HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: #50PreciousWordsforKids 2023

Happy Mother’s Day to every person who fills that role – moms, grandmothers, teachers, babysitters, daycare providers, neighbors…and yes…sometimes dads!

And Happy #50PreciousWordsforKids!

I received amazing stories from all across the country: New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Every child who wrote a story received a Certificate of Participation that parent or teacher could download, print out, and personalize.

I was excited to see over a dozen submissions from the 4th grade class I visited earlier this school year in Orland Hills, Illinois. Thank you, Mrs. Drown, for encouraging your students to join in the #50PreciousWordsforKids fun. And I was thrilled to open my inbox to over SEVENTY stories from Arrowhead Union High School in Harland, Wisconsin. I hope some of Mrs. Jorgensen’s students who have a passion for writing will try the #50PreciousWords Contest next March – anyone 18 or older can enter!

We have a total of over 100 stories here. Every title is different!
Every story is unique!
Some are filled with humor.
Others are heartfelt.
And a few will scare the socks off you!
A big thank you to the parents and teachers for your encouragement and support.
Huge congratulations to all the young people who wrote a story (and some of the students wrote more thank one!)
Please enjoy these 5,000+ precious words!

by Olivia – age 7 – grade 1 – Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

The cat and her kittens were walking down the street.
The kittens got lost along the way.
Their mama was worried.
Then the kittens were sad.
The kittens were so worried they meowed to get her back.
The mama heard her kittens and came back.
They lived happily ever after.

by Tiziana – age 10 – grade 5 – Davidson, North Carolina

Softball is the best, 
I always love the test. 
My dad coaches me, 
He uses a tee. 
A drill I hate, 
But I give it fate. 
My team is nice, 
Not cold like ice. 
We love each other, 
But not as much as our mother. 
Softball is always the best! 

by Hunter – age 9 – grade 3 – Radcliff, KY

Once upon a time, there were three brothers.
They were always fighting about which one was braver.
So they went to a cave that was really dark.
The smallest one went in first, but only lasted 5 seconds and the other brothers did the same.
So, they stopped fighting.

by Harper M – age 7 – grade 1 – Herndon, VA

by Braden – age 9 – grade 4 – Tampa, FL

by Maya – Age 7 – 2nd Grade – Virginia

BARK! BARK! The greatest man in the world comes. Guess who it is! My. Daddy! I think it’s time for dinner. I love dinner a-lot!

Yum! My food tastes sooooo good! I think you should try my food! I said to Quincy. I’ll try it! Said Quincy.

by Connor – age 11 – grade 5 – Herndon, VA

by Aaliya – age 10 – grade 4 – Katy, Texas

Leo had a lucky button. One day he lost it in the forest.
He looked everywhere but all he found was a similar-looking shell.
Leo wasn’t pleased.
Suddenly he remembered his button had a special trait.
Leo waited patiently till sunset and found his lost button,

by Lauren – age 13 – grade 7 – Virginia

I’ve arrived
to bright blue waves
and cascading sand.
I am not calm like the water.
Worries race through my head
as I think of what could happen
in the rippling waters.
You can do this.
A refreshing feeling washes over me.
I know the ocean is my home.

by Emma – age 9 – grade 3 – Birmingham, MI

 It was Drew’s first day of kindergarten. She was nervous.
Her parents dropped her off.
As she walked into school, BAM…right into another kid. Her books fell to the ground.
Another kid ran to help.
They walked to class together.
By the end of the day, they were best friends.

by Natalia – age 10 – grade 4 – Tinley Park, IL

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved candy.
She ate it everyday. One day she was eating ice cream for breakfast like normal.
But she wasn’t feeling normal.
Later on she went to the doctor and started throwing up rainbows.

by Maeve – age 10 – grade 4 – Illinois

My mom called, “Come down here NOW!” So I went
down. She started talking. In my mind I was like
blah, blah, blah. My mom said, “What did I just say?”
I was like, “Blah, blah, blah is what you said.”
She got super insanely mad and grounded me.

by Caroline – age 9 – grade 4 – Homewood, IL

Cotton candy is a sweet treat for boys and girls to eat. It is
sugary, fluffy and all in between. It melts the moment you
place it in your mouth I love it so much and my family does
too. If you haven’t tried it, I feel bad for you.

