Sunday Post: Perspective…#2013AFCC…Traveling Around the World

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge…a recent theme was PERSPECTIVE.

Sunday Post: Perspective...#2013AFCC...Traveling Around the World

Night-time in Singapore! What a perspective! Don’t you want to be there?

Traveling definitely gives a person a whole new perspective on the world.

My trip to the 2013 Asian Festival of Children’s Content was my first international trip ever. I connected in Tokyo and was impressed with the extreme cleanliness and calm atmosphere. I found the same conditions at Singapore Airport…it was beautiful! (Sad to say that connecting through Houston Airport on my way back home was not as pleasant…in fact, it was appalling) I got my luggage, followed the signs (in both English and Chinese) and was greeted at the exit door by a lovely lady who indicated which taxi was for me. The driver put my bag in the trunk and took me to my hotel. He was courteous and friendly and his cab was so clean.

Although I didn’t get to see much of Singapore because the conference was so filled with activities and sessions, I know I will return. The people of Singapore are welcoming and kind, the city is beautiful, the hotel I stayed at  (Hotel Grand Pacific) was all you could hope for…robe and slippers provided and all the amenities like hair products and sewing kit as well as a dental kit (yes, a toothbrush and little tube of toothpaste) and shaving kit (razor and little tube of shaving cream) provided fresh EVERY day! The hotel staff were attentive and  the breakfast buffet every morning was delicious!

I can’t wait to do it again. To find out more about the events and see lots more pictures:

For the trip to Singapore, I was on my own, but traveling with children can be…challenging. With summer just around the corner, here are a few tips for parents:

  • Make your plans and reservations in advance.
  • Research the area you will be visiting – is it kid-friendly?
  • Bring healthy snacks for the trip – packs of cheese and crackers or small zip-lock bags of pretzels, cheerios or fruit slices might be a life-saver.
  • Provide plenty of water so everyone stays hydrated.
  • Let each kid have their own small backpack with book, crayons, paper and small games.
  • Stay calm…your kids will be reassured by this.
Is it better to drive or fly with  young children?

Is it better to drive or fly with young children?

Here is a link from one of the wonderful people I met at the AFCC in Singapore…she is an author, publisher and mom…I hope you will go and visit her blog:

Here are a few more with great travel tips:

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Perspective…#2013AFCC…Traveling Around the World

    • I am sure you are not, Erik. 🙂 🙂 I’ll bet you help your folks quite a bit! The hotel was lovely…there was actually a big flat screen TV set into the wall…I never even turned it on…I probably should have…it would have been interesting to see the programing available in Singapore.


  1. What a beautiful picture. Singapore sounds lovely. Traveling to a conference does limit sightseeing and getting a feel for the country. But, it sounds like a beautiful country. And, you had a great experience!


    • You are so right, Pat! And I felt, since this was my first SCBWI conference as well, that I needed to take advantage of all of the sessions I was able to attend. Each one was a gem…so I’m glad I made that choice. 🙂 And hopefully, if they invite me back, I’ll have an opportunity to see the sights. 🙂


  2. Loved that you stepped out of your comfort zone with such excellent results, Vivian. Taking your first international flight is a BIG step. Hope all your future travels are just as satisfying.


    • It was a big step, Nancy…I emailed so many people to ask for advice…perhaps hoping they would tell me to stay home. But they didn’t…everyone said…GO! I’m glad I faced my fears and decided the experience was too valuable to miss out on it. And yes, I look forward to more travel in the future.:)


    • Now that I’ve done it, Marylin, I feel so empowered to do just about anything else.:) My husband asked me when the turning point was…probably two years ago when I went skydiving with my son…that was a total giving up of control…and I realized that the world doesn’t end…you only get to view it from a fresh perspective.:) I hesitated to go on this trip only because I would be doing it alone…and I’m not 20 anymore.:) And I had never traveled internationally.:) And I worried that my not-so-good-vision might cause problems. 🙂 See how many reasons we can come up with to not do something.:) 🙂


  3. Vivian – so pleased to have met you in Singapore and congratulations on winning the award for most distance traveled to attend. It was worth it though wasn’t it 🙂 Such an amazing event and so many wonderful people attending! Fingers crossed that I can return next year!


    • Hello Corinne! I’ve got both finger and toes crossed! Maybe the prize for the furthest travel is to get to go next year. :):) Yes, it was wonderful connecting with you in person…I think the best thing about the conference…well, there were many best things…was the people I met…incredible! It was definitely a trip well worth it…only sorry my stay was short…would have loved to do a jaunt like you and Marjorie did to Kuala Lumpur.:)


    • It was an amazing trip, Tracy…I’m so happy I went. And I’m glad you liked the travel tips…sometimes disaster can be avoided when traveling with kids by just doing a couple of simple things.:)


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