Sunday Post: Arrangement…Do You Plan to Fail?

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge…today’s theme is ARRANGEMENT.

Arrangement definition: plans you make so that something will happen or be possible.


They say that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail…this is important for EVERYONE who has a goal or objective to reach.

When my children were small, I set up a plan for each day…a simple schedule.

This simple schedule was a LIFE-SAVER…giving order and balance to each day.

Each morning, I read a picture book story…building literacy skills…giving me an opportunity to converse with the children about the story. Conversation is one of the TOP VOCABULARY BUILDERS and gives kids a crucial head-start in school.

Then I would encourage the children to move around with circle games like ‘Farmer in the Dell’ or rhythms like pretending to be a train or a hopping kangaroo. Physical activity is the best defense against obesity.

After that we would make a quick and easy arts and crafts project…helping children develop small muscle coordination and allowing them to express their creativity.

Then it would be time to go outside to play or play inside with puzzles and blocks.

What? Was it lunch-time already? When everyone is having fun, the time really flies, doesn’t it?

In my book, I share the life-saving schedule that I used.

Young children want and need balance and order in their day…the arrangement is up to you!

Do you start the day with a plan? What arrangements do you make for your own well-being? What fun activities do you enjoy with your kids?

inner title page color smallppp Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking can help! Click this link if you would like a copy! The book makes it easy to pinpoint the best books to read. It gives parents arts and crafts activities that are quick and easy. And it provides simple healthful recipes that you can make with your child. Setting up a simple daily schedule doesn’t mean you are being rigid or inflexible…it actually empowers you to encourage creative expression and, most of all, have fun together!


Join in the fun with Jake’s Sunday Post.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Arrangement…Do You Plan to Fail?

    • Thank you, Erik! I know you probably start each day with a plan of action…I don’t think you could accomplish as much as you do…fantastic book review blog, honor student, poet and writer, conscientious blog follower and commenter…what an exceptional young man you are.:)


  1. Excellent post. Whether written down, or burned into our minds, I believe most of us have plans of action. Agree, I think it is important to start children with a routine/plan of action at a young age. They like predictable.


    • Thanks, Pat! Kids do like predictable…less stress for them when they ‘know’ what to expect.:) And kids grow into the routines…if they expect to have breakfast every morning, lay out their clothes the night before, put on a hat when they go out in the cold…parents will not have to reinvent the wheel every day.:)


  2. Similar to what I did when my children were small. Now during the Summer holidays we follow a routine as well – and one that they appreciate (reading, Math, English/French, swimming, lunch, free time, outside activity).


    • Hahaha…so true! I will confess that I sometimes will add something to my list, even though I’ve just done it…so that I can cross it off…helps me soothe the part of me that never thinks I have done enough.:)


    • I think that the busier we are, the more important it is to have a plan…one can always be flexible and open to rearranging stuff…but I agree it can get too chaotic without one. Glad you liked the photo…those two were twins…and so into the story and craft that I did with them.:)


  3. It’s so interesting that you mention the schedule, Vivian. I had such a hard time with that with my first child. I think it was the transition from doing things on MY schedule to doing things on hers. But once I had 2, 3, etc… children, the schedule seemed to effortless – I guess I was outnumbered 🙂


    • I think perhaps one of the hardest adjustments for new parents is the realization that life has REALLY changed and will NEVER be the same again.:)The first child is usually the hardest, because the adjustment is the biggest. As you say, when the next come along, you are more used to sleep deprivation, etc. 🙂 Susanna, the link-up for Renn is FANTASTIC! You are a gem to have organized it!


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