An Interview with SIENNA, THE COWGIRL FAIRY Plus Giveaway

Well, bless my boots! We are back again with another special interview!

This time, we’ve got Sienna, the Cowgirl Fairy in the house…or should I say barn!

My thanks to author Alayne Kay Christian for lassoing the main character in her brand-new chapter book, SIENNA, THE COWGIRL FAIRY: TRYING TO MAKE IT RAIN (Clear Fork, 2017), and convincing her to set a spell and answer some questions. And, when the interview is over,  you can mix up a mess of yummy chocolate bark wth the recipe Alayne shared.

sienna cover (1)

ME: Howdy, Sienna! Many thanks for riding over. We are a curious sort of folk, so we’re going to shoot some questions at you.

  1. What is your favorite Cowboy saying?

SIENNA: Pa wins the belt buckle for wise ol’ cowboy sayings. I reckon they each strike me when the time is right for it to make sense. One that makes sense to me a lot of the time is “It’s better to ride and fall than never to ride at all.” One that he is always pounding into my noggin is “Always ride toward what is right, even if it means riding alone.”  I think I like ridin’ towards what’s right . . . most of the time.


  1. What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without?

SIENNA: One thing? That just ain’t fair to ask. I feel naked without my hat, so I reckon I’d say my hat. My ma always says a proper fairy never leaves home without her fairy dust. And I say a proper cowgirl never leaves home without her lasso. If a cowgirl fairy has her lasso and dust, she can do just about anything.


  1. If you gave yourself a nickname, what would it be?

SIENNA: My pa calls me Sunshine and I like that just fine. If I had to pick another, it might be Spunky Sal.


  1. How would you describe yourself in three words?

SIENNA: Ma says I’m precocious. That means I’m smart, talented and talk good, too. She also says I’m stubborn. She and Pa taught me to know my own mind, so I don’t know why she acts like my stubborn ways is a bad thing. Puttin’ Ma aside, the three words I would choose are determined, outspoken, and delicate on the inside.


  1. What’s your favorite food?

SIENNA: I love me some good beans or chili. And I’d ride a hundred miles for Pa’s salsa. But when I get a hankerin’ to fill up my sweet tooth, it’s cowboy bark all the way.


  1. Can you sing “The Eyes of Texas”?

SIENNA: Pa and me sing that song all the time when we’re mucking stalls. Here ya go . . .

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

All the livelong day.

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,

You cannot get away.

Do not think you can escape them

At night or early in the morn —

The Eyes of Texas are upon you

Til Gabriel blows his horn.


  1. Do you need a larger size shirt to hide your wings?

SIENNA: I ain’t sure. I reckon so. Ma makes my shirts. I think if they wadn’t custom, I’d have trouble with my wings, and I’d be mighty achy. It took me a long time to figure out how to get them in there just right so they don’t get pinched and cramped. It wadn’t until Ma started sewing my shirts that my wings relaxed and got comfortable. Now my wings feel as natural under my shirt as my head does under my hat.


  1. Would you like to visit New York City?

SIENNA: I don’t guess I’m a city girl one little bit, so I reckon the answer is no. I’d feel about as uneasy as a long-tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs.


  1. Do you have a secret?

SIENNA: Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. But if I do, I ain’t tellin’ because a secret ain’t a secret no more once somebody knows it.


  1. How did you learn to rope ’n’ ride?

SIENNA: Pa’s had me up on a horse from the time I was knee-high to a barn rat. He laughs about the days I used to get tangled in my tiny lasso. But now ropin’ and ridin’ just come natural. Lots and lots of practice and perseverance. Pa always says, “A turtle would never cross a road without perseverance.”

I got me a strong competitor side, too. I like to win ribbons at the junior rodeo. So, I had a real good reason to work hard to learn.


  1. Sienna, what’s your favorite color?

SIENNAI like this fancy color called azure. But only the word is fancy. The color ain’t fancy at all. It’s just the color of the bluest Texas sky.


  1. How do you feel in your boots?

SIENNA: My favorite boots are the next best thing to goin’ barefooted. They fit me perfect – even when I’m stuffed full of turkey legs and Texas fried cookie dough at the county fair.


  1. Would you stop a cow from eating bluebonnets?

SIENNA: Our cows must like to look at the bluebonnets more than they like to eat them. But our neighbor has this cow named Sue Ellen who just can’t get enough of the durn things. I reckon it ain’t my place to stop her though.


  1. What is it like to be the star of your own story?

SIENNA: That author lady made me go somewhere I did NOT want to go . . . fairy camp! At first, I was like, “What on God’s green earth has this writer gotten me into?” But like Pa always says, every trail has some puddles. I figured I’d see what was on the other side of them puddles. Like a turtle crossing the road with perseverance, I made my way around those puddles and up that story trail. I’ll be doggone if my world and mind didn’t get just a little bit bigger and better. And I made me some mighty fine friends, too!

I’m as happy as a tick on a fat dog to be the star of my own story. But no star stands alone. My story is filled with stars, and they each shine in their own way.


  1. Would you like to star in another story?

SIENNA: Yep and nope. I worry about where that author lady might put me next. What if it’s New York City? Pa’s favorite cowboy, John Wayne, said, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” Even though it’s scary to think about where that writer might put me, I like how the other story turned out, so I’m a little excited too. I think I’ll cowgirl up, saddle Duke, and ride into another story.

ME: WOW! Thank you so much, Sienna! It’s been so much fun chatting with you!

SIENNA: Thank you, Vivian. I’m pleased as a pup with two tails to be your blog guest. You’re as sweet as a pile of pancakes swimmin’ in syrup for inviting me.

And now, dear friends, we have a yummy treat. Sienna’s creator, Alayne Kay Christian, is sharing a favorite recipe with us!

Cowboygirl Bark Recipe modified from


1 lb dark chocolate, finely chopped

1 cup mini pretzels

1 cup mini chocolate sandwich cookies, or cookie pieces

1/4 cup toffee bits

1/4 cup peanuts, salted, chopped, roasted

1/4 cup almonds, salted, chopped, roasted

How to Prepare

  1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Heat chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds, then remove and give it a stir. Continue melting chocolate in 15-second intervals, stirring after each time. When chocolate is about 80% melted, remove from microwave and stir until smooth.
  3. Pour melted chocolate onto parchment paper and spread about 1/8″ thick. You should end up with a rectangle that’s roughly 10″ x 15″
  4. Evenly distribute the mini pretzels and chocolate cookies over the wet chocolate and press lightly to adhere.
  5. Sprinkle with toffee bits, chopped peanuts and almonds and set aside for at least an hour to harden at room temperature. You may place bark in refrigerator or freezer to speed up the process.
  6. Once chocolate is firm, break into pieces and have fun filling your sweet tooth!

To find out more about Sienna and the other shenanigans Alayne is getting up to:

Link to the Sienna page on Alayne’s website

Link to the Sienna page on Clear Fork

Amazon link

Barnes and Noble link

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And leaving a comment below gives you a chance to win a copy of this awesome book!!!

31 thoughts on “An Interview with SIENNA, THE COWGIRL FAIRY Plus Giveaway

  1. This is such a funny interview! I love it. I do really hope Sienna comes to New York City. I will show her around. Thanks Vivian and Alayne! Can’t wait to see what adventures Sienna gets into next time!


  2. Love this interview! Sienna definitely has some spunk going on 🙂 My favorite line was — every trail has some puddles! For some reason the word puddles makes things sound not so bad!


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