Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tibby the Tiger Bunny

Happy New Year to all!

Today is Friday – I have a children’s book review to add to the Perfect Picture Book resource list that author Susanna Leonard Hill is building on her blog. For more wonderful reviews from authors, educators and others who contributed today, please go here.

One of my blogging buddies, author Emily Lim, has a whole series of books that address important issues that young children can relate to. One of her newest is Tibby, the Tiger Bunny.



Written by Emily Lim

Illustrated by Jade Fang

Publisher: Epigram Books (October 2013)

Ages: 4 and up


Friendship, getting along with others, being different


From Emily’s blog: “All Tibby ever wanted was some friends to play with, but the other rabbits found him too strange. After all, he could pounce and roar like a tiger. But he also had long floppy ears and could hop like a bunny. Was Tibby a tiger or a bunny?”

Why  I like this book:

  • Great read-aloud for younger children…older kids will enjoy reading it themselves
  • Wonderful message about friendship, getting along with others and being yourself
  • Lovely illustrations by the talented Jade Fang

How a parent can use this book:

  • Great read-aloud
  • Opportunity for discussion about what it means to be a friend and why it is important to be yourself

Related Activities:

Arrange play-dates for your child…especially if he or she is not in preschool yet…a little socialization goes a long way towards helping kids learn how to get along with each other and discover their own strengths.


670px-Make-a-Paper-Plate-Bunny-Step-7Photo courtesy

You will need a paper plate, construction paper, scissors, glue and markers.

  1. Cut out ears and whiskers from construction paper.
  2. Glue in place.
  3. Use the marker to add the bunny’s features.
  4. You can turn the plate over and create a tiger face on the other side.
  5. Let your child role-play with each side – how does he act and sound when he is a tiger? A bunny?


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24 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tibby the Tiger Bunny

    • Hi Jeff…glad you came by to visit. I, too, was a teacher for many years (kindergarten)…at a time when reading picture books and doing crafts were the ‘curriculum’…and there were no standardized tests for kindergarteners…we just expected them to discover, through play, that learning was fun.:) Please check out my Friday posts, as they are all picture book reviews with a craft or other activity. And don’t miss author Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book page…there are over 1000 children’s books reviewed there…with resource list and/or activities…it’s one of the greatest resources for parents and teachers that I know of.:)


  1. Oh, that cover! The rich, warm colors, the suspenseful shadow – and made by Lim(b)&Fang! All excited and I haven’t even opened it! That’s brilliant! Thanks, Viivian for whetting my whistle for another year of glorious PBs!


    • You definitely have a way with words, Julie…and with your amazing art…I’m looking forward to seeing your picture books on the shelves of my grandchildren one day.:) I’m also excited about another year of PPBF and all of the other wonderful events in this kid lit community.:) Happy New Year, Julie…I’m wishing you one filled with light that goes through your artist’s window and into your heart.:)


  2. What a great book review. I love books featuring diversity and learning to live with it. It’s the way of the world, like it or not. You know? Not everybody looks, acts, thinks or is the same. We are all different and i love that kids are getting this message. It’s such an important message.

    I think the best way to teach a child is through your example. It’s what you say, what you read, how you interact with others – they are watching. I’m not much for rewards – I don’t think that works. If you talk about being a good friend, you read them books about differences and how you love everyone – and you treat people in that way – they will grow up with the important knowledge.


    • Lisa…100% true! And it is also the tone in our voice and the expression on our face that tells our children how we are feeling about someone or something! Thank you so much for a very insightful comment!


    • Glad you enjoyed the review, Jake! Emily is one of Singapore’s leading picture book authors…she also wrote an autobiographical book, Finding My Voice, in which she shares her experience dealing with a rare voice disorder and how she discovered her new voice in children’s picture books.:)


  3. Looks like a super cute story. i love the themes on friendship and being yourself! Should be a great read aloud too!
    thanks for sharing
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks


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