Have You Seen That Groundhog? Punxsutawney Phyllis’ Fashion Show

February 2nd is Groundhog Day.

You know the drill, right?


Luckily, I am good friends with a very special groundhog…author Susanna Leonard Hill’s famous Punxsutawney Phyllis.

So, I thought I’d call her to get the low-down on up-coming weather trends.

Phyllis was very close-mouthed about it – and refused to spill the beans before the official date – but she did share something with me.

She’s planning a vacation at an undisclosed nude beach in the Caribbean  – to attend the 1st Annual Groundhog Fun-in-the-Sun-Spectacular (or Spectacle…it was a bad connection and I wasn’t sure what she said).


Here’s a picture she emailed me…that’s Phyllis, on her beach blanket, covered by her towel…this is a G-rated blog, after all.

I know we all hope Phyllis has an awesome time – for more adventures of Phyllis, go here.

If you want to submit an entry or see the other posts, Susanna has a linky up on her blog…lots of others are joining Phyllis’ Fun Fashion Show.

34 thoughts on “Have You Seen That Groundhog? Punxsutawney Phyllis’ Fashion Show

  1. Hahaha! You are so funny Vivian! Phyllis doesn’t even need the towel, given her beautiful brown fur 🙂 But oh my goodness! I’m going to have to keep an eye on her if she thinks she’s heading off for nude beaches! Thanks so much for joining in the fun! I think I’ll call this one Phyllis Au Naturel 🙂


    • Not only are you witty and wise…you are the fastest responder I have ever seen.:) So glad you like my very feeble attempt…compared to all of the photo-shopped and creative entries. I love the Au Naturel…should have made that the title…might have gotten more page views.:) What do you think?


    • Giggles are good, Stacy! I agree…the beach does sound pretty divine…maybe we should watch some of those old 60’s beach movies like Gidget…they would be new for most of you guys who probably weren’t even born then.:)


    • As I told Erik, I think the other entries are filled with so much more creativity and style! But I totally appreciate your kind words, Pamela…and I kind of think Phyllis is MUCH more COMFY, without a bathing suit that never fits right.:)


  2. Are you sure she wasn’t down this way….. kept thinking I saw her somewhere….*giggles*…. this is so cool. I had a similar thought of her at the beach. Maybe it’s an omen for a change of weather for you lot over there. Love it Vivian!


    • Diane…if wishes like that could come true!!! I’m looking forward to the warmer weather…we actually live only 1 mile from the picturesque Amherst Village center…I can’t wait to walk to the library when it gets nice out.:)
      Glad you liked Phyllis’ daring behavior…we’ll have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get into trouble.:)


  3. What a smart idea. I would have never thought to just leave the groundhog known as Phyllis au’ naturale. Great idea. I love the Caribbean and am sure Phyllis is having a great time and will surely see the sun tomorrow and everyday down there. Now if she will only bring some of that sun and heat back with her.


    • If only….:)
      Phyllis is also a vegan and loves hiking in the woods and swimming in cold mountain streams…I think she is something of a health nut.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Sue – I’m off to see the other fashion statements.:)


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