To Write Or Not To Write: Letters To My Kids

Should You Write to Your Kids?

In honor of Father’s Day (which is next Sunday, June 16), I was asked to contribute to Bob Brody’s Letters to My Kids blog.

Bob is passionate about encouraging parents to write letters to their kids to share family stories…this helps kids gain a sense of self-worth and a stronger parent-child bond.

Here is the link for the Father’s Day post:

I also participated on Bob’s blog for Mother’s Day and wrote a letter to my children about my own mother:

When and what should parents write letters to their kids?

  • On holidays or special occasions
  • Anytime
  • To share your own childhood experiences
  • To share things that happened when they were very young
  • To relate interesting family stories
  • To say I’m sorry
  • To congratulate them on an accomplishment or goal reached

Many years ago, when my children were very young and they wanted to give me a gift for a birthday or other special time, I would tell them, “Write me a love letter!” Those letters and cards that they made themselves are still tucked away carefully and treasured by me. When your children give you a gift like that, it will outlast any box of candy, bouquet of flowers or trinket they might find at the store.

14 thoughts on “To Write Or Not To Write: Letters To My Kids

  1. You are so right . . . letters can be carefully folded away and treasured.
    Chocolates are eaten and flowers fade.

    I love re-reading the letters we gave to mom and dad and the letters their parents shared with them. It’s a glimpse into the past.


    • Exactly, Nancy…a glimpse into the past and a connection as well. Especially valuable once those parents and grandparents are gone…you are holding their thoughts and dreams in your hands. 🙂


    • Marylin, you know so much more than I do about writing letters and keeping the connection vibrant between parent and child. Thank you so much for always stopping by to read and comment so thoughtfully.:)


    • What a great point, Joanna! Yes, letter writing is, unfortunately, not as popular as it used to be. Most of the time, people feel that an email is good enough. I remember in elementary school, we had pen-pals from different parts of the country…I wrote to a girl from Baton Rouge, LA for years. And my sister’s class had international pen-pals and in later years, she even visited those people she had corresponded with as a child.:)


  2. I haven’t written my kids any letters yet, just love notes or funny notes here and there. I keep thinking my blog would be interesting for them to read, but I think when they’re a little older, the opportunity for letters will come up. I save their own love notes and great letters I get. I’m sure they’ll enjoy going through them someday.


    • Yes, those boxes and bags of memory letters, cards and albums are such fun to look through in later years…and also one of the biggest time eaters.:) My adult children love when I bring a couple of them when I visit…they are happy they wrote them all those years ago.:)


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