Parenting Blog Award: The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

Awards are a great way to let someone know they have done a stellar job!  At the Academy Awards ceremony, actors and actresses covet the golden Oscar.  Thoroughbred horses and their jockeys train fast and furiously to win the blue ribbon and flower-encrusted wreath.

Bloggers also have their own ways of giving ‘props’ to other bloggers…’The Very Inspiring Blogger’, ‘The Sunshine Award’ and the ‘The Versatile Blogger’ are only a few of the many awards a blogger can receive.  Usually, the bloggers who receive the awards have to list a number of interesting things about themselves…and then pass the award along to a bunch of others.

During these past two years, I’ve connected with many wonderful people.  I’ve created a special parenting blog award (I hope I’m allowed to do that)…The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award.  This is an award that recognizes a blogger who exemplifies the tenants of Positive Parental Participation:

  • Encourages children to love books and reading
  • Believes that young children need to play in order to learn
  • Supports positive parental participation

I’m sure my list would run off the page if I included all those who deserve this award…so I’m starting with just nine special bloggers.

  1. Susanna @SusannaLeonardHill: Your Perfect Picture Book Friday list is an AMAZING resource for every parent and teacher of young children…your summer school visits with your daughter provided a lovely view for all of us on parenting the growing child.
  2. Milka @PerfectingMotherhood:  I love your dedication to providing your young children with books and creative experiences…somehow you’ve found a wonderful balance of being there for them and giving them space.
  3. Marilou @SpanishPinay:  I’ve enjoyed following your new-mom journey…Little Spanish Pinay is a lucky little girl…you are a wonderful mother…working hard to provide a positive loving environment for your precious child.
  4. Ella @MyMemorableChildrensBooks:  I connected with you when I first started blogging and you have continued to impress me with your dedication to getting books into the hands of young children.  Your birthday book giveaway, wonderful book reviews and sharing of information about various book freebies that are available are all great resources for parents.
  5. Kirsten @CreatingCuriousKids:  I met you through Susanna’s PPBF and Julie’s 12×12 and was immediately struck by how involved you are with your children’s lives…you provide amazing activities for them, you help at their schools, and you share your passion for books and reading with them.  Your latest post also shows how you are encouraging them to care about others and reach out to help in their own small ways.  When they are adults, they will be caring about others in BIG ways, I know!
  6. Elizabeth @MirthandMotivation:  You were my first blogging ‘buddy’!  Your posts never disappoint…they are always filled with peace, hope, inspiration, amazing photography, beautiful verse and wonderful quotes.  Your blog is enjoyed by people all over the world…you are a great writer, a talented photographer and a caring human being!
  7. Chris @BookDads:  We connected a while back when you graciously reviewed “Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cookingand then you invited me back as a guest poster.  You empower moms and dads as they travel the parenting road…you also promote the love of books and reading and you do a stellar job…I love that!
  8. Emily @mummumstheword   It was a happy day when I linked one of my parenting/importance of picture books posts to yours, Emily!  I’m so proud of your tremendous success with your children’s books…you are helping so many with the beautiful stories you tell!  And I’ve enjoyed your honest and humorous posts that relate your first-time parenting adventure with your beautiful son.
  9. Susan @Kindergarten&PreschoolforParentsandTeachers      I’m loving the Google+ HangoutsonAir that I am doing with you, Susan!  Your blog is an amazing resource for parents and teachers…your books are must-have’s for anyone with young children…and you are a wonderful mother.  I always know there will be a post brimming over with great ideas when I visit your blog.

Please go and visit these special bloggersl…your time will not be wasted!  I hope these nine amazing people will want to pass along the Positive Parental Participation Blog Award to other bloggers who are encouraging children to be lovers of books and reading and believe that children need to play in order to learn and parents need to participate positively with their children.

33 thoughts on “Parenting Blog Award: The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

  1. Gosh Vivian. I’m speechless! And you know how rare that is for me 🙂 Thank you so much. I am honored that you would choose me to receive your wonderful and truly meaningful award. You work so hard to help parents be the best they can be for their children, encouraging and supporting so that everyone can enjoy the journey. Your blog is a terrific resource and we are all lucky to have you! 🙂


    • Glad you liked my idea, Erik! I see all these other awards floating around…and thought it was time that someone recognized bloggers who practice positive parental participation…or provide awesome resources for parents and kids. There were so many others (you, for instance, with your AMAZING book reviews and other posts)…but for the first round, I thought I needed to limit the number. 🙂


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  3. Congratulations on your wonderful award! It fits perfectly with the amazing work you do… TY so much dear blog buddy, dear friend, for adding my blog to the mix… I still tell the story of when it was just you and Barb who read and supported my blog and we encouraged each other… So much good has happened for you since then and I am honored to call you my friend… Thank you Vivian! 🙂


    • Perhaps we will meet in person one day, Eliz! But, even if that never happens, you have enriched my life…your blog has an atmosphere of positivity, beauty and vitality. 🙂 I’m glad you are happy with the award!


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  5. Vivian, this is an unexpected surprise! Thanks so much for this award 🙂 Wow, what a lovely accolade! I will certainly check out the other blogs you have listed too as they will be helpful resources to my first-time parenting needs!


    • Emily…the illness you had might have stopped others in their tracks, but you forged ahead with an amazingly positive attitude. Now your award-winning picture books are all over…and they help and uplift children everywhere.
      I hope you get a chance to check out some of the other bloggers…they have a lot to offer. 🙂


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  7. Vivian, you have made me get cry with this award. Honestly. Lately, I have been struggling on keeping myself in the road of positive parental participation. Things have been tough at home but I do know with all my heart that this is what I want to be for my child… but things get complicated and I sometimes lose it. With this award, I was reminded again of what I want to be as a parent to our daughter. Right now, I think I am not worthy of this award but I am taking it as a sign that I do need to exert more effort and at the same time, to make you feel that you have awarded me this in vain.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you once again for thinking of me! I’ll definitely create a post about this so I can pass it along to other parents I know and encourage more positive parental participation. Plus, more people definitely need to more about you and your work!

    Spanish Pinay


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