#PPBF: My Warp Speed Mind Plus Giveaway

Today is Friday – Not only do I have a children’s book review to add to the Perfect Picture Book resource list that author Susanna Leonard Hill is building on her blog…I also have, thanks to the wonderful author of today’s book, a GIVEAWAY! Just leave a comment on this post. Then, for more wonderful reviews from authors, educators and others who contributed today, please go to Susanna’s post here.

I got to know the author of My Warp Speed Mind when my parenting book was published and I started blogging and connecting with authors, educators and parents. Donalisa Helsley is a family and children’s therapist. She’s written several other books, each addresses a particular problem or concern of parents and kids.


My Warp Speed Mind

Written by Donalisa Helsley

Illustrated by Kalpart

Publisher: Mirror Publishing (2013)

Ages: 5 and up


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), behavioral modification

Opening Lines:

“My name is Drake. I always used to be in trouble. I didn’t like school because I didn’t think the teachers liked me.”


Drake knows he has a problem paying attention and listening, but he doesn’t know why. He tries to be the class clown, but that only gets him in more trouble. On his own, he is not able to control these urges to jump out of his seat or speak out without raising his hand…and his parents are disappointed with his behavior at home as well. A visit to the pediatrician sheds some light on the matter and Drake begins going to a therapist who teaches him various exercises that help him gain more control over his behavior.

Why  I like this book:

  • Simple enough for a child (age 5 and up) to understand and relate to
  • Bold colorful illustrations
  • This is one of the few books that address ADHD

How a parent can use this book:

  • Opportunity for discussion about ADHD
  • Fantastic calm-down exercises that any child would enjoy doing – many kids aren’t diagnosed with ADHD, but controlling behavior is a life-long process for all of us
  • Parent/teacher tips at the end of the story with various discussion points and activities

Related Activities:


colorchart_namePhoto courtesy of http://simplekids.net

WOW! How cool is that! Click on http://simplekids.net/goal-setting-charts-for-young-kids-2013/ and you will find several goal-setting charts that your child will enjoy making –it’s a great website with loads of info and activities for young children.


Please don’t forget about the giveaway! One lucky person will win a copy of Donalisa’s My Warp Speed Mind. Just leave a comment below. If you’d like to learn more about Ms. Helsley and her other books, please visit her website, Wild About Reading.

We had A LOT OF SNOW here in New Hampshire…which was perfect for the first week of my Making Picture Book Magic class (which is definitely magical) with Susanna Hill…as well as the first week of Doris K. Stone’s Fearless February. I’ll be guest-posting on Doris’ blog later this month – I’ll let you know when. I’m doing a lot of writing and revising – and hope to be submitting a couple of things to agents and editors in the second half of the month.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

47 thoughts on “#PPBF: My Warp Speed Mind Plus Giveaway

  1. I wish this book had been around 30 years ago when our son was born. There is much more understanding of the condition now and so many more types of treatment. Our granddaughter is going to be a handful. Whether or not she is ADHD, it sounds like some of the techniques in this book would be helpful.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by…your thoughtful comment is spot-on…that’s one of the things I love about Donalisa’s books! The practical exercises and suggestions at the back of each are realistic and helpful to a wide range of kids (and adults!). You are entered in the giveaway…best of luck!!!!


  2. Great review on a topic that needs a great deal of understanding. So lovely that it’s made for children to understand. I like that it actually has exercises that they can use to help as well. Excellent choice for PPBF.


    • I’m happy you liked it, Diane! And thanks for pointing out the exercises at the back of the book…those in themselves will help so many parents, teachers and counselors. I plan to try them for myself…I love Donalisa’s term – calming exercises. Sometimes we all need a little calming, I think.:)


    • That’s true, Genevieve! Yoga is another way we can help ourselves – and our kids – learn to ‘chill’ our bodies and minds.:) I hope Donalisa is able to get her book into the elementary schools…it would be a great resource for the teachers and counselors. You are entered in the giveaway.:)


    • I have to share a really hilarious story with you – which just shows you how far removed from medication therapy I have always been (although there are times and situations where medication, in combination with other therapies, is necessary – it just shouldn’t be the knee-jerk reaction on the part of parents and docs).

      Our oldest son had a best friend who had several brothers. The family was ultra-academic and the children were very bright. (remember, this is back in the early 1980’s) One of them was extremely active – and in church one day, the mom, sitting in the pew behind me, tapped my shoulder and began telling me how thrilled they were that J****’s counselor had recommended a new therapy. It was church, she was whispering, and what I thought she said was ‘riddling’. WOW…I thought, that is fantastic…some kind of word-game, jingles, making up or saying riddles and rhymes to help a child focus and get calmer! 🙂

      Of course, I later learned that she was talking about Ritalin…a drug that would help control the hyperactivity…here are the COMMON side effects of Ritalin: nervousness, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations, headache, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and psychosis. YIKES! It amazes me how many drugs have a side effect of EXACTLY what they are supposed to be curing.

      Glad you enjoyed the review…you are entered to win the book!


  3. Great addition to the very few picture books out there about ADHD. So important that Drake feels he is the one regaining the control, not adults imposing stuff on him. Great choice!


