De-clutter Equals De-Stress

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Did you know that living in a cluttered environment actually adds to your stress level?

It’s doubly hard for me because I would like to be organized and live more minimalistically, but my husband is a collector…of many things!  Books, all things flyfishing, art supplies (he has taken up painting and is really very good).  So you can imagine how difficult it is to keep things neat and in their proper places because we have so much STUFF that we sometimes run out of the proper places and stuff winds up on tables, chairs…even the back of the couch!  If this sounds familiar, maybe the list of books below will help.  

 I am always waiting for the BIG block of time to REALLY get organized 🙂 but I think the secret is to simply make a decision to DO IT and when you have an hour or a half hour, clear one drawer or one table and just keep at it.  Even if it takes a month or more, eventually you will be more organized and surrounded by less clutter.  AHHHHHHHH! 

There are hundreds of books available on organizing and cleaning up clutter.  I’ve listed just a few you might want to get from the library or bookstore if you’ve decided to organize and want some more direction.  Some of the books listed are geared for homes with children…children definitely benefit from living in an organized environment also!  You can also go online and find a wealth of ideas.

1.    Helping Kids Get Organized – Activities That Teach Time Management, Clutter Clearing, Project Planning and More by Robyn Freedman Spizman

2.    Organized Kidz: E-Z solutions for Clutter-Free Living by Debbie and David Williams

3.    Stop Clutter From Wrecking Your Family: Organize Your Children, Spouse and Home by Mike Nelson

4.    Organized Living: Clutter Clearing Strategies and Creative Storage Solutions by Dawne Walter and Helen Chislett

My husband asked me the other day what my New Year’s resolutions were…now I know.  In addition to trying to blog EVERY day with something of value, I am going to take my own advice and grab an hour or half hour every day and clear out one drawer, cabinet, counter or whatever…I promise to blog in a month and update everyone with my progress.

1 thought on “De-clutter Equals De-Stress

  1. Thanks for the book recommendations – you’re right, there are so many out there to choose from! It can be pretty overwhelming. I like your idea of taking a half hour so each day to declutter something. I’ve set aside the month of January to work on going through all of our stuff – we have TOO much! Tackling it, just a little bit at a time, sounds much more manageable. Thanks for sharing!


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