Reflections: Speak To Us Of Children…


Today I’m “pressing” a post of one of my favorite bloggers…Elizabeth of Mirth and Motivation.   It’s all about children…one of my most favorite topics in the world!

But first I’d like to pass along a couple of awards that came my way this past week.

Uplifting children and helping them develop a positive self-image is one of my missions in life.  I try to provide parents and teachers with resources and activities and encouragement, because the task of raising and educating young children is a difficult one and it is crucial that adults feel good about themselves as well.

But bloggers also need encouragement to continue to carve out those precious moments to write…from a day that may be filled with other responsiblities and obligations.

And so various blogging awards are “born” and one blogger confers them on another to recognize and celebrate a job well done.

This past week, Clar at clarbojahn gave me two lovely ones: The Kreativ Blogger Award and The Sunshine Award.

Clar is a dedicated writer (of children’s picture books and other genres) and human being extraordinaire and I am honored to know her.  I hope you will take the time to go and meet her.

The rules of these awards: List some things of interest about yourself and then pass the awards along to other deserving bloggers.

1. If I love a book, I can reread it dozens of times.  Favorite book: Little Women.  When I was 10, I went shopping with my mom and sister for her junior high school graduation dress.  We lived in NYC at the time and went to a store (Abraham and Strauss) that has eight floors of merchandise.  Instead of dragging me around while she and my sister shopped, my mom brought me to the book department, which encompassed the entire 8th floor of the building.  Leaving me there to enjoy browsing through the books (yes, I know, this is something we would NEVER do these days…but times were different over a half a century ago) she and my sister went shopping for the dress.  I picked a stack of Louisa May Alcott books and sat down on the floor and happily spent the next several hours, reading about the adventures of the March family.

2. If I love a movie, I never get tired of watching it.  Favorite movie: Gone With the Wind.  How many times have I seen it?  Probably 10.

3. My favorite color is yellow…as a child, I shared a room with my older sister.  I was 19 when she got married…the day after the wedding, I painted MY room a bright sunshiny yellow!

I hope you will have the time to visit with the following people whose hard work and wonderful writing motivate me to keep on blogging.  Of course there are dozens and dozens more…but I only get to list 10. 🙂

1. Elizabeth of Mirth and Motivation

2. Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way

3. AngelaMarie at One In Creation

4. Pat at Children’s Books Heal

5. Erik at This Kid Reviews Books

6. Judy at Jay Jays Favorites

7. Kirsten at Creating Curious Kids

8. Marcy at Orples

9. Margaret at Pen to Print

10. SP at Spanish Pinay

And now, here is Elizabeth’s post that touched a chord in my heart and soul.  I share this with all of my readers in hopes it will speak to you as well.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for holding children so dear!

Reflections: Speak To Us Of Children….

28 thoughts on “Reflections: Speak To Us Of Children…

  1. Thanks for thinking of me and SLTW, Vivian! I’m with you . . . I’d MUCH rather read a book than shop for clothes. 😉

    BFF and I rarely watch movies more than once . . . unless we watch them umpteen times ~ A Christmas Carol, The Grinch, Sense & Sensability, Pride & Prejudice, Nanny McPhee, Animal House, Sound of Music, Caddyshack, Home for the Holidays, Mary Poppins, etc..


  2. Vivian, Clar passed along the awards to me too. I have had them so many times, I’m running out of things to say. But, I will say thank you for your kind remarks about my blog and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. As Susanna, said we’re running out of people to pass them to and I don’t have anyone new to send them to. – Pat


    • Oh dear, Pat…I am sorry…well, not sorry…I’m glad I passed them along to you…we all need to know our efforts are appreciated. Your blog is wonderful and I always know I will find top quality books reviewed there. 🙂


  3. Thank you for thinking of me, Vivian. I am flattered that you like my blog enough to nominate me for an award(s). I hope to get them posted very soon. In the meantime, your generosity is very much appreciated. 😉 and I would like to extend a hearty CONGRATULATIONS on achieving these same awards yourself. You really do have an awesome blog, and are very deserving of the honor. So pat yourself on the back for me! 🙂


    • Thanks, Marcy, for your kind words. I think it is important to let others know how we feel…just like with children, self-esteem is built from two sources…our own estimation of who we are…and what others think of us. The awards are a way for others to say “Hurray you!”


