Sunday Post: Focused Attention…Does Your Child Get Yours?

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is FOCUSED ATTENTION.

01-ural-owl-670Photo by Sven Zarek for National Geographic

Birds do it!

 bumblebee from Malou

Photo by Malou of the Netherlands

Bees do it!

Jeremy cleaning house with vacuum

Even precious little kids do it!

Have you ever watched young children coloring a picture? Head close to the page, crayon gripped in their fingers, tongue clenched between their lips…they are focusing every fiber of their attention on what they are doing.


Observe your children next time they are learning a new task or playing ball or dancing…you will see how their entire body is involved.

Do you give your children YOUR focused attention when you are reading a story with them or participating in some activity or just listening to them tell you about something that happened at school?

So often, parents are busy and listen with ‘half an ear’.

320925_10151303564318046_1899968953_n All dressed up in her Easter finery…Carrie at age 3.

I remember, years ago, when our daughter was about 6 years-old. She had come home from school and her father, who was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, asked her how her day had gone. Carrie began telling him what she had done in school. After a minute or so, she stopped. “Daddy” she complained. “Listen to me!” “I am listening to you” replied her father. “No, Daddy!” our pig-tailed poppet responded as she pulled the newspaper away from him. “You have to look me in the eye when I talk to you!”

Five Tips for Great Parent-Child Interaction

1.     Give your child your focused attention

2.     Maintain a positive up-beat attitude

3.     Choose an activity that is age-appropriate for your child

4.     Communication is a two-way street…TALK AND LISTEN

5.     Have FUN!

If you need a book that will give you and your young children many positive, age-appropriate quick and easy activities, please buy a copy of my award-winning parent-teacher resource, Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking.

And, if you didn’t see the video of Ray Bethell, grand world-champion multiple kite-flyer, you MUST watch this:  His performance is a perfect example of FOCUSED ATTENTION.

You will be entertained for five minutes…and inspired for the rest of your life!

time after time, positive parental participation

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28 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Focused Attention…Does Your Child Get Yours?

    • You have a great blog, Lisa…I’m always happy to link back to you.:)
      Thanks for stopping by…yes, I think kids are inherently honest…it’s only with ‘education’ from parents, life, etc. that they learn to evade, lie, etc.:)


    • She was always the most assertive (in a good way, not the aggressive way) of our kids…I love being with her because she is also loving, generous and nuturing…great combination.:)  Maybe it’s a good starting point for a picture book story, Diane.:) I’ll have to think about it.  


    • That’s my granddaughter…quite a focused young lady…she’s been ice-skating for several years and has won competitions in her age group…who knows, maybe the Olympics one day.:) You are right, Marylin…and you can see the focus in every part of her body.:)   


  1. Haha, what a cute story! My kids say the same thing when I’m in the kitchen doing something and they come over to talk. If I’m not looking at them, I’m not listening. Apparently we can only listen correctly with our ears and our eyes. Kids really get it.

    I just finished my post for this theme in my photo blog, going out tomorrow morning. That was a fun theme.


    • And we have to keep on saying it, Lisa.:) I know that parents are overwhelmed at times and so very busy…but one of the saddest things to me is seeing a mom pushing her 2 or 3-year-old in a shopping cart at the grocery store…iPad taped to the handlebar so the little one can watch a video or cartoon or whatever and mom is talking on a cell phone and placing the items in the cart…such an unnecessary disconnect during an activity that could be fun and educational and help create a life-long parent-child bond. I truly appreciate your thoughts, Lisa!    


  2. So true, Vivian, that kids need our undivided attention. So often we are busy, trying to get things done and listen at the same time, and it’s so important to make them feel that they matter, and that we care about what they have to say, and to spend time with them doing what THEY want to do, because so often they do things they must do – go to school, get dragged along to the grocery store, etc…


    • Hahaha…yes, Susanna…see my response to Lisa’s comment…all about the disconnect that takes place at grocery stores. Grocery shopping used to be a favorite activity with my kids…like a lesson in science (food groups, where each food comes from), shapes and colors, literacy (reading the signs), math (weighing the fruits, buying multiples of something…how much would it cost)…oh my goodness…such fun! Now many parents barely speak to their children while shopping (too busy on the phone) except to yell and scold.:(  


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