Parents: Have You Told Your Kids?


Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

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In only a few weeks it will be Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been asked to write a special letter to my children about how I met their father.  It will appear in Bob Brody’s Letters to My Kids.  I’ll post it here after Bob publishes it.

Bob has appeared on the CBS Early Morning Show and his mission to encourage parents to write letters to their children to pass along the family history has been written up in the New York Times and other respected newspapers and magazines.

He has put together a fun survey that includes questions like: have you told your kids how you met your spouse?   Bob has asked me to spread the word to parents.  The survey takes just a couple of minutes.  He is looking to get at least 100 responses…why not give it a try.  I did!

You can click on the links above or follow this link below.

I know Bob will appreciate your response to the survey. 

14 thoughts on “Parents: Have You Told Your Kids?

    • Letters to our kids are a great way to communicate with them…not to say we should forget about the face-to-face talking. 🙂 When my children were born, I wrote a letter for each…as if the baby was writing the letter…they are cherished treasures and I have made copies for my kids and given those letters to them.

      Why not take the survey if you have a minute or two…I know Bob would be thrilled.


  1. Will look forward to your letter. I have seen Bob Brody on TV and what he’s encouraging is so important. Kids don’t know thir family history. Discovered that when I was with Greg Mortenston. He said when he asks kds in the schools he’s built in Pakistan and Afghanistan if they know their family stories — all the hands shoot up. When he asks kids in US schools, very few hands are raised. He’s made it part of his school curriculum for kids raising Pennies for Peace — they have to interview their grandparents. So, I was very happy to see Bob Brody’s iniative.


    • Thanks for stopping by again, Patricia!
      I’ve always been a fan of letter-writing…and encouraged my children to write love letters to us when they didn’t have money to spend on gifts. And, as I indicated in the comment above, I wrote letters when my kids were born…in their voice. 🙂
      I appreciate your sharing the info about Greg Mortenston…many kids don’t know much about geography either. (


  2. Letters to our kids are a beautiful, enriching, endearing way of communicating, of valuing, even teaching our kids to be expressive and be affectionate. It would help them develop thoughtfulness and more importantly , be as loving as they can be. Can’t wait to read your letter…Thanks for the link…Wishing you and your family endless days of love , joy and peace…


    • What an awesome post YOU wrote today! I read it and wanted to comment, but my computer was not happy about something…so I will return there later.
      My husband and I have been married for 44 years…so when I read the first few lines of your post, I instantly felt a connection to you. 🙂 And, we are totally opposite in so many ways.
      Thank you for coming by with such a beautiful comment. I’m excited for Bob to do his Valentine’s Day post so that I can share it with everyone. 🙂


  3. What a cool idea! It’s a fantastic excuse to share some personal and family history which might get lost otherwise. I’m always fascinated by all the things my parents or grandparents did before I was born.


    • I remember when I was small, my mom made us sit down and write a thank you note if we received a gift. Now, with email, that probably isn’t done much anymore…no wonder the post office is in such hot water. 🙂


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