    • Good point, Joanna! It is really important for every child…but especially those with ADHD, to feel they have control over their lives and their behavior. I love the calming exercises…I think I’ll use some of them for myself when I start to get anxious about deadlines and my never-ending to-do list.:)


    • Donalisa…it was a pleasure to review it. And it looks like everyone really loves it and thinks it would be a wonderful addition to a child’s bookshelf. Have you contacted schools and libraries…this book definitely belongs in all of them…as an enjoyable read…and as a valuable resource for teachers, parents and the community at large.


  4. Calm down exercises are a life-long bonus. Thanks for sharing this, Vivian. It isn’t in my local library’s online catalog and yet I think it could have wide appeal.


    • I agree 100%, Wendy. We all need a little calm in our day.:)

      One of the problems of self-published books is that they have difficulty getting into the mainstream – libraries, bookstores, etc. It takes a constant Herculean effort on the part of the author – and a great network of contacts/social media channels to get the word out. Libraries sometimes honor requests of patrons and buy books that are asked for…I know that my book has been purchased by many libraries directly due to a patron’s request to have the book on the shelves.:) It’s worth a try if it’s a book you really feel will be of value to the community.


    • Hahahaha…I needed one of those charts when I was a kid! Even though I shared a room with my older sister…that wasn’t good enough for me…I often tried to crawl into bed with her…I guess having the closeness of a warm body is comforting.:) And I had NEVER seen a ‘I can sleep in my own bed’ chart…pretty cool…and it shows that this is a universal issue for kids.

      Yup, Catherine, it was nice of Donalisa to provide a copy for the giveaway…everyone who comments will be entered to win.:)


    • I’m surprised there aren’t more out there, Julie. It’s such a widespread problem…and I love Donalisa’s calming exercises and clear simple explanation…a child wouldn’t feel ‘bad’ knowing he had to deal with this issue.


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  6. My son, who just turned 18, has a quick mind, and brilliant when it comes to mechanical things. I could almost call him ADHD, although it was never diagnosed. I know some day, it will be worth it all, when he does something extraordinary! Thanks for sharing this book, Vivian. Enjoy your courses . . . Wish I had more time in my day.


    • I know, Jarm…we all wish we had more time…there is so much to do and so many wonderful activities to get involved in.:

      Our kids definitely test our patience, that’s for sure, Jarm! My younger son was very bright, but did not like to read and when he completed his school work, he was satisfied with ‘good enough’…but now he is 37, and LOVES to read, has a wonderful job and a beautiful family…Many kids find it difficult to focus…especially if they are being asked to focus on something that doesn’t seem compelling to them. I’m sure your son is extraordinary already…and will bring you much joy over the years.:) I think the exercises in the book could help lots of people (kids and adults)…not only those with ADHD.


    • You are very kind, Tracy…I especially loved the ‘sleep in my own bed’ chart…I had never seen a chart with that goal.:)
      It’s a great book…wonderful resource for a school or library to have on their shelves.


    • Hello Bev! I’m so glad you did as well!
      Emily’s blog is wonderful…and her picture books are beautiful.:)
      I’m happy you enjoyed the review of ‘My Warp Speed Mind’…it’s one of the few children’s books that addresses ADHD…and I love that it gives clear and simple explanations AND techniques that can help…that is really valuable for adults and children.
      I hope you will come back to visit again, Bev…every Friday I review a picture book and provide an activity and link up with children’s author Susanna Hill where you will find MANY more reviews and activities. It’s a brilliant resource for parents and teachers and counselors.


    • Personal Space Camp sounds like a good book, Erik!.:) My Warp Speed Mind explains how some people (kids and adults) have trouble focusing and paying attention…and the author give some really great techniques to help.


  7. Excellent post, Vivian. I especially liked the goal charts, and I loved the example of writing a name in the balloons! Our neighbor’s little boy is having a hard time writing his name; he gets frustrated and pushes away. I’ve sent her the link to this post. I think he’ll have fun with visuals helping direct his name-writing efforts.


  8. Thanks for your review! I found you via the Kids Lit Blog Hop and really appreciate finding out about this book. I have not come across many picturebooks that highlight ADHD, so this was a gem to find. I love that you include other types of resources with your picturebook reviews. I am slowly adding curriculum content to my blog, and figuring out the best way to do that. Great review!!


    • Kate…what a wonderful comment! Glad you ‘hopped’ over here…and found a book that will be helpful. If you follow the link to Susanna’s blog, you’ll find over 1000 picture book reviews and activities…each Friday, 2 dozen or so are added to her Perfect Picture Book page.


  9. We’ve reviewed one of Donalisa’s books! She’s a fabulous author. This sounds like a wonderful book and a wonderful resource that should be in school classrooms and libraries. Happy to tweet about your giveaway. 🙂


    • You are so welcome, Tina! Booknificent Thursday is a great kid lit blog hop…there are a bunch of really terrific bloggers that participate…I hope others take a look at it.

      Glad you liked the book…the calming exercises are GREAT!


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  11. So many families are affected by ADHD at this point. I know my mom – who is a teacher – would certainly be able to use this with her students! Thanks for linking in to the KLBH!


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