Perfect Picture Book Friday: Journey: The Most Famous Wolf in the West

Hurray for Perfect Picture Book Friday! I started blogging at the end of 2010. I knew I wanted my posts to appeal to parents and teachers so right away, I reserved one day for writing a picture book review. That’s because in my opinion, reading to young children is of the utmost importance. And there are so many choices out there, I thought it might be helpful to highlight the picture books I wanted to recommend.

Then I discovered that a wonderful picture book author, Susanna Leonard Hill, had started a link up on her website for picture book reviews. I went. I saw. I fell in love. And the rest if history. I’ve been participating in her Perfect Picture Book Friday hop ever since. Click here for more of this week’s wonderful reviews on her blog.

Today’s selection is very close to my heart for several reasons. I’ve always had a fascination with wolves. And the author of the book, Emma Bland Smith, is a fellow Storm Literary Agency teammate. PLUS, Emma will be my Will Write for Cookies guest tomorrow…so don’t miss her interview and a GIVEAWAY of this beautiful book in tomorrow’s post.


JOURNEY: The Most Famous Wolf in the West

Written by Emma Bland Smith

Illustrated by Robin James

Publisher: Little Bigfoot (Imprint of Sasquatch Books: 2016)

Ages: Kindergarten – Grade 4


Wolves, animal conservation


From Amazon:

This beautiful picture book follows the journey of a young gray wolf who garnered nationwide attention when he became the first wild wolf in California in almost a century. Using facts recorded by Fish & Wildlife scientists, author Emma Bland Smith imagines the wolf’s experiences in close detail as he makes an epic 2,000-mile trek over three years time. The wolf’s story is interwoven with the perspective of a young girl who follows his trek through the media. As she learns more about wolves and their relationships with humans, she becomes determined to find a way to keep him safe by making him a wolf that is too famous to harm.

Opening Lines:

“The wolf took one last look at his mother and his father.”

Why I like this book:

  • This is an absolutely beautiful book on two levels…the story of the wolf seeking a new home to make a family…and the story of a girl who follows the wolf’s journey…what a perfect way for young children to connect with the concept of animal conservation and realize that even a child can make a difference.
  • The text engages the reader/listener from the first lines to the last. And the illustrations by Robin James are exquisite!


  1. In the back matter, the author provides a wealth of information about the wolf’s journey and many related classroom activities, plus there is a teacher’s guide at
  2. Find out if there are any animal conservation efforts in your area.


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