Back-to-School Jitters…Get the Inside Scoop on How Teachers Feel!


Back-to-School Jitters are experienced by many children.

Even parents have them.

But did you know that many teachers also fall prey to Back-to-School Jitters?

If you’d like to find out what some teachers are thinking before the first day of school, please check out some of the teacher blogs that are part of the linky party organized by “A Turn To Learn”.

I joined in on the fun also!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to copy with linky picture AND put my own words in…tech savvy I am not…although A Turn to Learn did provide a great tutorial…I’m sure almost everyone else would have been able to do it.

So here are my answers to the categories:

I’m excited for…sharing my passion for picture books with eager kindergarteners.

I’m nervous about…finding the time to do school visits and write picture books and work for a living.

I’m loving…encouraging children to become lovers of books and reading.

I need to remember…to speak with each child individually during the storytelling and crafting time.

I’m looking forward to a new year of school visits…this year I plan to include my own picture book stories in the list I provide to the teachers.  Last year I had the privilege of reading The Balloon Man to a Montessori Early Childhood class…the children LOVED it…and I was thrilled to share the story of the balloon salesman whose encounter with a mouse almost ended his career.

Please check out the link to A Turn to Learn.  Her blog provides amazing content…she sounds like a super teacher…the kind we all wish our children could have.  I’ve also put a link to the Back-to-School Jitters linky party on my sidebar…you’ll get the inside scoop on lots of others teachers’ feelings, hopes and dreams if you click on there.

The Show Me How School Initiative is still looking for nominations.  If you’d like your favorite school or classroom library to receive a free copy of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking, please leave a comment on this post.  At the end of September, we will choose a dozen winners using

I hope you’ll be back for my next post in the Back-to-School Series…Tips on Having the Healthiest School Year Ever!

14 thoughts on “Back-to-School Jitters…Get the Inside Scoop on How Teachers Feel!

    • Thanks so much, Susanna…I am really looking forward to the new lineup…the teachers and kids loved “The Balloon Man”…so I’m planning on sharing some of my WIP stories…I’ll have to think about how to handle illustrations. 🙂


  1. Hi Vivian:

    I’ve always thought it was just the kids who get nervous, but a teacher? Hmm…I learned something new today.

    And in response to:
    “I’m nervous about…finding the time to do school visits and write picture books and work for a living.”

    You should say: “I’ll be nervous when I have to hand in my resignation and it’s all because my book sales soared and I need to devote my time to writing more books.”

    I’ll wait for the announcement.


    • Tracy…what a special lady you are!!! I really appreciate your faith in me. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten about sending you “Caroline’s Flower-Sprigged Hat”…I just needed to work on “The Books of Dylan McGee” first because I have a meeting on Sunday of the local SCBWI…and I’d like the critique group there to take a look at that.


  2. “I’m nervous about my first night ever of parent-teacher conferences” would be my response. I loved talking with my students on a regular basis but I feared talking with the parents even when the students were doing well. I never wanted to deliver the hard news of a student not progressing as much as they should have been at that point in the school year.


  3. I think it’s not a bad feeling to have the jitters. It means you’re both anxious and excited for things to start. I’d be worried if a teacher didn’t feel much before starting the school year, they’d probably be pretty blase or burned out.


  4. You are such a wonderful resource and help, Vivian! The jitters are very real for both kids and teachers (and parents)!!

    On the first day of Kdg, I used to talk to my kids about: did you get something “new” to you for school? >Raised hands. Some kids go to a clothing bank in town. Then I’d say…so did I! I’d say: did anyone ask you about your first day of school? >Raised hands. Then I’d say: Are any of you a little scared on the first day of school? >Raised hands. And I’d say: SO AM I! Teachers can get scared or nervous too. We don’t know if we’ll have a class of monkeys and tigers and firemen…(I’d change it every year) Laughter then!
    That usually broke the ice. Kids are surprised to find out that teachers can be nervous too.
    Then I’d slide into My Job: My job is to care for you, to keep you safe, and to teach you as much as I can.
    I’m retired, but my daughter is still teaching. I’ll give her the link to your blog. Thanks!


    • So nice to have your wonderful comment here, Judy! Sounds like your classes were quite lucky to have you. 🙂 Thanks so much for passing the blog info along to your daughter…perhaps she will want to nominate her school to win a free copy of Show Me How!


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    • Yup…that’s why the idea of year-round school appeals to me…maybe 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off…I think it would be a better, more organized routine…and would allow kids who need extra help to not miss a whole semester…just a 6 week unit.  Thanks for visiting today, Eliz…I know how busy you are…I appreciate the comments on ALL of the posts!!!   


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