NCTE – Up-Close and Personal PLUS NF Fest: An Upcoming Challenge

Hello dear friends!

I’m out and about again…right now, in Philadelphia, enjoying a whole bunch of family time. I’m staying with a cousin who has a Thanksgiving meal planned for twenty-one people – that’s a whole lot of meal-planning, for sure!

But just a few days ago, I was in Baltimore at the #NCTE…the National Council of Teachers of English…one of the biggest and best teacher’s conferences in the country. My panel, Using Picture Books to Inspire Self-Advocacy and Student Led Learning, presented to a standing-room only audience – a huge thank you to Nidhi Chanani, our moderator and panel-mates Lindsay Leslie, Bea Birdsong, Ishta Mercurio, and Monique Fields.

Later that day, I had a signing at the Holiday House booth. What a joy it was to chat with teachers and parents who lined up to receive a copy of Pippa’s Passover Plate. I showed them a flyer for the #50PreciousWordsforKids Challenge – I’m hoping for a great turnout next May.

I was also able to get books signed by several of my favorite authors like Barb Rosenstock and Candace Fleming…had lunch with Josh Funk and Laura Gehl…and enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the company of Laurie Wallmark. I sat in on the fabulous presentation of several other Newin19 authors, Adrienne Wright, Kim Chaffee, Lisa Rodgers, and Debbie Gonzales – and walked away with some great tips for school visits.

I would definitely love to go back next year!

Speaking about next year, there is a NEW CHALLENGE in town that debuts in February. NF FEST, organized by the talented Pat Miller and her fabulous team including Nancy Churnin, Pamela Courtney, Linda Skeers, Lisa Amstutz, Damon Dean, Susie Kralovansky.

Here is their mission:

NF Fest is an online challenge in February.

Each day, a stellar NF author will post information on another facet of the craft.

It will be like a free course in nonfiction writing

with brief activities that will increase your tools and abilities.

And prizes!

A Nonfiction Festival? You know for sure that I am on board, right? I’m honored to have been asked to be one of the contributors…but I’ll also be one of the participants…since I’m a firm believer that we are always learning how to write more effective stories for the kids.

Is your curiosity piqued? I hope so because I think this is a challenge not to be missed. Let’s fill the month of February with NONFICTION! Check it out and hop on board…it FREE!

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope yours is filled with friends, family, and good food. I know we have a lot of giveaways to announce from previous weeks…thank you for your patience…we will have a mega announcment of several when I return home at the beginning of December.

5 thoughts on “NCTE – Up-Close and Personal PLUS NF Fest: An Upcoming Challenge

    • Joan…all you need to do is join the NF Fest Facebook group…just go to the NF Fest FB page and click on JOIN. They will approve you at some point and then you can go to the page and will see information. I don’t know if they have a formal sign up or perhaps they will have one down the road…I am not one of the admins so I don’t know the how it is being organized…and the challenge doesn’t start until February.


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