Clarike Bowman-Jahn is a Goal-Buster!

karate week 2 jan 2014

Another month has passed. I can’t believe it is March 1st already. Time is passing by so quickly.

And that’s why it is so important to focus on what you want to do, set your goals and decide what steps you will take to reach them…otherwise, it will be December and you will look back and be disappointed that you didn’t try.

My Goal-Buster guest today will NOT be disappointed when she looks back on 2014…that is for sure.

Please welcome a dear lady and wonderful children’s author, CLARIKE BOWMAN JAHN


 Hi Friends!

I am writing this for my friend, Vivian Kirkfield, and hope it’s up to snuff. I have looked back on last year long enough to know that I did well. One of my picture books is coming out next summer, and we are putting the finishing touches on the illustrations. This is one of the nice perks with working with a small press; the publisher lets us work with the illustrator. This book is “Edmund Pickle Chin, a Rescue Donkey Story” that I co authored with Susan April Elwood. My acknowledgement page is totally for The Round Hill Writer’s Group because they gave me so many good ideas to incorporate in this book.

One of the great things I did last year was to participate in Susanna Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic class. And that is the book all ready to be queried.

One of the things I did in 2013 was start a Picture Book Critique Group from people interested in it who attended the 2011 SCBWI conference. We had a brilliant bunch of us sharing a new manuscript every month. I also wrote three other manuscripts and one is totally ready for the querying process. This leaves the other two in need of revision and professional editing which is in my goals for 2014.

Also in 2014, I will start a bigger work. Larger than picture book size! I am afraid of saying anything more for fear of jinxing it. Let’s just say I have tried writing this before and failed. Not really failed because everything we write can be used somehow. But I did not deliver what I set out to do. And I don’t want to put myself into that situation again. However, I can say that I will be very busy on this project and will talk about it more at some point in my own blog…later, after I reach a safe point.

Also, reading is in my future…craft books and fun books. I intend to read, read, and read some more this year.  In fact, I intend to write all morning and read all afternoon. (After chores are done, errands are run, and dinner cooked)  What about you? What are your goals for the New Year?

Clar…thank you so much for sharing your goals and the process you have taken to reach them. You have been one busy lady…and you have so much to show for all of your efforts. We’ll all look forward to the release of your new book next summer.

Here’s a short bio from Clar’s wonderful blog, Clarbojahn’s Blog.

Journal writer – Author of “Annie’s Special Day” celebrating life one hour at a time – Proud mother and grandmother of wonderful kids – Wife of brilliant husband – Servant of two cats. My work also appears in the anthology “The ‘I’ Word” edited by Kate Gould on Kindle.

Annie's Special Day cover

To connect with Clar or find out more about her books:

Annie’s Special Day

Can you stand a little more excitement and good news?

  • Susanna Hill has a March Madness Writing Contest coming up.
  • Our Will Write for Cookies featured author on March 15th will be none other than Emma Walton Hamilton.
  • I’ll be reporting from Chicago next week as I visit my 10-month old granddaughter – I might have to review a baby board book for Perfect Picture Book Friday.
  • There’s a great new resource in Kid Lit Town… it’s kidlit411. Find helpful articles on writing, revising, submitting…invaluable links…contest info…and a forum to ask questions and get answers. Right now they have a fantastic giveaway going on to celebrate their launch…
  • And the winner is…I promised a couple of Friday’s ago that there would be a book giveaway in honor of International Book Giving Day…congratulations to Julie Rowan Zoch…I don’t think I have your address so you can DM me on Facebook or email me:

20 thoughts on “Clarike Bowman-Jahn is a Goal-Buster!

  1. I love this series! It’s so inspiring and I always like to hear how authors work towards getting their book published! Another testimonial for Susanna’s course. It’s moved up my to do-course after I finish up Children Book Academy’s course!


    • I can’t say enough great things about it, Emily! Even for an author like yourself who has multiple books published already…the files that contain the lessons and supplemental worksheets/info are worth the price of the course itself…and then you have Susanna’s personal mentoring and the support and feedback of your classmates.
      I’m so glad you are enjoying the series…next month we’ll hear from Sheri McCrimmon, one of my critique buddies from Colorado.


  2. My goals are much…. Um… Smaller than yours, Clarike. I’m writing for an hour a day. One hour. Every day. Small, but things get done. Good luck with your goals and your upcoming work. So exciting.


  3. Thanks, All! It has been a great honor appearing here on Vivian’s blog. As it so happens my second picture book, Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story will be coming out April 8!!! not this summer but in two months!!

    So excited! *YaY!*

    Can you tell?

    I really appreciate all your good thoughts and hope you all meet your own goals for this coming year. I’ve got more to say about my big project on my own blog. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. 🙂


    • Yay for you, Clar! I loved having you as a Goal-Buster! Edmund Pickle Chin…I just LOVE that! April 8…I love that even more. If you’d like me to review the book here and on Amazon, I’d be happy to…just say the word.:)


      • yes yes yes! Please yes. And maybe appear on your blog as well. It could be a PPBF since it will be a picture book and true and published traditionally.

        Gee thanks, Vivian! 🙂


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