by Pippa – age 10 – grade 4 – Tinley Park, Illinois

One day a girl wanted to count all the stars. She told her papa. He told
her it would take her centuries. And little did she know this was
probably true. But she did it anyway. That very night, she counted all
the stars.

by Evan – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Park, IL

I remember when we got our dog, Leia. My family and I played with three
puppies in a pen at a breeder. The puppies were extremely cute.
I even named two of them Tractor and Pizza. But Leia caught our eye.
We chose her! It was a very exciting day!

by Josephine – grade 4 – Frankfort, IL

Once upon a time there were 4 people
All of a sudden their house blew away. Then, they all decided
that they are going to skydive out of their house. They were ready
to jump. Finally, they decided to jump in the water and were
never to be seen again.

by Kayla – age 10 – grade 4 – Chicago, IL

Once while I was on vacation in Hawaii with my friend, we saw a sea turtle
stuck in a fishing net. We immediately jumped into the water and freed the turtle.
The turtle swam away, and my friend and I felt proud of ourselves for helping a beautiful sea creature.

by Kariana – age 10 – grade 4 – Illinois

“Mom, guess what?” I said. “What?” mom asked.
“Kitty might pass!” “Spend your time wisely.”
3 days. 5 hours. 10 minutes. In the parking lot,
leaving the vet (once home) I heard her collar
jingle only to remember that her collar was in my
back pocket. I started to cry.

by Abby – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Park, IL

Mia was a 5 year old. She had a paper dog
named Max. She cared for him. But as she
got older, she began to forget Max. One day
for her birthday, though, she got a real dog!
She thought about Max and named the dog
after him.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Reese – grade 4 – Tinley Park, Illinois

School is the place to go to learn and to get frustrated.
School is the place to go to see happy teachers who had there coffee and grumpy teachers who didn’t have there coffee.
But grumpy teacher and getting frustrated doesn’t matter when your with friends.

by Kaitlyn – age 10 – grade 4 – Tinley Park, IL

Once there was a T-Rex named Max. Max was very angry because he
was hungry and the dinosaur he wanted to eat ran away before he
could catch him. Max began smashing trees. A squirrel came out of
the trees. Max caught and ate the squirrel. Max was happy again.

by Milania – age 9 – grade 4 – Orland Park. Illinois

Today is Monday and you know what that means. School. I don’t want to
go. So I pretend I’m sick. Mom always wakes me up. Why isn’t she here
yet? I yell “I don’t feel good.”
“Ok” my mom yelled. “Today you are off from school today.”

“WHAT!!!!” I yelled.

by Peter – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

Their once was a fox that had no home.
Then two hikers came along and saw the skinny looking fox.
So the two hikers decided to go to Home Depot and get some supplies.
So they built the house and he lived happily ever after.

by Ethan – age 10 – grade 4 – Homer Glen, IL

A young kid loved to play baseball. He practiced all the time and never got
a hit. One day, he was walking past a dumpster and found an old, worn out bat.
He used it in his next game and hit a homerun at every at bat.

by Maddy – age 10 – grade 4 – Mokena, Illinois

I was walking outside and I saw a weird looking animal that
really scared me. “What was it?” I ask myself. It was an opossum!
I started running and screaming to the car.
To this day I am terrified of opossums!

by Nathan – age 10 – grade 4 – Homer Glen, Illinois

Jeff the squirrel lived in a treehouse in Animal Town. One day, Jeff
decided to mix ingredients and made a sticky, brown substance. He
put it on crackers and a sandwich with jelly. That is the story of how
peanut butter came to be in Animal Town!

by Catelyn – age 9 – grade 4 – Illinois

In the sea, there was a mermaid named Ariel who had a fairy named Tinkerbell
for a friend. They did everything together. Until a ship came and took Ariel.
Tinkerbell never showed herself again!

by Kaelyn – age 13 – grade 7 – Herndon, VA

Once there was a fox named Rose. Rose had three tails. Rose was made fun of for being different. But one day Rose met a fox who thought she was so amazing. Rose learned that she was special in her own way and she never let it bother her again.

by Megan – age 17 – grade 11 – Pewaukee, Wisconsin

I’m in my room.
But in reality, I’m in Afghanistan.
The bomb blows. I fly.

