Would You Take a Bullet For A Math Test?

Would You Take a Bullet For A Math Test?.

I shared a similar post last week from Elizabeth, a blogging friend over at Mirth and Motivation.

Then I read this post by Dawn, over at Tales from the Motherhood. 

I think back to when my kids were younger and often wished they didn’t HAVE to go to school.  And then I think back even further, and remember all the times I told my mom that I had a ‘stomach-ache’ because I didn’t want to go back to school in the afternoon after lunch.

And here is this young girl…who stands up to the Taliban and insists that she has the right to an education…and that so does every other female.   She knew that her life was in danger…but she spoke up anyway and continued to attend school.   We can pray that she recovers from the gunshot wounds to her head and neck…and we can pray that education for women will one day be a given in every part of the world.

Perhaps next time your child asks, “Do I HAVE to go to school?”…you might show him this article.

7 thoughts on “Would You Take a Bullet For A Math Test?

  1. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Both that a girl should have such courage and that she should need to have courage to get an education? Have you heard about the film, Girl Rising, that’s coming out in March? I totally want to see it.


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