#PPBF – Water Can Be – Picture Book Review and Craft Activity

Today is Perfect Picture Book Friday. Before I share another amazing book that has JUST (April 1) hit the shelves…I want to encourage you to hop over to Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog where you will find a wonderful contest for ILLUSTRATORS. Susanna deserves a medal for sure…she just finished reading SEVENTY-NINE fractured fairytales in her March Madness Writing Contest…the voting for the writing contest is over…the winners have been chosen…the prizes have been awarded (I got an honorable mention for Singerella…and won a copy of Linda Ashman’s Nuts and Bolts of Writing Picture Books which I have coveted for quite a while…thank you so much, Susanna!).
Another woman who deserves a medal, and who will probably win one for this book, is the author of our Perfect Picture Book choice for today, Laura Purdie Salas. I’m excited that Laura will be the author in the spotlight for the November Will Write for Cookies.

Water Can Be
Written by Laura Purdie Salas
Illustrated by Violeta Dabija
Publisher: Millbrook Picture Books
Ages: 3 and up
Themes: Water, poetry


Opening Lines:
“Water can be a…

Thirst quencher
Kid drencher
Cloud fluffer
Fire snuffer”
What can water do and why is it so important to us? Lovely illustrations and simple yet lyrical text combine magically in this rhyming book for young children. Using language that will invoke vivid imagery in any kid’s mind, the book is a journey into the world of water.

Why I like this book
• Beautiful illustrations
• Wonderful introduction into the world of poetry…each word is perfect
• Another gem from the multi-published author Laura Purdie Salas
• When you can make a non-fiction book engaging, you have a winner!

How a parent can use this book:
• Extensive back matter about what water can do with glossary and links to other resources
• Look at a map of the world or a globe and observe how much of the earth is covered by water
• Talk about how we can conserve and preserve our water
• Find opportunities to walk in the rain, jump in puddles, play with water (tip for a hot summer day…take a bowl of water and a couple of paintbrushes and sit in the shade and draw on the pavement…no muss, no fuss…and lots of fun!)


If you’d like to find out more about author Laura Purdie Sales, you can connect with her here:
Laura Purdie Salas’ Blog
• Laura Purdie Salas’ Website
• Laura Purdie Salas on Facebook
Water Can Be on Amazon
If you’d like to check out the wonderful illustrator, please go here:

Violeta Dabija’s Website


Related Activities

SpongePainting_STEP9Photo courtesy http://www.firstpalette.com

You will need: Paper, sponges, tempura paint, small bowl of water, cover-ups
1. Cover the surface you will be working on with old newspapers.
2. Cut the sponges into interesting shapes.
3. Pour a very small amount of paint into a bowl or even a lid of a discarded margarine container.
4. Wet the sponge in water, wring out and then press into the paint.
5. Now press the sponge onto the page. Sponges create beautiful designs of their own…or you can add strokes from a brush or marker to create trees and flowers for a springtime garden or fish and seaweeds for an underwater aquarium.

Sheri is a dear friend, awesome critique buddy and a powerful writer.
I’m looking forward to seeing how her year is progressing.

24 thoughts on “#PPBF – Water Can Be – Picture Book Review and Craft Activity

  1. Love your post and choice for PPBF, Vivian. Love all the resources and fun things you come up with to do. Must be all that time you spend with your lovely gran-kids. Love, love this art idea with the sponges, makes me want to do it just for the fun of it…. lol. Never mind the kids!


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Diane! The book is wonderful…and I’m so glad you like the sponge painting…maybe the reason Jeremy enjoys the stuff we do together is because I am having such a great time doing the crafts…he doesn’t have to beg me to sponge paint, that’s for sure. 🙂


  2. Vivian! Looks like we had the same idea today. 🙂 I love your sponge painting idea – may do that with my kids one of these days. We do have April vacation coming up…


    • Everyone loved that sponge painting, Beth…I think we should all have a sponge painting party. 🙂 🙂 We could do it on FB and post the results as we work. 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats…I was thrilled…there were so many awesome entries! Susanna’s contests are the best!


    • Glad you enjoyed the review, Kirsten. It’s something to keep in mind for when our books are published. 🙂 Book blog tours or just reaching out to people you know who can post a review is a great way to promote a new book.


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