“Sergeant!” I feel someone running their hands down my body. Where is Inferno?
I stand back up and shoot. People are dying around me.
“Sergeant! Another down!”

My dog jumps on my bed. Inferno’s alive.

by Ella H-L – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, Wisconsin

It was dark, still, I walked home alone. A man walking toward me, likely thinking about what he’d have for dinner. How should I know? I was only safe as long as he allowed me to be. That worry is what it is to be a girl walking home alone.

by Molly T – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Her heart racing as her feet hit the pavement. Never in her life had she run so fast. They were after her, starting to catch up, she had to go faster.  Pushing herself to her limit she crossed the finish line. The crowd: chanting her name, she won first place.

by Jackson P – age 17 – Hartland, WI

His mind sings a cruel song, he stumbles over furniture, the suits scream at him.
“Wealth, Happiness, Security, Acceptance.” They chant.
He screams, hoping someone can help. Their eyes pierce his soul, shattering him to pieces.
Their chant dulls, A distorted hand rests on his back.
“Too much to drink?”

by Khadiji – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

“Make a wish,” my mother says.
I blow the candles hoping my wish comes true, and it does. A little puppy barks around my kitchen.
“Aww you wished for a puppy,” she speaks again.
“Close,” I say. When the puppy starts doing my homework, I know my wish was granted.

by Sarah Z – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Jackson always walked on eggshells.
Whatever his mom said, he contested. She never knew how to deal with him. His mother has put in the towel.
“Mom, why are there eggshells on the floor?”

 “Those are your Legos. I to said put them away, so you wouldn’t walk on them.”

by Shawn G – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I set myself up for failure.
Why did I have to do the bare minimum?
How could I be so stupid?
Give me another chance God, please.
Everyone is suffering and it is all because of me…
Remember, real men don’t cry
Yet nobody could read the tear soaked note.

by Eiley B – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

It’s always the Children.
Beneficially, she learned from those who kept her Company.
Never was one thing she learned from them used just One Time.
She sat on the bench and knew she felt Unstable.
She thought to herself, “That Should Be Me.”
He reminded her, “You’re my Favorite Girl.”

by Ty G – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Walking around with a plate in my hand. Staring at all the foods I’m not allowed to consume. Watching my family and friends enjoying their meal. They’re enjoying the time. My plate is full of healthy cuisines. Sitting here in my expensive tux. Not enjoying my special day.

by Owen R – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I sat, legs crossed, violently shaking. My eyes were locked in on a box that rested just five feet away. Any second, the top could collapse and the contents lunge out with a loud scare. “No!” I shouted. Grandma came running in. 

“Give Tommy back his jack in the box.”

by Kris K – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I’m feeling this one. John’s hands were stiff. Tension swallowed the room.

“Raise twenty,” a man declares. Most players retreat, leaving only two. The rulebook told John to fold; his cheatsheet advised similarly.
“Call.” Chips clink against felt. With a swift flip, both hands face up.
“Damn it,” utters John.

by Kendall D – age 17 – grade 11 – Delafield

His chains wrap around my wrists. The one he clasped on my neck chokes me. There is a shuffle behind me. My heart pounds, I turn and my stomach drops.
“Will you marry me?”

He slides the last chain onto my finger, binding me till death do us part.

Michael B – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Flying through space and time, my mind races as I dodge asteroids. The race back to Earth increases. Engine failure leads to me losing control. My mind is lost.
I gather myself and keep moving forward through it.
The asteroids were my friends. Not even a space rock is trusted.

by Malen – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Trying to think about something to write about for my assignment. So many things I could talk about, my personal life, moments or special people for me… Looking at the clock to see how much time I had left, when I realized that I already finished my assignment.

by Salina D – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

He looks back at me while I look at him. 
Never breaking eye contact. 
Cracks appear and the glass shatters as the cracks get larger and larger.
The man in the mirror doesn’t look like he once did before. 
“That’s not me,” I say to myself running for the door.

by Diego H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

 I began my walk to school when I heard a noise. I turned my head to find my grandma walking towards me. I stood there not knowing what to do. I told my parents about the interaction I had with her and all they said was I love you grandma.

