Is It Too Early To Begin Planning For The New School Year?

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I know that summer has just begun.  Many of us are thinking of poolside parties and frozen pops and Fourth of July parades.

But if your child is starting school in August, or if there were problems adjusting to the classroom routine last year, it’s not too early to think about how you can insure a smooth transition from home to school.  This holds true for older children as well as for those of preschool age.

What can parents do during the summer to prepare for the new school year?

1.    Have an upbeat, matter-of-fact, positive attitude about school.

2.    If your child has not been there yet, arrange for a visit before school starts.

3.    Connect with parents of other children in the class and have play dates with your child’s classmates…children feel more at ease when they see friendly faces in the classroom.

4.    If you don’t have a routine in place for bedtime and getting-ready-for-the-day-in-the-morning time, put them in place now.  Make it a habit to discuss plans for the next day in the evening and lay out clothes and anything else needed the night before.  When school starts, your child will be used to getting things ready and you won’t have that last minute rush in the morning to find the missing shoe or backpack.  Regarding bedtime, please make sure you are allowing plenty of time for your child to get ready (brush teeth, wash, lay out clothes and necessary items, story-time, etc.) and still be getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know that it is tempting to let young children stay up later, especially in the summer, but when school starts, it will be a difficult habit to break…and young children need more than 10 hours of sleep at night.

5.    Make sure your child is eating a good breakfast in the morning…when school starts, this will be even more important.  And what is a good breakfast?  My younger son loved pizza for breakfast.  Some children might prefer eggs and toast, cereal with fruit and milk, French toast and bacon or pancakes with fruit toppings.  How about peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread for a highly nutritious breakfast?

Do you have some super breakfast menus that your children love?  Please share!  We all need fresh ideas.

Many times, children who are fussy eaters become better eaters when you let them help out in the kitchen.  If you are looking for some easy child-friendly recipes, Show Me How! has one hundred of them and teams each cooking activity with a picture book suggestion and an easy eco-friendly arts and crafts project.  Head on over to my website to take advantage of the Jump Into Summer Special…50% off the cover price.  The book makes a great gift for any parent, grandparent, expectant parent, babysitter, nanny, daycare provider, preschool teacher…and there is an additional discount if you buy two copies…only $20 per copy!  You will be getting two copies for less than the cover price of one!  And, if you order by June 30th, we are including a bonus sheet of self-stick gold stars that can be used on goal charts and more! 

Studies show that the quality time you spend with your young children now has a positive impact on their school performance in later years.  This is a great opportunity to get a wonderful resource you can use on a daily basis, year after year.  Show Me Howis an award-winning book endorsed by parents, teachers and national organizations such as the JDRF.  To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you need to be in their lives today.  This is a book that makes it easy and fun to be in your children’s lives today!  It is the ONLY book you will need to buy to plan educational, self-esteem building activities for your preschoolers.  Don’t put it off until tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Is It Too Early To Begin Planning For The New School Year?

  1. thank you for all the tips, i have totally started worrying about august. my husband is a teacher, so he is home as well, and my son has been a mess since daddy has been home all the time!

    oh, and our fave bfast here is peanutbutter on wheat toast!


  2. Wonderful post Viv, you think of everything to make a child happy in school. I’ve been AWOL lately… just from exhaustion and the hectic pace of life. 🙂


    • I, also, have been stepping back from posting and commenting…I was getting up at 6…working at the computer for 3 hours…off to work…back home at 6pm…dinner, clean up, and back to the computer for 3+ hours. Days off were devoted to routine chores (we do need some clean clothes, food to eat, etc.) and then more computer. My husband was concerned…he tells me I’m not 25 anymore..Oh no…when did that happen? :
      So I promised to cut down on the computer time. Just set up a book event for August at a Family Christian Bookstore here in Colorado Springs. And I’ll be in Chicago at the end of August for another one. So the book stuff is definitely taking my time also.
      Have a great week…and never apologize for being “absent”…I know you are always here in spirit. 🙂


  3. Hi Vivian, Thanks for sharing our computers in preschools article! I also thought I’d let you know about our Summer Activities Challenge. For parents who want to help their kids have fun learning this summer (in part to help get ready for the next school year) it’s a great (and free!) program. Parents can sign up here: Then they just need to complete at least 5 activities before the end of July and they’ll receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement and be entered to win some great prizes including a $500 Back to School Splurge. Hope you and some of your readers will join us!

    Happy Summer! Kat (


    • Hi Kat,
      Thanks for stopping by…I am always happy to share articles and sites of value to parents and kids…and yours is DEFINITELY one of them. I will add the link for the summer activities challenge to my next blog. The loss of school readiness is one of the best arguments for year-round school. 🙂


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