Gossip Can Be Dangerous: Cinema Sundays: My Picks of Great Flicks


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Do you remember playing the “telephone game” in school when you were younger?

All the children would line up and then the first child whispered something into the next child’s ear…she turned to the next child and whispered what you had said (or what she thought you said).  That child whispered into the ear of the next child…and so on down the line.  The last child in line then spoke out loud exactly what had been whispered to her.

We would all laugh hysterically, because what was said out loud was never what the original person had whispered.

Gossip is no laughing matter, however.  Rumors spread like wildfire and can be just as damaging.  And today, with the internet, I know it is even more important to teach our children how harmful it can be.

Yesterday, my husband and I watched one of the old Andy Griffith shows, Those Gossipin’ Men.  Sheriff Andy makes fun of Aunt Bee because he believes that the women are always gossiping.  However, when a traveling shoe salesman from New York City comes to Mayberry, we discover that it is not only the women who like to spread rumors.  The men believe that the shoe salesman is really a talent scout or TV producer from New York and they fall over each other to buy shoes from him so that they can audition for him.  Of course, no one is harmed and the townspeople will all have new shoes, but we see how easy it is for people to make up stories…and even easier for everyone to believe them.

What can we do to protect our young children and teach them not to start rumors?

  • Talk to them about being kind to others.
  • Play the “telephone game” to show them that not everything they hear from others is true.
  • Be a good role model when it comes to gossiping and spreading rumors.

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Please come back again tomorrow for Make-A-Meal Monday…another great child-friendly healthful recipe.

4 thoughts on “Gossip Can Be Dangerous: Cinema Sundays: My Picks of Great Flicks

  1. I agree… so many stories out there, constantly changing, updates galore, and well, many channels of info that who knows where fact ends and fantasy kicks in. I stopped listening to a lot of stories a while back; yeah, gossip is hurtful especially when it denigrates others with untrue stories…
    Happy week ahead!


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