by Jacob W – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Awoken by a loud buzz outside my window, I walked outside to find bright lights 15 feet above me. Aliens, I thought, has to be. The light approached slowly. I ran to grab my airsoft gun and shot it down. My phone buzzed. I answered.
“Seriously?” he said.
“My bad.”

by Ben – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

My dad and I go fishing during summer. I’m not amazing at it, Dad does most of the work. Catching these weaker animals makes me feel some unexplainable power. We take the boat out into the middle of the lake and I ask him where we should dump the body.

by Jacob M – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

25,000 feet, I get to see France from 25,000 feet. I sometimes wish I was back on the ground in England. In wonderment, I stared, horror terror had an ironclad grip. Messerschmitt’s, guns pointed toward the fragile airframe. 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Bullets rip through the B-17.

by Peyton D – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

She got up from her chair on the beach and walked to the beach bar. “drink please” She turned her back; a woman approached her.

“Could you take a picture of us?” 
She took the picture, picked up her drink, and took a sip.
She was never heard from again.

Courtney J – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

My mother and I live in a small apartment in Brooklyn, it’s nothing special really. My father went to jail three years ago after “accidentally” killing a small child.

“Come on sweetie,” my mother grasps for my hand.

Besides, what kind of mother would suspect her own daughter.

by Brittain W – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Green and red are complementary colors. The sign of Christmas; Holly Jolly times and a happy new year. The colors of wreaths decorated with plump, red cranberries.
The green of nature and her animals; the prosperity of fruit. 
“Christmas’s bliss,” she whispered. His blood splattered her coat. “Happy new year.”

by Gabby R – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

All natural. No unpronounceable ingredients.  She claims, “It’s a recyclable fashion statement!” I am a moth lured to the flame. Looking down, the wind bites as I judge her metamorphosis. My final thoughts are simple but constructive; she is egotistical for boldly plastering her name on her stone cold makeup. 

by Casey Z – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I am heading up north for the weekend. Fishing is my life. Bass, Bluegill, Pike you name it. Heading off to Wisconsin Dells. We see a place that has trout fishing. We catch a lot of trout. A lake with big trout and a lake with small trout. We cooked and ate them after.

by Ciara R – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Staring up at the ceiling admiring all the details, the bumps and cracks. Feeling comfort in looking at the ceiling because it never changes. After everything, this ceiling is the only thing that won’t leave or change. So much comfort, I have been staring at the ceiling for five days straight.

by Austin M – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

The phone rings and rings. But I don’t answer. I’m afraid it’ll be mom calling again. Homework, chores, money, who knows what I did wrong. I press the red button and I know she’ll be mad. I don’t really care. No, I do not think I could listen. Not again.

by Francesca S – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I’ve been looking forward to spring break for months. A trip to France was all I wanted. 
“Breaking news from the US Embassy: riots in Paris have surged, traveling is not advised.”
While people fight halfway across the world, my parents fight about it here.
So much for a break.

by Jackson S – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

On one bleak winter night, the city riddled with break ins. Everyone is sound asleep while he creeps into their living rooms. He flees to the next house without a trace. Checking names off his list as he goes. The next morning there are vibrant wrapped gifts under the tree.

by Mia H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Do I look pretty?
“Mom, help.”
I need a dress for prom.
“Mom, help.”
I need a ride to prom.
“Mom, help.”
This guy asked for my number, what do I do?
“Mom, help.”
Remember that guy? I’m in his backyard, cut up in pieces.
Do I still look pretty?

by Bryce L – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I walked outside. I could feel the thump of the kick, feel the snap of the snare, the booming of the bass. I could hear the roar of the crowd. I could oversee the visual effects soaring through the sky. Do I get mad? No, I accept and take inspiration.

by Bryce L – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

It’s frustrating watching people stop trying. Is it that hard to keep applying?
I’m playing Rocket League, down four, but have plenty of time to score.
We tied the game, the clock hit zero. Who will be the overtime hero?
We eventually scored it, that’s why you shouldn’t ever forfeit.

by Jack H – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Seven years of use had shown the machine its age. It was now slow and dated, still holding its value but no longer meeting the mark. Change was due. 
Sensitive lines forbidden to share, they could be transferred, but never removed.
Five gunshot wounds to the disk, left to rust.

