Show Me How! School Initiative Nominations Open Today!

The school bells are already ringing, announcing the start of a new school year.

Here at Positive Parental Participation, we are joining the celebration.

We believe that building self-esteem is of critical importance.  Do you?

Studies show that children with a positive self-image:

  • Are more likely to take on new challenges
  • Have greater school success
  • Make friends more easily
  • Do not become bullies or the victims of bullies

Many children are in school for eight hours a day.  Little ones in daycare facilities while their parents are working may be there for even longer periods of time. 

Isn’t it important for teachers and other child-care providers to have the best resources available to succeed in this important task?


Show Me How!

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking

Not only an award-winning parenting resource…it’s also a wonderful addition to any classroom bookshelf.

”It will be an excellent resource for our Family Literacy Center’s programs” – Rhonda Cooper, Program Director, Literacy Volunteers of Leon County, FL

Many local teachers have purchased their own copy to place in their classrooms…there is even a copy on the shelves of the teacher-education department at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

“We will add it to our collection in support of our Educational Studies Program.” – Celia Rabinowitz, Director of the Library, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Show Me How! is a book that every nursery school, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, KinderCare and other daycare facility needs to have for their teachers.

“It is a great tool to help our children become successful.” – Mary Newquist, Assistant Principal, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Selma, TX

What school would you like to see receive a copy of Show Me How?

If you’d like your favorite school to win a copy, just leave a comment on any blog post here this month.

Nominations will remain open through the end of September…we will announce the twelve lucky winners early in October, picked by

As with the Show Me How Library Project, I will send the books to the people who nominated the winning schools.  If you would like to review the book on your blog if your school wins a copy, please let me know in your comment.

“This book is an incredible resource for fostering a child’s sense of self-worth.” – Jodi Harap, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Chicago, IL


Please hop on board the Show Me How! School Initiative.   Leave a comment nominating a school or other child-care facility.  Let me know if you’d like to review the book if your school is one of the lucky winners.  Spread the word on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterist and/or any other social media networks.

Show Me How! is a framework of carefully crafted, multi-sensory lessons that will promote a willingness to try new experiences.” – Peggy Hicks, MA, Special Education Teacher, Pikes Peak Boces, CO

51 thoughts on “Show Me How! School Initiative Nominations Open Today!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for nominating Montessori Netivot in Edison, NJ. And thank you so much for wanting to do a review of Show Me How! That would be wonderful…I will enter Montessori Netivot in the Show Me How School Initiative. 🙂 Please spread the word about this if you can. 🙂


    • Milka, of course you can nominate your son’s preschool! 🙂
      The review that you are so kind to want to do has nothing to do with the nominations…I know how busy the life of a mom with little ones can be. 🙂


    • Teehee…you are so funny. 🙂 Of course I don’t mind…I wish everyone would. 🙂
      Seriously, Tracy, I really appreciate it…the more the merrier…I’m actually going to extend the nomination time…I’m afraid that many people are away or not blogging as usual until September…so I will correct the dates and change it to the end of September. That will givve more people a chance to respond.


      • Yes, and I think writers and authors should support one another. Personally, it makes me feel great when I can lend a helping hand. Good idea on extending the deadline. And thanks for the your encouraging comments on Week 4’s challenge. I still have to come up with something for Week 5. Pressure, pressure, pressure.


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    • Vivian. You just can’t keep up with me. LOL. I’ve already read and commented on your “tenacious” poem. And you’re most welcome.
      I really need to get some shut-eye so I can write Week’s 5 challenge. I’ll probably be at the bottom again. But better late than never.


    • Thanks for nominating Banning Lewis Ranch Academy to win a copy of Show Me How! I’m so glad you are enjoying yours, Stacy…Enzo is coming into that age where he will really enjoy the crafts and cooking. 🙂 I know he already loves the reading. 🙂


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  3. Hi Vivian!

    Thank you for letting me know about this! I would love to nominate my daughter’s preschool – Mt. Olive Early Childhood Education Center in Aurora, CO. They are a Christian-based preschool that focuses on learning through play. They are a fabulous school and I cannot rave about their staff enough. They love on each individual child as if he/she were their own. I could not be happier with this school and believe they would certainly benefit from a wonderful resource such as your awesome book!


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  11. Since all 3 of my grandkids have gone to Lyle Creek Elementary School in Conover, NC, , that’s where I want to nominate.

    My granddaughter just started kindergarten there, so she will be learning there for 6 years. The only problem is during her time there resourses will keep being cut as they have been this year, and that hurts the children. It also hurts the teachers who want to do their best to teach our kids.

    I would love to do a review/giveaway of this book on Barbara’s Beat,

    Thanks for “Show Me How!, it’s a great resource.


    • Hi Barbara,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to nominate Lyle Creek Elementary School to receive a copy of Show Me How! Budget cuts are hurting our kids…and the book gives 100’s of activities that cost next to nothing, but help build self-esteem and better literacy skills.
      I would love to have you do a review/giveaway of the book on your blog…I went there and it is GREAT! You can email me at to let me know what you need from me. I really appreciate your support…it’s an amazing book (not just because I wrote it) and it needs word of mouth to encourage moms, dads, grandparents and teachers to pick up a copy. I know there is so much out there already…but this is a unique resource that will be fun for the whole family.


  12. I love this concept, although I have not yet read the book. It sounds wonderful for our family and also for my son’s Kindergarten class! His teacher is great about taking the children to the library every single day, which I absolutely love. I am always looking for ways to help my son’s school, as it is a small-town school with a small budget. I also love to find new ways to connect with him in a meaningful way at home. This sounds right up my alley. Please let me nominate my son’s school: Montgomery City Elementary in Montgomery City, MO. Thank you! 🙂


    • Laura,
      I appreciate you mentioning the budget constraints of your son’s school…that is one of the reasons I wanted to donate a bunch of my books…this past May, I invited people to nominate their local library…and donated 20 copies of Show Me How to libraries across the country. 🙂 It’s a fun book because it doesn’t tell people HOW to parent (other than encouraging parents to be positive)…it just gives them quick and easy activities and wonderful picture book suggestions.


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    • Kimberley…that is wonderful…I would be so happy to enter Hollis Elementary in the Show Me How School Initiative! Maybe if we spread the word about how this book makes activity planning so easy, more schools would jump on board. 🙂


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  17. Hi Aunt Viv! Pardon me for playing the relative card, but do you think you could send a copy to my school? It’s McKay Arts Academy in Fitchburg, MA. ~Your loving niece, Monica


    • Oh my goodness, Monica…that is not the relative card…that is the smart teacher who wants good stuff for her school card. 🙂 Of course I will enter the McKay Arts Academy in Fitchburg, MA in the Show Me How School Initiative nominations…I hope they win!
      I’m so happy you stopped by…have you seen the new FB page for Show Me How?
      I hope you will check it out…and ‘like’ it. 🙂
      Hope all is well with Nick and the kids.
      Lots of love,
      Aunt Viv


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  19. Hi Vivian,
    I would love to nominate the school I teach at: Millstream Elementary in Victoria, B.C. Our schools piloting a restitution program and your book sounds like a good fit:) If I’m one of the lucky winners I’ll happily pay the shipping costs. Take care and thanks for the opportunity.


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