Sunday Post: Window…Play It Safe This Summer

Jake, at Time after Time, has a Sunday Post Challenge. The theme this week is WINDOW.

Sunday Post: Window...Play it Safe This Summer


Do your kids like to look out the window? When my children were small, they loved watching birds fly from branch to branch and cars zoom down the road. A rainy day offered an under-the-sea look at the world while wintery frost created beautiful patterns on the window pane.

But windows can be dangerous! Summer is around the corner and the temperature will be rising. 

Before you open those windows, please check these window safety tips.   Did you know that over 4000 children are injured and wind up in the emergency room every year and about a dozen die from window falls?


  •   DON’T allow your children to play around windows, even if they are closed, since they can be hurt if they fall through the glass of a closed window
  • DON’T rely on screens to keep your kids from falling
  • DO consider installing landscaping under windows that might cushion a fall
  • DO install windows that can open from the top, instead of the bottom, if possible
  • DO keep furniture away from windows, so that your children aren’t tempted to climb on them
  • DO teach your children about window safety

Sunday Post: Window...Play it Safe This Summer


Keeping young kids happy, engaged and busy during the summer months can be a challenge. Going to museums, zoos and the library are great fun! But you can have fun at home!

Sunday Post: Window...Play It Safe this summer

1.     Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking is a one-stop guide and activity book. 

2.     Using it this summer will help prepare the younger ones for preschool and kindergarten

3.     Six and seven year olds will love the craft projects and cooking activities and may be able to read some of the stories themselves

4.     This will help to prevent the academic slide that often occurs during the summer months.

5.     Lined sections on every other page provide a place for notes or comments…the book can become a journal of your child’s progress and activities.         


This past week was Children’s Book Week

We joined over 90 kid lit bloggers

A Mega-Giveaway Blog Hop



Tina, please email me your address and I will get the prize package, which includes a copy of Show Me How, a bunch of craft supplies and the Tale of Peter Rabbit, to you as soon as possible. I’m leaving for Singapore on Thursday to speak about picture books at the 2013 Asian Festival of Children’s Content. If I have your information by Tuesday, I will try to mail it then. My email is:

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Window…Play It Safe This Summer

  1. Great reminder. A co-worker’s daughter fell out of a second story bed room window when she didn’t want to take her nap. Fortunately she fell on something that broke the fall, but it was frightening. I used to climb out house windows for fun but we lived in a ranch home — no air conditioning then. I remember doing a lot of things that today my parents would have been in trouble for. Kids are active and fearless. Different world today and parents have to be observant.


    • What an insightful comment, Pat! You are so right…years ago parents did things that would send them to jail and their kids to child services today. Parents sent kids out to play after school without a thought…and you didn’t return until suppertime…and then went out again until dark, especially in the summer. Times have changed…yet, we still have far too much family violence and abuse. Having a child is a fearsome responsibility and obligation…something to keep in mind when folks are contemplating starting a family. 🙂


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  3. What a great post! Who would have thought that windows could be such dangerous things?! Not this dog, for sure! I love looking out the window. It’s better than TV! I once knew a dog who jumped thru a closed window. What a mess! Luckily I don’t think anyone got hurt. Thanks for these reminders!


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    • The photo was taken on Star Island, an island off the coast of Maine where my daughter attended a Christian youth retreat for several years when she was a teenager. She met her husband there and they also got married there in 2002. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean…it used to be a haven for artists and writers.

      Thank you so much for pointing out the dangers of blind cords…so true!
      I can hardly believe I will be meeting you in a couple of days, Marjorie…I’m so looking forward to it. 🙂


    • Oh, I’m glad you like the new look, Tracy. 🙂 Window safety is something many parents don’t think much about…but it is really important! I’m all packed…I leave in the morning…thanks for the good wishes.:)


  5. Great reminder about safety around windows, especially in homes with a second level like ours. I always remind my kids when I have the windows open, especially because they’re all so low. Window openings are never built with safety in mind.


  6. Important reminder, Vivian.
    After the Chapman tornado when our daughter’s house was restored, they had all the upstairs windows replaced with safety features, and we were relieved.


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