by Mia H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I am a stray.
My foamy mouth isn’t filled with rabies, but filled with a tongue waiting to kiss the face of someone who loves me.
I am known to the fact that nobody will love me until my ribs are poking out of my skin.
I just want love.

by Michael O – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

A piercing chill, colder than ice.
An immense burn, hotter than fire.
As truth unfolds, feelings awaken. A flash, then a loud crack.
A flow of deep red, the color of fire. A heart shattered, as ice does.

by Michael O – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

“Fall to your knees before me stranger,” says the swordsman.
“Why should I? Why should I take orders from you?”
“Because if you don’t, you will find a sword through your neck!”
The stranger rises, ignoring the command.
“And if you don’t leave me be, you will find a bullet in your head.”

by Matthew – age 17 – grade 11 – Delafield, WI

I walk in the doors moving forward. Looking around knowing things are constantly changing. Seeing people go through love and war. feeling stuck in one place, like we just started the journey. It is almost the end. Then I stop moving for a moment and realize, it is almost summer.

by Isaac F – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Grainy dust moving across the landscape, no life, no water. A desert simply incomparable, one that has no end to its horizon, so why go there? Because where else would you be able to see everyone, Every death and every life, by just looking up and seeing the whole Earth.

by Giorgia G – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Tim Mcgraw received a letter reading:
“Dear John I remember seeing you and from that Moment I Knew, and I told myself You Are In Love”.
Love’s Delicate I prayed it was False God I hoped
My Tears Ricochet off my cheek, I Tolerate It
Sincerely Your Anti-Hero

by Alan W – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Three masked juveniles pilfer supplies from local homes. Shrouded under the moonless night, they case each doorstep, the allure of sweet treasures warding off that biting autumn chill. No family is free from their demands. 
“Aren’t you guys a little old to be trick-or-treating?”
“Not at all,” they laughed sarcastically.

by Giorgia G – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Turning on autopilot she turns grabbing her backpack 
“What are you doing captain” A women asked her 
“You don’t know me but i know your husband, my boyfriend and he asked me something”
She turns off autopilot and looks at the women
“Good luck” captain falls out of the plane

by Harry H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

It was a long Ninety days in the Chequamegon forest. Back breaking hiking and camping without shelter. No technology to save, no virtual world to escape, no friends to communicate with. Nothing except me and other kids like me. We are different and need the extra support, they say politely.

by Arianna S – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I own this ugly green sweater, I wear it every week. I get made fun of for the small holes that get bigger with every wash. I own nice clothing, yet this sweater’s my favorite no matter how much they laugh. It’s the last thing grandpa gave me before passing.

by Will P – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I love ice cream. all kinds of ice cream. different flavors different toppings. different textures. I definitely have favorites, but I enjoy them equally. Sure, some are better quality than others yet ice cream is just ice cream. It makes me wonder if I will like people the same way.

by Michael O – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

It sits, watching over me.
It moves without making a sound
Under the couch it goes. It watches me in the kitchen.
A scurry, then a small squeak. It emerges and stands on 2 legs.
I look down to see…
My Ferret, not so patiently waiting for his breakfast.

by Michael O – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

“Welp. This is it.”
Dark sky looms in front of me. No turning back now.
A powerful wind surrounds my body. Light as a feather.
I twist and turn, feeling free but chained. I think “Will I survive?”

The earth draws near. I close my eyes, and pull the cord. And parachute back down

by Eden H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

It’s a tale as old as time:
Prince meets Princess. 
Princess falls hopelessly in love with Prince. 
Prince courts Princess.    
Prince tells Princess he loves her too.
Princess is trapped by the Evil Witch. 
Princess waits patiently in the tower. 
Prince never shows. 
Prince already has a Queen at home.

by Eden H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Flashing lights. Everyone is screaming and shouting. 
This party was worth it. I’m still in the back room with her. We pop more colorful little tablets into our mouths. 
A hand clutches my shoulder. 
It’s her.
“Sir, what exact substances d’you take?” the cop interrogates. 
I call her name. 

by Keira A – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Laying on the hospital bed and I’m thinking, What now?
The doctors tell me I went cliff jumping at the lake and broke my leg.
Ouch, how did I let myself do that. 
Now they are wrapping me up and giving me popsicles. 
Note to self: no more cliff jumping.

