PB 14:14 Day Two: Top 10 Picture Book Story Elements – Beginnings and Endings

Today is Day Two of Christie Wright Wild’s PB 14:14…I had fun yesterday, hopping around to several other blogs to read the other entries

If you are just tuning into the challenge, you can follow this link to find out all about it: http://christiewrightwild.blogspot.com/2015/02/pb-1414-in-2015-day-one-with-vivian.html

Do you ever wonder why you love certain books, while others leave you wanting more? Every book needs to be strong in certain elements in order to capture…and hold your attention.

For me, the beginning of a story – the hook that grabs me…and the ending of a story – the finish that leaves me feeling satisfied, are crucial. Love, Twelve Miles Long is a perfect example of a picture book that succeeds in both of these.

love twelve miles long


Author: Glenda Armand

Illustrator: Colin Bootman

Publisher: Lee & Low

Date: 2011

Word Count: 1200 est.

Top 10 Element: Beginnings and Endings

This book stands out for many reasons, but the beginning absolutely grabs you.

The scene is set in a Continue reading