Sunday Post: Cities…A Good Place to Raise Children?

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is CITIES.


Do you live in a big city like Chicago?

Or are you raising your family in a smaller town?

Wherever children grow up, they enjoy doing things with their parents.

If you want to be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you need to be in their lives today.”

How can we do this?

Read with them.  This is Carter with the interactive Cheerios Halloween book that was part of the Halloween Prize Package I sent to his family.

Introduce them to nature and let them get dirty!  This is my grandson, Jeremy, having a ball with mud!

Share your interests with them!  This is my granddaughter, learning to fish.

Be joyous with them!  Laugh with them!  Love them!


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38 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Cities…A Good Place to Raise Children?

    • Thank you, Diane! They are great memories…I think kids can be happy growing up anywhere…as long as they are surrounded by love. Unfortunately, so many children around the world are surrounded by war and famine and other conditions that make their childhoods very sad…not child-like at all.


  1. Enjoyed the pictures. You know, we always hope where we live in the best place to raise a child. We really like our “city” now and hope it stays a great place to raise our kiddo. We try to make the best of where ever we find ourselves.


    • I agree, Stacy!  People can be unhappy amidst the most glorious surroundings…and find joy in a crowded shanty.  I’m glad we have connected…not only through the blog, but also at our local SCBWI meetings. 🙂


  2. Nice pictures! We live next to a big city but in the suburbs with lots of nature to enjoy, so I can’t complain. I spent the first 10 years of my life growing in the hood, with lots of projects and no green so I’m glad my kids get to enjoy a nicer environment to grow up in.


      • In the Northern suburbs of Paris. Suburbs in Paris are very different from the suburbs here. They can be all good or all bad. Honestly, I wouldn’t drive through where I grew up by myself today. Then we moved South of Paris and that was better (we lived on the right side of the freeway!).


        • Yup…I wouldn’t walk by myself in the projects where I grew up…but back then I never thought about it…it was somewhat safer, perhaps, but back then parents didn’t worry about a young child going out to play by herself…or climbing up and down 7 flights of stairs…or walking to and from school or coming home for lunch alone. 🙂


    • Lisa…what a perceptive comment. 🙂  One of the greatest joys of being a parent is also that you can see the world anew through the eyes of your child…but often moms and dads are so busy and overwhelmed with day to day responsibilities, they miss that point. 


  3. I so totally agree. I am always thankful that my mom has always been there for us. She’s a stay-at-home mom and even though my dad wasn’t earning enough for all of us (we are six!) my mom chose to stay at home and take care of all of us and be there for us. Now that I live oceans away from my parents, I miss them all the more and would sometimes just wish that I am back to being a toddler getting tickles from my mom 🙂

    Now that I am now a mom myself, I’d like to be the same mom to my daughter as my mom to me was.

    Spanish Pinay


    • Oh Marilou, I do understand.  I’m sorry you are so far from family…but from what I read on your blog, I believe you are that mom that you want to be. 🙂  Little SP is a lucky girl to have you for a momma. 🙂


    • Thank you, Tracy! I will try to get to your amazing blog by Thursday…I’ve just been overwhelmed…my husband has been really ill (pneumonia) and so my ‘spare’ time has been needed. 🙂 I’m really excited though…I just got word that my airfare and accomodations will be taken care of for that conference in Singapore next May!!!! It is an international event…I wonder where the other presenters will be coming from. 🙂


      • Oh Vivian, I am so sorry to hear that your husband has pneumonia. Please don’t feel like you have to apologize for not hopping over to my blog. At the moment, I am swamped and am having difficulty trying to response to other blogs as well. That’s life.
        And how wonderful that everything is taken care of for your trip to Singapore! Amazing!


        • Tracy…Thank you for the kind wishes for him…I will let him know that!  The Singapore trip is an amazing opportunity of a lifetime, for sure…a miracle actually. 🙂  I only hope I can add enough value to this fantastic international conference!   


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