#PPBF: Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra – Music for Children

Today is Perfect Picture Book Friday. For more great picture book reviews, hop over to Susanna Leonard Hill and a list of over 1000 reviews and activities on her blog.

The story I chose was inspired by a video I saw.


Don’t you wonder why music education is the first to go when school budgets are cut? The beauty of the video is as much in seeing the reactions of the children as it is to listening to the wonderful music.

And, after you read this picture book to your kids, perhaps they will be inspired as well.


Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra

Written and illustrated by Stephen Costanza

Publisher: Henry Holt (2012)

Ages: 4 and up


Music, cooperation, appreciating our talents, helping others

Opening Lines:

“In Venice of long ago, there lived a man who daydreamed in music.”


From Amazon: “Every day, Antonio Vivaldi composes a new orchestral piece, and every day, the orphan Candida transcribes Vivaldi’s masterpiece into sheet music for the Invisible Orchestra. Nobody notices Candida or appreciates her hard work.

But one day Candida accidentally Continue reading

Goal-Busters: Moving Ahead in 2014

2013 was a year of change for me. I moved 2000 miles across the country to be closer to our daughter and five-year old grandson.

3 generations on new years eve

2014 will also be a year of moving closer – closer to my dream of having one of my picture book stories published.

Along this journey, I’ve met many others who share this dream – and every month this year, I’ll be turning the spotlight on them and asking them to:

  •  Reveal their goals for 2014
  • Tell us the steps they are taking to reach them
  • Share how they will reward themselves

I hope you will return every 1st Monday of the month to meet them – there will be familiar faces – and some new ones, too.

I thought it only fair for me to go first…so for today, you are stuck with me.



I believe that clever Mr. Franklin knew what he was talking about.

Success in any undertaking calls for preparation. I’ve been Continue reading