by Luke A – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

“How much longer?” she yelled over the music.
“I would say 20 minutes,” he said, trying to focus.
“I’m so excited for this concert!” she exclaimed.
“Me too,” he said.
She loved the concert although it was Prince, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. He did not go to the concert.

by Brennon C – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

First day 
Tom is excited for the first day of middle school. Finally gets to see his friend again 
Anxious but excited Tom walks through the school doors. Seeing his friend across the room, Tom waves across the room with excitement. 
His friend was staring at him weirdly . 
They are not friends.

by Madison K – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I rushed through the halls searching for an open door. So many doors, which one is the one to set me free? This twisted game. There’s no exit in this house. Each room I enter leads to a new hallway with more doors. It is an endless maze.  I’m trapped in my own mind.

by Madison K – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

She’d laid the baby down in his carriage,
Ready to go from there daily walk, in front of the front door she realized she forgot her snack bag. She kissed his forehead before running back inside. The 10 seconds she was gone changed her life forever. When she got back he’d had disappeared 

by Dylan P – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

A noise comes from the closet, like a drawer is closing black and forth. The man gets up to walk. As he walks towards, it gets louder and louder. He gets to the closet and flickers the light. His bulldog whimpers at him to get free from his leg caught.

Balke A – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Carefully, tiptoeing down the stairs. No one there.
The room filled with magic and wonders cree-ek a door closes. The room, silent, his heart racing, adrenalin pumping.
Moving around slowly, he checked to see what it could be, a new bike, maybe some shoes. 
Cars speed off. The room empty.

by Eden H – age 17- grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I’m by oceans. The waves crash into me. The seasalt washes my worries away. 
I’m in cities. The luminescence blinds me. My friends take me out on the town. 
I’m watching sunsets. He gives a smile, takes my hand, leans in- 
“Hey, Eden!” 
I take off the headphones. “Sorry, what?”

by Eden H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Little Delilah and Penelope play outside. Delilah becomes thirsty. 
“Mama! Can we have two lemonades?” 
“Of course,” the mother obliges. She brings out two glasses but knits her brows as she searches the yard. 
“Who is the second glass for, Delilah?” 
“For Penelope!”  
Mother shrugged. Delilah played. Penelope was imaginary.

by Ella W – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I took my daily stroll through the woods. However when I stopped to smell the flowers, Tim darted around the woods. And launched down the wrong path. My jaw hit the floor when I saw a bunch of dead bodies surrounding him… turns out it was just a normal cemetery.

by Grace Q – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

My golden Dog playing under the oak Tree. Butterflies dancing on her gold hair red orange and yellow leaves fall off the tree at her feet. The sun shining on the old abern farm houses making it shine like gold.

by Sam L – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

 Stuck in cages, raptors are ready to escape. Screeching, are they released from their cages, the raptors took off, jolting quickly towards the guests, looking to hunt them down. As the guests waited, the raptors got closer, and the roller coaster quickly accelerated into the start of its ride.

by Aidan D – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Carl sat on the edge of the cliff, staring into the sea.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the wind blowing against his body.  He knew it was time to let go of his past and look forward.  With a grin on his face he jumped.

by Grace H – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Waves crash and thrash the ship around. Sharks circled tightly around the boat. 
A crack in the bottom flooded the entire lower level of the vessel. The poor crew will not survive this. 
“He’s so good at entertaining himself.” 
“It makes bath time much easier on us, that’s for sure.”

by Anthony M – age 17 – grade 12 – Oconomowoc, WI

Time bomb
The clock ticked away, each second, feeling like an eternity.
He had waited for hours, but she still hadn’t shown up. 
He checked his phone, hoping for a message or maybe a call. 
But there was nothing. 
Maybe she had changed her mind, or maybe something had happened to her

by Bennett B – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

“Isn’t the view stunning?”
“It’s like nothing I’ve seen before.”
They lean over the railing. Staring into the distance. 
He kneels down…smiling. He opens a small box with a ring. 
Everyone’s yelling but not in excitement; someone’s running, they jump. 
Their screams become fainter until there’s only stunned silence.

by Andrew W – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

She gasps for air in prostration. My hand barely makes it down to the surface of the water. Her hand snatched mine. I see nothing but the murky slosh and her hand affixed to mine. She tugs my arm. In the water I gasp for my last breath. She laughs.

