It’s holiday time…and that means it’s party time.

Perhaps you love celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza. Or maybe you get wild, whirling noisemakers and watching the ball drop at Times Square. Whatever way you party, I’m sure that no matter what, you absolutely positively don’t want to have any Party Poopers at your place.

Did someone say Party Poopers? Definitely NOT. What I say is…


Look at this cover! So much going on here…just like at some of the parties you may have been to. I’m so excited for author Gretchen McLellan’s newest picture book, fabulously illustrated by Lucy Semple and launching on May 5, 2020 from the wonderful Little Bee Books (they are my publishers for Making Their Voices Heard!).

Here’s a bit of a teaser for you from Amazon:

You’re invited to the bears’ party! But be warned, there are absolutely, PAWSitively no party poopers allowed!

Two bears decide to throw a big party in their neighborhood, but they’re having trouble making the guest list. One bear wants to invite all the neighbors, but his friend thinks it’s a bad idea. He’s worried that they’ll ruin the party–the rhinos will pop the balloons, the goats will chew up the party hats, the crows will hoard all the shiny prizes–in other words, they’ll be party poopers! Can his friend convince him to change his mind in time for the party?

I love the premise of this book and I know that kids will relate to it! The book launches on May 5, 2020 but it is available RIGHT NOW for preorder

To find out more about author Gretchen: 

And please remember that the way to an author’s heart (and the way to thank your favorite authors and support your favorite books is to:

  • Buy their books
  • Review their books on Amazon and Goodreads
  • Tell your friends about their books
  • Ask your local library to purchase their books

We are almost in the new year, dear friends! Why not look back at some of your favorite picture books of 2019 and make sure you have supported the authors and illustrators in whatever ways you can. What were some of your favorites this year? You can nominate your favorites for the 9th Annual Nerdies…Awards given out by the Nerdy Book Club:

I’m wishing all of you a New Year that blossoms with love, good health, and much success.

20 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: NO PARTY POOPERS

    • You’re all invited to my party too!
      Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter @ gmclellan5 for coming book giveaways or be sure to get your copy, hot off the press, by preordering it through your favorite bookseller!

      Happy Holiday Parties!
      Gretchen McLellan

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    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for the energetic response! I’m a former reading specialist and liked to work on the skill of prediction with my fledgling readers. What do you think will happen in the story? I’d love to know! You may be in for a surprise!
      Merry Christmas to you too!

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    • Thanks for your enthusiastic response to the cover, Judy. NO PARTY POOPERS! Is available for preorder now, in case you want to have it when it’s hot off the press😊
      Happy Holidays and party on! 🎉 🎈 🎊


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