14 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Easter

    • You are so welcome, Jake! I was thrilled to participate in your Sunday Post…I’ve been trying to focus more on my picture book writing…but when I saw you had posted, I knew I had to take part. 🙂


    • We had a lovely day…even though our daughter has strep throat (she went to the walk-in clinic in the morning because her throat felt like knives were slicing it inside)…she will stay home from work for 2 days…it was nice to be here to be able to take care of her and give her soup and tea. 🙂 Happy Easter to you and your family!


    • Definitely, Jo! We set up a treasure hunt…each special egg had a clue in it that directed our five year old grandson to a different spot…bird house, mail box, little bridge over a trickling creek in the backyard…where he found another egg with another clue…until the last one directed him to his bedroom where there was a special basket waiting for him. He said it was the best day of his life. 😉 The enthusiasm of young kids is delectable. But I think the most fun he had was playing Monopoly with me…it’s the first thing he asks to do every morning. 😉


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