect subject for my kids. And I love the craft idea, very nice! I’m looking forward to seeing your videos every week. By the way, you probably should try to embed your video in your post, it would make the video more visible than just a link. My two cents…


    • Thanks so much, Milka…glad you like the video…I hope to do one every Sunday…I’ll also be doing one with Susan Case, another former kindergarten teacher and author of “The Happy Mommy Handbook” on Monday as part of the Google+ parents Thanksgiving Special…I’ll read a story and she will do a craft.  Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback on the video…what could I do to improve it?   


      • I would try to keep it right under 10 minutes. I think it may be a magic number for many people. Or even split the activities to keep each activity under 5 minutes. It would be worth it to try it out different ways and see which videos are viewed more. Also make sure you use the tags for your videos so people can find them. Last piece of advice: I’d have someone turn the video on and off for you, or edit that part with software. That will also shorten your video length. Does that help?


        • You are terrific, Milka! Yes, I will do a better job of turning it off…I should have just moved to the side and then turned it off…and I will start speaking sooner…they told me to wait a couple of seconds after pressing the onair button..but I think I waited too long.
          How do I “tag” the video?
          And that is a good idea to see if more people watch the 5 minute video…I will definitely keep it under 10 minutes. You gave me VERY good advice..I really appreciate it. 🙂


          • When you post your video on YouTube, there are several fields for you to fill out, including if you want your video private or public. It should also ask you for keywords, I think. Just like you do in WordPress, you enter keywords / tags, separated by commas. I’m sorry, I’d give you more details but I forgot my YouTube login, so I can’t go in there easily and look. But take a look for your current video, you should be able to update the settings and add tags. It will help your video be found when people search for those keywords in YouTube or even in search engines.


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