by Will Duimstra – age 16 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

The man tried to contain himself. He locked himself inside, in the basement, chained to a chair. It was a waste of time. The metal gate on his basement door was no match for what he became that night, and neither was his neighbor’s front door.  He ran…they all run.

by Jacob H – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Being stranded on a wooden ship was starting to take its toll. But they still carried on.. David almost cut his hair, Stephen was looking for a Southern Cross, Graham remained a simple man, and Neil kept on Rockin ‘in the free world. But, they found the Southern Cross.

by Addison B – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

I got my hair and makeup ready to go see my boyfriend. He liked it, today is all about celebrating him. I even got a new dress for him, it’s his favorite color.  When I get there I lay on the cold ground. I wish he got to see 18.

by Matthew R – age 18 – grade 12 – Menomonee, WI

Clock strikes midnight, she is still sitting at her desk, typing away. She promised herself that she would finish writing the novel tonight.  It was important to her. She hit send to the final chapter, a wave of satisfaction washed over her.  She knew that this was just the beginning.

by Abby V – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

“What a beautiful dress,” Colleen says, walking in.
“You are too excited” Maya says.
“Well, I’m excited my twin is getting married again,” Colleen says.
“I can’t do this again, I don’t love him,” said Maya.

by Conor S – age 18 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

As the sun sets and the temperature goes down, I take a walk, feeling the sand between my toes. I think to myself, “Why can’t Wisconsin be like this?”. All around me, happiness, a golden sky, and turquoise water, I can’t help but think about the slushy roads back home.

by Taylor M – age 16 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Clouds drift through the sky at a slow pace. Sometimes, they make friends with one another. Sometimes, they share their dreams with each other. These relationships pass time while they endlessly drift away. Sometimes, it sucks when they make a connection, and then they finally drift further and further away.


by Blake R – age 17 – grade 11 – Hartland, WI

Jack’s world filled with truth and honesty. Their world almost broken from lies and dishonest words. Taught to never tell a lie from birth. 
Lies were the source of pain and destruction. Everyone had a role. 
Jack’s role was to test who could tell if he was lying or not.

by Brea T – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

Bright beautiful beams breakthrough bookshop blinds. “Bakery Barterer’s” banana bread bakes below book buyers.  
Brown batter bubbles become black. Burnt bread balances book breaks between baking.   
Burnt bread bores busy book buyers, but better batches bribe buyers. Blissful booksellers become better barterers. Better batter, better buyers, better books, best business.

by Abby V – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

“Everyone gets a sandwich, a water bottle, chips, and a dessert.”
“These people could be dangerous”
Passing out bags of food, Jack noticed a man peering at him in disbelief. He paused for a moment.
“Jack is that you?”
“Ollie, you’re still alive!? It’s been so long, how are you?”

by Allison J – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

He was peering at her from afar. Admiring the makeup she wore to look older, her bright clothes, and the way she smelled walking past him.
“She is drop-dead gorgeous,” he said, followed by a gunshot as she fell to the ground
“She was too perfect for this cruel world.”

by Allison J – age 17 – grade 12 – Hartland, WI

I had been in a cage for what felt like years, trapped by my own friend.
Tired of thinking of a plan, I had tried everything. I dazed off a second.
“Allison!” my mom belched. “The doctor found a new medication that will be more effective than your last.” 

WOW! I definitely feel there are many budding authors here! And I hope that all of you young people will continue your writing journey. Use a notebook as a journal. You can doodle sketches in it, too. Observe the world around you and write about it. Or write about how you feel. Find others who also enjoy writing – you can help each other. And reach out to parents, teachers and other mentors for help.
You’ve made my Mother’s Day very special – and I thank you!

11 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: #50PreciousWordsforKids 2023

  1. An amazing spectrum of writing, incredibly deep at times or funny or simply unexpected. I teared up, I laughed out loud, and I wondered what experiences caused these young writers to create such moving stories.

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  2. A joy to read these stories written by little authors. So talented! What a beautiful celebration for mothers everywhere. Thank you for this! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m smiling so big reading through these wonderful stories! Thank you, Vivian, for encouraging and inspiring children to share their beautiful words! ❤


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