Sunday Post: Surroundings…Hurricane Sandy…You Have to Gab Before You Can Roar

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is SURROUNDINGS.

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Hurricane Sandy affected millions of people…many of them young children.

For some, their surroundings will be changed forever.

Newspaper headlines tell the sad tale.

No date set to reopen hospitals that evacuated during Hurricane Sandy – NY Daily News

One of the programs hit hardest was the Reach Out and Read program that operates at Bellevue Hospital.  Reach Out and Read is a nationwide literacy program that encourages doctors and pediatricians to interact with their young patients while they examine them.  Books are given to the kids…and parents are encouraged to read them with their children.

According to John Merrow, special PBS NewsHour correspondent, “The Reach Out and Read program can be found in 5,000 medical centers across the country. It touches almost four million mostly low-income children, at a cost of $10 per child, per year. Bellevue’s program is one of the largest.”

But Bellevue Hospital was heavily impacted by Hurricane Sandy and thousands of picture books were destroyed.

Watching the news reports, I began to think about what I could do to help.  After all, this is Picture Book Month where people who are passionate about picture books are celebrating their importance.

So I contacted Claudia Aristy, director of the Bellevue Hospital Reach Out and Read program, and offered to send her two copies of Show Me How…she was excited and told me she interested in using it as part of the program with her counselors and families.

I also sent a small check and promised to earmark my book profits in the month of December to help buy new picture books for their program.

If you are moved by the plight of Bellevue’s Reach Out and Read program and want to help, you can visit their website and donate…even just enough to buy ONE book…if everyone did that, they would quickly fill their bookshelves again.




If you are an author or illustrator and would like to donate a copy of one of your books, I’m sure they would really appreciate that…when I spoke to Claudia, she advised me to send my books to her address as the clinic was still closed.  If I receive any book donations, I will pack them up and ship them out directly to her.  Perhaps we can get some publishers interested in joining this campaign!

Because these are the surroundings we want young children to have!

And, since this is Picture Book Month…here is some more Picture Book News!

The second episode of my new Google+/YouTube series: Show Me How: Picture Books and Crafts for Kids has been uploaded.  Believing in oneself is a challenge.  I read “The Little Red Caboose” and make a Geometric Shape Train picture.  I hope you will watch the video…and pass it along to anyone who has young children.

Each week I hope to show parents how easy it is to participate with their kids…it takes only a few minutes to read the story…and a few minutes to do the craft activity…but the rewards are SO BIG.  Most of the stories and crafts I will use come from my book, Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking.

There’s a new review of Show Me How on Barbara’s GradeOnederful blog:

I’ll also be joining author and educator Susan Case in a Thanksgiving Week Google+ Hangout today, Monday, November 11 at 3pm EST, for our segment called “Acts of Random Kindness”.  I will be reading “Norman the Doorman”, the story about a very special mouse whose life was devoted to being kind to others.  Susan has a wonderful craft activity to share that will encourage children to embrace kindness and reaching out to help others.

And then on Tuesday, there will be more picture book reading and crafting when I share “The Day No One Played Together” by Donalisa Helsley and make a Story Book of Friends…as part of the Google+ Thanksgiving special: #turkeytalk

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Surroundings…Hurricane Sandy…You Have to Gab Before You Can Roar

    • I’m so glad you liked it, Diane…making a YouTube video was something I had wanted to do for over a year…I saw the ones other people did and thought to myself, “I think I could do that”…but I didn’t know HOW! Google+ Hangouts make it EASY…just need a webcam or camera in your computer…sign up for Google+ page…click on ‘start a hangout’ and ‘onair’ and there you go. Whatever you do in the hangout (you can invite other people or just do it yourself) will live stream to YouTube, creating a YouTube video…unbelievable. 😉


    • Thanks, Milka…I had done the tagging you suggested. 🙂 There are so many wonderful programs out there…but this one is near and dear to my heart…all about picture books and children and encouraging parents to read with their kids!


    • 🙂 The sentiment is mutual…to be sure, Eliz! So many people are doing such wonderful things to help children all over the world…this is just a little thing…but if I can help the program fill their bookshelves, I’ll be thrilled. 😉


  1. Wow. So tragic. I hope people can get new houses. The hurricane caused a lot of damage. I am thankful we didn’t loose our house. The reach out and read program is great. My mom works for a city hospital and they do the program there.


    • Oh, Marylin…you make me blush! But I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and craft. I’ve always loved reading picture books aloud…sometimes I read a dozen or more in a day to my kids and my daycare group. 🙂


  2. After so many months of falling behind and even not visiting your blog; simply overwhelmed with personal stuff. I visit today to realize I’m caught up… It reminds me of old friends… They disappear, go on adventures and then when they return, it is as if they never left… TY for your friendship! 🙂


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