Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest

One of the most important things a writer can do is…WRITE!

Perhaps you set aside a large chunk of time every day to write. Or maybe, because of family and other obligations, you snatch precious minutes whenever you can.

Jane Yolen advises writers to BIC…Butt in Chair.

And one way that encourages writers to do that is to enter contests and writing challenges. One of my dear friends and favorite picture book authors, Susanna Leonard Hill, is holding her 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest.


If you are interested in joining in the fun, there is still time to do so. And even if you aren’t able to participate, you’ll have so much fun reading all of the entries.

The rules are simple: Write a 100 word Halloween story for children using the words monster, candy-corn, and shadow. For more details, go to Susanna’s website by clicking the link above.

I decided to take a trip around the world via the internet to see how Halloween is celebrated in other countries. Interestingly enough, it began in Ireland and has spread, in various forms, to many parts of the world. In some places it is celebrated on different days and in others, it is a more religious holiday to honor the dead. But costumes and candy seems to be present in most of the celebrations.

Here is my entry. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Maybe I need to do a picture book about HALLOWEEN AROUND THE WORLD.


It’s time to search for Halloween

Around the globe and in-between.

Jack-o-lantern in the shadow

Glowing eyes and burning smile.

Trick or treat,” a monster shouts.

Halloween—American style

Chinese children say Teng Chieh.

Lanterns glow to light the way.

Special foods are offered up.

Spirits come on Halloween Day.

In Mexico, kids decorate

With posies bright and candy-corn

And shout “Queremos Halloween.”

They trick or treat from dusk till dawn.

Disguised, Greek children come to call.

“Do you know who I am?” they ask.

A guessing game begins until

The treats are served and they unmask.

Hurray for Halloween!

Haloween-worldwide-web-e1445546580957Photo courtesy:

And hurray for Susanna Leonard Hill and her wonderful contests!

60 thoughts on “Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest

  1. Vivian, I love learning about how other people celebrate Halloween. Thanks for writing a diverse story. A great idea for a picture book! Kassy Keppol wrote about dia dos Muertos. In Portugal, where I live, they celebrate the day of the dead on 2 November. A couple of days before, everyone cleans the graves. Municipalities clean the cemeteries. On the 2, DIA DOS FINADOS, thousands of people visit the graves of loved ones. They bring flowers and food to eat at the grave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your entry, Vivian! I, too, had no idea about Halloween being a thing in other countries. So your fun and informative post was perfect. Well done!


    • Vivian, I also wanted to add that I agree with your first line here about the importance of a writer finding time to write. I like exercises like Susanna’s “tiny” contests because they force me to exercise my brain and write something new. After I entered this contest, I wrote an entirely new picture book manuscript and edited down an old one. Halloweensie definitely got the creativity flowing!


  3. Of course you would research and offer up such a resourceful jewel. It wouldn’t be a Lady Vivian piece if not done that way. I love this, and thanks to you, this is going to be part of my lesson plan this week. See … quite the resosurce. BTW, love your entry. Such a fun read.


  4. I love learning how Halloween is celebrated throughout the world What a great idea. Just all out wonderful. Yes, I agree I see a PB here.


  5. Love it, Vivian! It’s so fun learning how other cultures celebrate Halloween. Love how you think outside the box … er … U.S.


  6. OK, now that I’m at my computer, it will let me comment. Great story, Vivian! Love the international feel. I haven’t read anything like it. So it looks like you’ve got the seeds for a new book. Yippee!


  7. Vivian, you struck upon a great idea. I agree this is a wonderful picture book project for you. It has huge potential, so you’d best get at it right away! 🙂


  8. This is such a nice touch to the contest. Wow. We learn and we are entertained, as well. Very fresh. And yes, this could spawn a book!


  9. I am intrigued with your story to want to learn more about Halloween in other countries. You gave us a taste to make us want more. Excellent, Vivian!


  10. Great story Vivian!You could do a whole series! Many know about Christmas around the world but this isn’t something I’ve heard of before. My friend Wade Bradford wrote Around the World in a Bathtub, why not Around the World on Halloween? You’re such a bright light got in the kid lit community. Thank you for lighting it up for so many of us!


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