      • Thank you again. One reason, I don’t want to rush into posting my awards until I actually have the time to put into it, is because I want my acknowledgements to actually reflect the gratitude I feel in having been nominated to begin with. Blogging is refreshing in so many ways, but sometimes time is not as generous as I’d like it to be. I started a folder to tuck the email announcements in so I don’t overlook anyone or any rewards. Once I do post them … watch out! 🙂 In the meantime, I am glad we crossed paths.


  4. VIvian….Thank you so much again. I am humbled and honored to be chosen for these awards. Like I said earlier, I will get to them when time allows….;) Thanks for understanding.

    And congrats on receiving these awards too! You have an awesome blog and deserve these awards!


  5. I love the photo so much; happy and light! Thank you for including my blog on your list and the mention of re-blogging my post… We go back to the days when we had 1-2 comments on our blogs and we supported each other to grow! You are tops on my list. TY! 🙂
    Congratulations on your awards!


  6. Thanks so much for the awards, Vivian. I am honored to have been chosen by you. Congrats too on receiving these awards yourself. I enjoyed reading your list of things about yourself — what it must have been like to live in NYC as a child. Also, the eight floor of Abraham and Strauss sounds heavenly — what I wouldn’t give to have a stress-free afternoon filled with unlimited books to read.


    • Thanks, Margaret…it was my pleasure to pass the awards along to you…so lovely to connect with like-minded people.:)
      There is more to the Abraham and Straus story…I did a post last year about it…my mom didn’t see me when she came back up to get me…and searched frantically for an hour and then came back with the store security. I was so small, I had taken a stack of books and found a little cubby somewhere. Eventually, I finished the book and crawled out and stood up…and then they saw me. I had been so absorbed in the book (do you get that way?), I didn’t hear them calling for me. 😦


  7. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Vivian! I am really honored and excited at the same time to pass this lovely award to others 🙂

    How nice could it be if we can still leave our kids in bookstore while we can go do our errands, right? You remind of me my little sister… she LOVES yellow too… everytime I have to buy her a gift, it is always something yellow and it never fails to make her really happy 😀

    I went and read Elizabeth’s entry and I was really touched by the tenderness of every word!

    Spanish Pinay


    • Yes, times have changed…for the better in some ways and for the worse in others.
      Glad you went to visit Elizabeth’s blog…you will always find amazing photos, terrific quotes, awesome stories and inspiring words there. 🙂
      What is your favorite color?


    • So glad you stopped by and I hope you will come back again…every Friday I review a children’s picture book and provide a related craft project…then I link up with a group of picture book writers and illustrators who do the same…so many resources for parents and teachers. 🙂


  8. Oh, Vivian, I am so delayed in arriving!! Thank you so much for the beautiful award. I feel so very uplifted to be recognized by you.

    I also LOVE Little Women. 🙂 I was such a bookworm as a girl. It is hard to find time as a working single parent to do as much reading as I did then, but do you know… Just this past Friday I tried something new, and I was sooooo thrilled how it worked. Jackson and I had a “reading hour” before bed. I let him climb in my bed with a pile of his own easy reader books, and he sat and read independently while I read my own book…. it was so wonderful!! I just loved that he was so inspired to read on his own. What a lovely Friday night! 🙂

    Anyway, going on and on. But I do so appreciate all you do and write and share! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the award!

    Happy Sunday!


    • Angela…
      This is an amazing comment…what a beautiful way to spend an hour with your child!!!! If I may, I would love to add this to one of my blog posts when i talk about spending quality time with children…and what a super way to encourage a child to love reading!
      I’ve always said that we have to be good role models and be seen reading…children do love to mimic us, don’t they. 🙂


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