Free Copies of Show Me How! Nominate Your Library to Receive One!

This is National Library Week

To help celebrate…and to thank libraries across the country and around the globe for all they do to help children become readers and lovers of books, we are donating 25 copies of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking!

Preschool teachers and homeschooling families  use it as a curriculum tool and love the 100 classic picture book summaries and the quick and easy eco-friendly craft projects and the simple healthful cooking activities that are all geared to build self=esteem in children ages 2-7.

Don’t let your library miss out on a chance to add this must-have resource to their collection!  With reduced revenues and a tight economy, many libraries are severely limited in the new materials they can purchase.  Help out your community by nominating your library today!

The rules are simple…just leave a comment on my blog post, telling which library you are nominating and why you would like them to win a copy of the book.  At the end of April, we will choose 25 winners using  If your library wins, you can also receive a copy for youself if you would like to do a review of Show Me How! on your blog, website, magazine or newspaper.  Because postage rates are so high for shipping overseas, if you nominate a library outside of the United States, I ask that you be willing to assist with the shipping costs.

Please help spread the word about this unique opportunity by tweeting and posting this on your Face Book, LinkedIn, Pinterist, Google+ or any other social networking vehicle you may use.

31 thoughts on “Free Copies of Show Me How! Nominate Your Library to Receive One!

  1. My library is in Santee, CA but it’s part of the San Diego County library system, which has something like 20 branches and we all share the books. My local library is very active in getting the community involved. They have little kid storytime several times a week, teen book club, adult book club, new book discussions, lego afternoons, and many other programs. They really know how to get people of all kinds into the library, and maybe grab a book on the way out. Of course, I’m probably their #1 patron with all the books I borrow every week, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


    • Yes, Stacy, Pikes Peak Library Distrcit did purchase 3 copies last year. However, if you would like to nominate them to receive one of the free copies, I don’t see why you shouldn’t…it is a very big library district that services 500,000 people, and I’ve noticed that the three copies are always loaned out…I’m sure they could use another copy. 🙂


  2. Vivian, I just posted this message with links to your site on my blog.
    I am nominating my Barrington Area Library because of their wonderful book collections, knowledgeable assistance when I am researching my own books, progams/events they offer adults, children and families and contribution to appreciating books in our community!


    • Howdy Sheila…so nice of you to stop by. 🙂 I’m in New Hampshire, watching my 3 year old grandson for 5 days while my daughter and her husband are on a little vacation…what fun for me!
      Thank you so much for nominating the Barrington Area Library to win one of the free copies of Show Me How! I really appreciate you putting this message on your blog as well! You are a dear friend. 🙂


  3. I would like to nominate Kalona Public Library in Kalona Iowa to receive a copy of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking! I feel that our library crafts what they do with the idea of helping kids feel more confident and good about themselves. Kalona Public Library goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and excited about reading. I think this book would be a welcome tool.


    • Thank you so much for nominating the Kalona Public Library in Kalona, Iowa to receive a free copy of Show Me How! I’m so glad that your library is engaged actively in helping young children gain confidence, as well as encourage everyone to love reading!!! Just what we are all about here. 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on imexcited and commented:
    Nominate your library to get a free copy of a book titled SHOW ME HOW! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking! Check out Vivian’s blog for more details..


    • Thank you, Marilou…I really do appreciate everyone who is passing the word along. I’ve loved libraries since I was a little child…I thought it would be a lovely way to give back…and enable more people who can’t afford the book to get to use a copy. 🙂


  5. Have your shared this with Julie Hedlund? She has all those picture book writers following her and participating in the 12x12x12 challenge. I bet most of them would LOVE to have a copy for themselves and their local library.


    • Thank you so much, are always looking out for me. 🙂 Yes, they were the first group I shared this with in my Perfect Picture Book Friday post at the very end of March…I was actually surprised because less than half a dozen of them nominated libraries…and I know there must be several who are librians…and I’ve posted it in the next PPBF post as well as in this one and in two successsive Sunday posts. One or two said their libraries are well-endowed and they would rather let the free copies go to libraries that are more in need.


  6. Hope you get this message. I remember telling you it was hard to donate books to our library, as I’ve tried. So was uneasy about winning a copy of yours.
    Well I walked into the library today and as I passed the Parenting Section, there prominently displayed in the open was your book!! They already have it, and I didn’t event check I checked it out, so I could finally look at your book — and because I could use some help finding an activity for a multicultural book I read that I’d like to use for a PPB. It’s a tough book dealing with an ancient art form. Thought you might inspire me, since I’m not so crafty. Anyway, I was so thrilled to see your book and check it out!


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  9. Hi Vivian –

    I’d like to nominate Wheaton (IL) Public Library, a beloved treasure in our bustling suburb. When the city was faced with enormous budget cuts a few years back, they proposed keeping the library closed ever Friday to save some money. The town vehemently voted against it.

    Ever since my older boys were tots (almost 20 years ago – yikes!), we go at least once a week for story times, to hear interesting speakers, to check out the latest books and videos, or to simply escape for a little quiet time during a busy weekend.

    If you were ever in the neighborhood and able to drop in, I’m sure you’d agree, it’s a great place – except, that is, for the fact that they do not yet have a copy of your book! ; )



    • Hi Barb,
      I’m thrilled to enter the Wheaton Public Library for a chance to win a copy of Show Me How! Thank you so much for nominating your favorite library and for sharing with us how amazing they are…that why I love libraries so much!!!!


  10. Hi,
    Congratulations on your book. I’d like to nominate the Lee County library here in Cape Coral, Fl. Kind Ms. Linda used to read a story to my children and their friends every week. Now those little ones are graduating high school this year. Thank you:)


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and nominating the Lee County Library in Cape Coral, FL. It’s wonderful to connect with you through LinkedIn…I promise to visit your parenting blog when I get home from work tonight. 🙂


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  13. Hi Vivian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am on the Board of our local library. The Scarborough Public Library in Maine. The Director is incredibly innovative and interesting. She is always pushing her staff and her board to think out of the box and do the things that get people to learn more about their library or read more books. It’s an exciting place to volunteer.


    • Hi Kimberly,
      Your blog was a pleasure to visit…working at a library is so much fun…my very first “real” job while I was in college (other than babysitting which for me was the BEST job) was working in the children’s section of our local library.
      I think you are nominating the Scarborough Public Library in Maine to receive a copy of Show Me How, but you don’t mention that. Please let me know. 🙂


  14. Thanks, Eliz! I’ll be doing another “giveaway” when we get closer to the new school year…I’m thinking of doing one for preschools or Head Start programs because I know it is a book that will be so very helpful for those teachers. What do you think?


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