Parent Alert: Hand Sanitizer Poisoning


CleanWell is the only hand sanitizer that is a...

CleanWell is the only hand sanitizer that is all-natural and alcohol free. The Ingredients in CleanWell are safe for kids, non-toxic, and come from rapidly renewable resources that grow abundantly worldwide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Moms: Have you checked your purse lately?  Do you have any of those convenient travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer?

Most parents are careful about child-proofing their home when they have infants and young children around…but many may not be aware of how toxic hand sanitizers are. 

On the news this morning, I heard a report of teenagers who are ingesting hand sanitizers to get high…and the results may be deadly.

What can parents do to protect against this new danger?

  •         Child-proof your purse as well as your home.
  •         Be observant…know where your children are and what they are doing…don’t be shy about speaking with them or looking in backpacks or pockets if your suspect there is a problem.
  •         Be engaged…talk with your children about the dangers of ingesting or inhaling toxic substances.  Ask if any of their friends are doing this.
  •         Be involved…participate with your children.  When you build a strong connection in those early years, your children will be more likely to come to you with problems and concerns…but it is never too late to strengthen or improve that relationship.

For more information about the dangers of hand sanitizers and other toxic household products, please click on the links below.  The first has excellent tips for parents.

Just a reminder: Nominations close on April 30…please leave a comment telling why your library should receive a free copy of the award-winning Show Me How!

10 thoughts on “Parent Alert: Hand Sanitizer Poisoning

    • Thanks, Pat. I agree…many very young children might find it in mommy’s purse and drink it because they don’t know any better. I hope my little post helps heighten awareness of the toxicity of this product.


  1. I’ve read this before and I honesly think only teenagers would be desperate enough to drink it. Have you ever tasted it? It’s nasty! I sometimes give it to my kids to clean their hands before they eat when we’re on the go. If their fingers touch their mouths afterwards, they always make funny faces and complain, why did you put sanitizer on my hands before eating? I think they just have to make the taste even more disgusting. I’ve heard of plenty of people trying to get drunk on mouthwash too, and that’s gross.


    • Thanks so much, Jake! I heard about it this morning and had to post…many parents probably weren’t aware of this…there is so much to think about as a parent. If this helps even one parent, it was worth it. 🙂


  2. I know…as my grandmother used to say, “A little dirt doesn’t hurt.”
    Sometimes, I think we sanitize too much…but, on the other hand, there is so much out there that can pose a danger, people have to take precautions. 🙂


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