Musings: How We Spend Our Time…

Musings: How We Spend Our Time….

Do you wish you had more than 24 hours in a day?

Do you wonder if you are using your time wisely?

Master blogger Elizabeth, of Mirth and Motivation, provides food for thought about time.

Thank you, Elizabeth!


12 thoughts on “Musings: How We Spend Our Time…

  1. Oops, I forgot to say that we have been collecting clock for the past 40 years and I loved the selection of clocks the blog. I will be sure to comment on Elizabeth’s blog and thank her.


  2. Thanks for the re-blog Vivian and for your patient friendship. I’ve been swamped since getting another flu attack and I have 2000 emails with 75% blog posts to read… I’m galloping through them and will definitely catch up with all of yours. Merci!!! 🙂


  3. This was great! I do not always manage my time in the best way, but tonight I made an exceptional decision. I spent time with a friend who knows how to be present, and we enjoyed each others’ company without a single Text or Social Media interruption. I think it is so tragic that the art of “being” together seems to be so commonly violated, and so many people (including myself at times) seem unable to ‘break away’ from the “virtual” world to be fully present and in the moment with those around us. I had so much fun tonight, and I feel extra blessed to have a kindred friend who still can share the art of friendship without distraction! She doesn’t have a smart phone (good for her!), and as for me, I wasn’t tempted even once to check mine! 🙂


    • How lovely you have a “kindred spirit” who wants to just “be” with you. Hard to find these days because, as you say, we are constantly distracted by various media. Glad you had that special time.

      I don’t have a smart phone…just a plain old cell phone for emergencies…I’ve thought about getting something I could do texting with…but perhaps that would be a mistake. 🙂


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