New books are always a cause for celebration. And this new book by fellow Storm Literary Agency sister, Rina Singh, has me jumping for joy!





Written by Rina Singh

Illustrated by Ellen Rooney

Published by Orca Books

Age Level: 6-8

Synopsis from Amazon:

Every morning, a young girl walks her grandmother to the Aajibaichi Shala, the school that was built for the grandmothers in her village to have a place to learn to read and write. The narrator beams with pride as she drops her grandmother off with the other aajis to practice the alphabet and learn simple arithmetic. A moving story about family, women and the power of education―when Aaji learns to spell her name you’ll want to dance along with her. 

Women in countless countries continue to endure the limitations of illiteracy. Unjust laws have suppressed the rights of girls and women and kept many from getting an education and equal standing in society. Based on a true story from the village of Phangane, India, this brilliantly illustrated book tells the story of the grandmothers who got to go to school for the first time in their lives.
Oh my gosh…what a much needed book! I know the world has come a long way towards equality…but we still have a long way to go. Stories like this one can help young people understand that the rights and privileges we have now were hard won…and hopefully it will encourage them to never give up until true equality exists.
I hope you will want to grab a copy of this book – you can review it here...and many indie bookstores are providing FREE shipping via media mail or curbside pickup of books ordered. Even though I have no more room on my bookshelves, I’ve ordered several newly launched books from my local indie, Toadstool Bookshop. We need to help small businesses if we can. My daughter tells me that she orders dinner several nights a week from local restaurants who are doing takeaway and deliveries in hopes that will help them stay in business until this pandemic passes. 
How are all of you doing? I know it is a struggle for many…even going shopping is a challenge. Everyone is tired of staying put…but it’s what we need to do. What is your greatest challenge? How are you bringing joy into your life?
I’m taking an online class with Marcie Colleen at the Writing Barn: The Heart and Humor of Amy Krouse Rosenthal. If you aren’t familiar with her work, there are many Youtube read-alouds you can enjoy. If you are familiar, you’ll know that I couldn’t have taken a better class for this time when the world is in crisis. She ‘Beckons the Lovely’ with her words and was always encouraging people to find joy and give it.  How can you ‘Beckon the Lovely’ today?

3 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: GRANDMOTHER SCHOOL

  1. Oh Vivian, What a helpful post! Thank you! Thank you for offering Give aways. I was lucky enough to win Lori Alexander’s o A SPORTING CHANCE: How Ludwig Guttmann Created the Paralympic Games. You offer such a great service to budding writers . Congratulations on the book birthday. I can see it will make me cry. Stay safe and strong.


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