Increase Your Wealth As You Improve Your Health

I saw a similar headline in an article in a recent Money Magazine.

It’s really commonsense, if you think about it.

What are some ways we could increase our wealth and improve our health?

1.    If you are a smoker, giving up cigarettes will improve your health…and you will also save money by not having to buy them. Because you will avoid many of the serious health issues that smokers often have to deal with, you will save on doctor visits and medications.

2.    Are you someone who drives everywhere…even to places that may only be a short distance away?  Walking or biking instead of driving would save money on gas as well as wear and tear on the car which would extend the life of the car.  The exercise gained from walking or biking would improve your core strength and over-all health…and that in turn would result in less money spent on pain medications and doctor visits for back pain.

3.    Do you eat out often or bring home prepared fast-food on a regular basis?  Most fast-food is really unhealthy and eating out can be very expensive.  Try to set aside a few hours a week to prepare home-cooked meals that you can freeze or refrigerate for healthful, easy-to-heat dinners.  You will save a lot of money and you will be eating much more nutritious foods.

4.    Portion control is an important step in maintaining a healthy weight…we are encouraged by the media to super-size and biggie-size our meals and that’s one of the reasons obesity is such a rampant problem. Before you pour a bowl of cereal, for example, look at the serving size on the box.  Usually it is ½ to 1 cup…but many cereal bowls hold 2 cups or more.  Buy a set of measuring cups and use them to make sure you are putting one serving in your bowl, not two or three.  The box of cereal will last a lot longer (saving you money) and you and your family will not be adding double and triple the number of calories when you eat cereal for breakfast…thereby maintaining a healthier weight.

What ways do you have of increasing your wealth while improving your health?  Do share!

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10 thoughts on “Increase Your Wealth As You Improve Your Health

  1. Love that picture with the goat–adorable! I never thought of the wealth/health aspect, but it makes perfect sense. I’ve fought an on again/off again battle with cigarettes and food, so I know how pricey those practices can be.

    Great post, and I hope you had a terrific weekend!


    • Hi Amberr,
      Thanks for reading and commenting…I have been absent for too long from regular posting and appreciate that people still want to read my blog.:)
      Yes, the temptations are out there, to be sure! But we feel so much better, physically and emotionally, when we avoid the “bad” and embrace the “good”.:) And then it is a positive cycle, not a negative one!


    • Thanks Barbara! I loved your featured mom blogger post…Spanish Pinay is awesome. Lucky daughter who has such a positive mommy!
      I know with all the high tech gadgets, parents sometimes forget that paper and crayons and scissors and glue can provide hours of fun and learning…and encouraging kids to help in the kitchen fosters all kids of math and science learning…and helps picky eaters embrace new foods. That’s why I wrote the book.:)


  2. Good tips and reminders, Vivian.

    Sometimes healthy food costs more than junk food . . . but not if we factor in ALL the residual costs of eating food lacking in real nutrition.


    • You are 100% correct, Nancy! Observing portion control would help keep the costs down when buying more nutritious food…and buying in season and buying in bulk (minus all the crazy packaging that adds to the cost of the item because it is a “famous” brand) can cut costs even more.
      Have a great weekend…we’re having the most awesome autumn weather…hot days, brisk mornings and cool evening…lots of sun and gorgeous leaves!


    • So true, Eliz!
      When I go to the store, I try to park as far away as possible in the parking lot…get a little walking in and safer for the car. 🙂 I also try to walk up the stairs when I go to a doctor’s office on an upper floor. Right now, I’m waiting for my husband to get dressed so we can take a walk on this glorious autumn day!
      Have a great week!!! Absolutely LOVED your post on choices. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful ideas! I agree on all you have listed and most of all, I am a fan of number 2!

    I’d like to add to the list something that I do not just because it saves me money but most of all because of the health benefits it gives both my little one and I: Breastfeeding! It fits perfectly. But in this case I’d phrase it better as Improving my health and increasing my wealth. Increasing the wealth is just a good side effect of breastfeeding so it comes after the “increasing my wealth” 🙂

    With breastfeeding, I’ve lost my pregnancy weight in a jiffy, helped me with my post-partum depression plus a long list of other benefits. The longer health benefits that my daughter is getting from it is already given. Then the wealth – I save some the high price of formula milk, feeding bottle, electricity or products that are necessary to clean these feeding bottles, etc 🙂

    Do I talk too much? I do, don’t I? 😀

    Spanish Pinay


    • Talk too much? Never! And no one can talk as much as I do. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words about the post! It’s amazing how so many things can save us money AND be more healthy for us!
      But most of all, thank you for your words about breast-feeding! I totally agree with you! Save money…more healthy for the mom…more healthy for the baby…it’s a win-win-win situation. Of course, there are some who cannot for many different reasons…but new mothers should be encouraged and given every possible assistance to breast-feed, at least for the first few months.
      Hope you come back to visit again.:)


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