Blogger Awards and Some Random Thoughts About Me

Wow!  Three blogger awards from Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation…thank you so much…she is an inspiration to all who read her posts and connect with her.  If I were marooned on a desert island and could only read the posts of one blogger, hers would be the one!

According to Elizabeth, I’m supposed to list seven random things about myself, so here goes. 🙂

1.   I’m really careful about what I eat during the day, but in the evening, I reward myself with a mini ice-cream sundae and then a BIG bowl of air-popped popcorn.

2.   I love the sound of the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher all going at the same time…my husband HATES the noise, but for me it says, “Stuff is getting done!”

3.   When my children were young and wanted to give me flowers as a gift but they had no money to spend, I would go to the store with them and have them point out the bunch of flowers they would choose.  I would go over and smell them.   Then I would hug and kiss the kids and tell them, “Thank you, I love them.”

4.   I’m not good at going places I’ve never been…I have to print out the directions on MapQuest…both going there and coming back…otherwise I will probably get lost.

5.   When I was a child, I would go to the library and take out so many books, you could hardly see me behind the stack of books as I walked home.  I would read them one after another and then go back and get more.  I guess I haven’t changed. 🙂

6.   I was a very fussy eater when I was young…when my family would go to the Chinese restaurant, it cost my parents 25 cents for my empty plate on which I piled white rice and crispy noodles.

7.   I’d rather make several right turns and go out of my way a bit to avoid making a left where there is lots of on-coming traffic and no light.

So, there are seven random things about myself…hope you enjoyed them.  Did you laugh at some…or roll your eyes…or perhaps nod your head in agreement or recognition.  Do let me know. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Blogger Awards and Some Random Thoughts About Me

  1. i am with you on the right turns! especially now that i have babies in the car. there is a highway running through our town, and i go way out of my way to avoid turning left across it with no light.

    i love getting the laundry going to. folding it…not so much 🙂


    • I don’t mind the folding…it is the putting it away that gets away from me…do you ever have STACKS of clean stuff, just waiting to go home to the right drawer or closet. 🙂
      Keep those little ones safe…take all the right turns you need to. 🙂


    • Glad to know I am not alone. 🙂
      The kids have kids of their own…but I still tell them to write me a “love letter” instead of buying a present. We all have too much “stuff” anyway! Wish I could just get rid of 90% of what I have…an uncluttered home is so much less stressful.


  2. It’s true… I do remember going to the store and picking out flowers for you which we did not bring home! 🙂 Thanks for being the most caring, supportive and creative mom!



    • Just found the B-day card you made for me many many years ago…it was several pages of cardboard with a whole story and pics you had cut out of magazines…do you remember “Introducing Gary”?
      My love for you overflows as always…you are the BEST daughter a mom could ever hope for!!!! It was easy to be caring and supportive and creative with you.


  3. Congratulations!
    #3 is so cute! What a good idea!
    #4 sounds just like me and #5-I did the same thing and was in the summer book clubs where we got awards for reading…funny enough, I don’t remember any of the actual awards, but I remember loving to read and get books and I am STILL a bookworm to this day!


    • Yup! I guess we don’t change much. 🙂 I also still LOVE books…can’t pass a used bookstore without stopping in and buying some…to add to those that are wedged into the bookshelves so tightly, you can barely get them out. 🙂 I especially love old children’s picture books…no surprise there, I guess.


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